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Inside the Neopian History: Leaders of All Time

by maga_m


Neopia has countless of leaders: from Governors to Kings and Queens, all of them rule their land with passion and strength. If you want to know a little more about them, just keep reading!

First of all, we need to talk about one of the most famous Kings of all time: King Altador. This Lupe is not only the leader but also the founder of Altador, and he rules together with the council, which members are loyal friends of the King; each one specialized in a field that leads Altador towards peace and well being. He is known for his strength, his wisdom, and his concern of being a good King for his people. Currently, he is in a quest looking for the Darkest Faerie’s statue which got lost during the Faerieland fall.

If we talk about beloved rulers, we need to mention Queen Fyora: one of the most powerful faeries and the leader of Faerieland. She is loved by all Neopians for her kindness, and admired for her hard work: she is considered the protector of the world of Neopia, she founded the Faerie Festival, and she runs her own shop filled magical and rare items that only Neopians with enough wisdom can visit: the Hidden Tower.

There is also another famous King loved for his sympathy and cheerfulness. This is King Roo, the ruler of Roo Island. Years ago, he spent his days being bored at his own castle, until one day a mysterious Blumaroo gifted him five dices of different colours. He explained to the King about this new game, one that would finally make him happy. He tried it and absolutely loved it from start, and that was the birth of the now official game of the Island, “Dice-A-Roo”. Since that day, King Roo has been a fanatic of this game, and an enthusiast of all fun things that he can find to entertain Neopians.

But not everything in Neopia is about royalty. There are also rulers chosen by their people for their different qualities when it comes to being a good leader. One of them is the Governor of Krawk Island, Gavril McGill. This Krawk and his Warf petpet were the only habitants left when the island disappeared. He searched for it until he brought it back, and the pirates of the island were so grateful that they gave McGill the position of Governor of the restored Krawk Island. You can visit him at his mansion, where he lives (that was only a small hut in the past!). Another one that is worth mentioning is The Mayor of Moltara, a charismatic Chomby who greets newcomers on the Town Hall. There, you can learn all of Moltara’s history, from the discovering of it to the reopening of the city’s entrance.

When it comes to Tyrannia, the way that this country has of ruling itself it is pretty unique in the world of Neopia. There is something called “the Council of Elders”: six people that are the wisest and strongest ones from all the country. They are called “the six elders of Tyrannia”, and their leader is Kyruugi, a Kyrii who holds the title “Grand Elder of the six Tyrannian elders”, who is also the leader of all the south of Tyrannia. Other members of the council are Myncha, the master of reconnaissance in the council; Grarrg, the commander of the Tyrannian army who is known as “the Grand Battle Master”; and Tekel, the “the Master of Spells and Potions” techo.

The royalty of the Lost Desert it is something more vast and rich in history. The two more important lineages are the ones of Sakhmet and Qasala. For the latter, we need to mention Queen Nabile and King Jazan the Fourth, the current rulers of Qasala. This short-tempered Kyrii met Queen Nabile when he traveled to Sakhmet after a non pleasant meeting with Princess Amira, when he was looking to marry a princess to release his kingdom from a curse. Nabile, formerly a thief, turned up to be a descendant of a princess; and sometime after they met, they both fell in love with each other. But the outcome of the marriage wasn’t freedom for the people of Qasala, but the release of Jazan’s father, the Emperor Razul, who wanted to destroy Sakhmet. With the help of the habitants of the desert, Jazan defeat his father and gave the freedom that his people needed. Years later, the King and the Queen helped to solve the mystery of the Faeries’ Ruins.

For Sakhmet, the most famous King was King Coltzan III, a generous and heroic one who got poisoned years ago. There is a shrine built in his honor where people from around the world come to mourn their beloved King. Some people said that during this visits, it’s common to find treasures on the sand; and others even claim to have seen Coltzan’s ghost! It’s believed that the King found his way to keep giving to his people: the ones that he cared so much about. King Coltzan III had two daughters, and one of them is Princess Amira, the eldest one and current leader of Sakhmet. She has the mission of restoring her land to its former glory, and while she cares about the peace of her city she also assists her own sister, the adventurous Princess Vyssa, into the rules of how to be a good princess for the habitants of Sakhmet. Amira is known for being beautiful and cultured at the same level, and that has lead to lots of people trying to marry her, including Jazan. However, she doesn’t want to be with someone that she doesn’t love, and has rejected each one of her admirers, standing strong when that leads to them being angry at her and trying to hurt the city.

And we can’t talk about Kings without mentioning the two that are not only the oldest of them all, but also had a rivalry that has lasted since they were babies to today: the brothers King Hagan and King Skarl. King Hagan is the King of Brightvale and one of the most intelligent people in Neopia. His wisdom and concern about the knowledge of his people are two of his most notable traits. You can even visit him at his palace to try to impress him with your own wisdom! But be aware: he is not a King that would be easily pleased. However, if you do well enough, we will award you with books from his personal collection and some Neopoints. He has a niece, Princess Roberta, who is also one of the most powerful sorceress of all Neopia. Thanks to her magical powers, she helped Altador to turn the Darkest Faerie into a stone statue years ago. She also is the shopkeeper the Brightvale’s Scrollery.

King Skarl, on the other hand, is no precisely one of the happiest rulers: greedy and grumpy, his rivalry towards King Hagan has led the citizens of both lands to a rivalry of their own. However, Skarl has guided Meridell through two different wars with Darigan Citadel, winning both times and earning the trust and loyalty of the city. Maybe he is smarter than he looks.

Shenkuu, being the peaceful opposite of Brightvale and Meridell, it is ruled by The Emperor, a Lupe who has two daughters: Princess Lunara, the future Empress, and Princess Terrana. The first one was seemingly kidnapped, but later it was found that she only did that to cast the attention of his father, because she was feeling lonely. Her sister, though, has the exact opposite interests: she wants to be the greatest warrior of all time. However, the two of them are really close, and their father couldn’t love and care more about them.

And to close this article, we couldn’t forget about Maraqua! Its ruler, King Kelpbeard, is a 53 years old Koi, and a fierce and strong leader for this underwater city. Sadly, he was somehow responsible for the destruction of the old Maraqua; but thankfully, he rebuilt a new one for his people, gaining the trust of the city again.

Kings, Queens, and rulers chosen by the citizens… after all of this, who is your favourite leader?

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