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Neopian Royalty: Queens and Princesses

by aleu1986


Neopia is a vast world with many different lands and a rich history. The Neopets site features a long list of characters, and in this article we shall gaze upon royalty as we learn more about the leading ladies of Neopia, the queens and princesses. You have undoubtedly come across one or several of these characters while browsing the site, as most appear both on items (such as collectable cards or NC wearables) or in games. You may have wondered who they are or where they come from? Read on to find out.

Queen Fyora, The Faerie Queen of Faerieland

One of the most iconic, well-known and heroic characters in Neopia is Fyora, the queen of the faeries. She rules over Faerieland and protects the realm from dark and evil forces. She is capable of performing both powerful and beautiful spells. When she`s not defending Faerieland or is otherwise engaged in politics, Fyora can be found walking in the castle gardens or running the shop in the Hidden Tower. The Faerie Queen is also the founder of the Faerie Festival, held every year on the 20th day of the Month of Gathering.

Around the site, Fyora or her likeness is heavily featured. It includes, but is not limited to: Items spanning most categories, such as food, books, toys and NC wearables, as well as three avatars and a random event where she summons you to Faerieland. Similarly to the elemental faeries, Fyora can also appear at random to give you a quest.

Princess Amira of Sakhmet

The firstborn daughter of the late King Coltzan III, Princess Amira is the current ruler of Sakhmet. Despite having her pick of suitors due to her stunning beauty and sharp intelligence, Amira has so far chosen to rule alone. She enjoys music and arts, but although Sakhmet thrives under her rule, the Aisha princess longs for excitement – as well as for the stupid suitors to stop bothering her.

There are fifteen different items featuring Amira on the site, including a plushie, Negg, perfume and four NC wearables. You can also use an Amira shopkeeper to watch over your gallery or user shop.

Princess Vyssa of Sakhmet

The youngest daughter of the late King Coltzan III, and Princess Amira`s sister. When their father passed, Princess Amira was out of the country, so Princess Vyssa temporarily took the throne, stepping down upon her sister`s return. The brief taste of ruling made the Usul all the more impatient for the day when she may once again claim the throne for herself and rule as queen. Similarly to her sister, Princess Vyssa is also known across Sakhmet for her beauty.

She dislikes being told what to do and where to go, so whenever she gets the chance, Vyssa disguises herself as a commoner and escapes the palace, wandering around Sakhmet and browsing the shops.

Four items related to Vyssa are featured on the site: A collectable card, diary, NC wig and NC background: Vyssas Shrine BG.

Princess Fernypoo

This teenaged Acara is an heiress (though of which land/kingdom is unclear) but her priorities do not currently lie in studying politics or history, but rather in playing the card game Cheat! And being the best. Famous far and wide for her terrible temper, Princess Fernypoo is not a gracious loser. She is known to be very arrogant and spoiled, but she also has great focus and determination when it comes to playing Cheat! and her goal is to be a champion.

There are six items on the site featuring Princess Fernypoo: An action figure, a book, a collectable card and three battlecards.

Princess Roberta of Brightvale

This Brightvalian Acara spends her days managing the Scrollery shop and studying magic. She is a former diplomat for Brightvale, but her true calling drew her to magic, and she began studying to become a sorceress. She resides in Brightvale Castle.

Although she is the niece of King Hagan of Brightvale, it is not confirmed that Roberta is the daughter of King Skarl of Meridell – King Hagan`s brother. It is unknown if the two kings have any other siblings.

Eight items featuring Roberta can be found on the site: Two TCGs, a book, a plushie, a stained glass window and two NC wearables: Contacts and a veiled wig.

Princess Lunara of Shenkuu

Being the eldest daughter of the Emperor of Shenkuu, this young Cybunny lives a very quiet and sheltered life. She dreams of exploring Neopia and seeing other lands, but due to her position as heir to the throne, she must be protected, and is therefore forbidden to leave the palace.

She is being tutored in law and philosophy, as well as calligraphy and the art of flower arrangements. When the day`s lessons are done, she enjoys games of Godori and hide-and-seek with her younger sisters. Princess Lunara`s sheltered existence is a very lonely one, and sometimes even her petpet Kazeriu can do nothing to cheer her up.

The Shenkuuvian princess features in a game called The Search For Princess Lunara. The princess has gone missing, and the Emperor fears she has been kidnapped. As it turns out, however, Lunara and her sister Terrana staged the disappearance as a way to get Lunara out of the palace.

There are three items featuring Lunara: A NC parasol, a NC dress and a bobblehead set.

Princess Terrana of Shenkuu

Dreaming of being a great warrior, this fearless Gnorbu (Terrana is a Gnorbu, despite some mistaking her for an Ogrin) can frequently be found mountain climbing as part of her training. She hopes of finding the fabled Sword of the Moon but has so far been unsuccessful. Unlike her older sister, Princess Terrana enjoys much more freedom and is able to continue to participate in the risky sport of mountain climbing. The active princess also trains strength and agility, hoping to one day participate in the Altador Cup, despite knowing there`s a snowball`s chance in Moltara that her father the Emperor will allow her to go.

Princess Terrana is featured in the games Shenkuu Warrior and Shenkuu Warrior II, both of which centers around her scaling a mountain with a rope and grappling hook.

Despite the Neopedia stating that Princess Lunara has several younger sisters, only Princess Terrana is otherwise featured on the site.

There are currently no items on the site featuring Terrana.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and learned something about Neopias female royalty! Thank you for reading, and please Neomail me with any comments or questions.

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