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The Top 10 Valentine's Day Spots In Neopia

by suixx


It’s no secret that Neopia is a beautiful place. From the tallest peaks of Terror Mountain, to the fiery depths of Moltara, there’s stunning views and diverse environments everywhere you go! But when you’re looking to impress that special someone, a simple trip to the Money Tree might not be the grand gesture you’re looking for. So, gathered in this article are our top 10 best Valentine's Day places in Neopia! These locations also double as great places to bring friends, or just to treat yourself with a night out, so even the anti-Valentine’s Day crowd might just find their new favourite spot in this list. ;)

1. Terror Mountain

Bori, it’s cold outside. The jagged cliffs which loom over Happy Valley may not seem like the most romantic destination, but don’t give it the cold shoulder just yet! The high peaks give a beautiful view of Neopia, and if you’ve still got your Taelia Style Coat from the Y7 Advent Calendar, the icy air won’t be a problem. The ski lift to the top of the mountain is also a great way to just sit back, admire the view, and maybe get to know whoever joins you on the lift.

There’s also lots of activities atop the mountain. There’s lots of fun games to play, such as Snow Wars 2 or Terror Mountain Tilt (though we don’t recommend Dar-BLAT!!! if you don’t want to get frustrated on your fun trip!). Tarla’s Shop of Mystery gives an extra feeling of adventure, so why not each pick up a Mystery Item? The perfect ending to the day is sitting indoors next to a roaring fire, and opening up your Mystery Items, either celebrating your luck or laughing at your misfortune, while the storm blows outside.

2. Kelp Restaurant

Kelp is Neopia’s most exclusive restaurant, only occasionally accepting customers, but a reservation made well in advance will get you in on Valentine’s Day. We highly recommend the Aged Tchea Juice or Kelp Gazpacho, though it’s hard to go wrong… as long as you don’t have a shellfish allergy.

The price is high, but it’s well worth it, and the rarity of the occasion will make it a Valentine’s Day you won’t forget. You may even get to bring home leftovers, if you’re lucky, and there’s nothing quite like exploring the old ruins of Maraqua while snacking on leftover Octopi Souffle.

3. Island Market

It’s like going to the beach and hunting for treasure, all in one! You can walk along the thousands of shops with sand under your feet, the warm sun over your head, and the ocean breeze blowing through your hair. The Shop Wizard’s hut resides in the centre of the market if you’re looking for something specific, but the authors of this article are strong believers in the magic of adventure. Instead, we recommend checking out all the different huts, then perusing through the shops you find inside. There may not be the best deals, but you’re guaranteed to find something unexpected!

An extra way to make the day fun is to each set a low budget for yourself, and try to find the other person (or people, or yourself!) a gift in the maze of shops. Just something small and silly that you can keep to commemorate your day on Mystery Island.

4. Kreludor

It’s been said that looking up at the Moon at night can be romantic, but what about looking up at Neopia from the Moon? Sure, the air is sometimes not breathable, and you run the risk of falling into abandoned mines (or, even worse, non-abandoned mines run by the nefarious Kreludan Mining Corp.), but it sets you up for a world of romantic puns—or, should we say, a moon of romantic puns? Feel free to use that one. “You take my breath away,” and “You make me feel like I’m falling,” are both highly relevant on Kreludor.

At the end of the day, though, Kreludor offers you a view that just can’t be beat. All of Neopia to one side of you, all of the vast expanses of space on the other side. It’s extremely romantic, and, best of all, you could say, “I can show you the world,” while gesturing to Neopia in the sky. We’re telling you, great place for puns.

5. Hall of Heroes

For those who enjoy museums, Hall of Heroes is your perfect destination. Located at the centre of scenic Altador, the stunning building is surrounded by gardens and local architecture, perfect for romantic strolls. But step inside the massive stone archways, and discover the greatest structure Altador has to offer. Your experience inside will be different, depending on your personal history with Altador. If this is your first visit, you may find the lights dimmed (romantic!), and all statues intact. The statues are excellently carved and adorned with plaques that give you historic insight into Altador’s exciting history.

If you’ve been to Altador often enough to have experienced a plot or something, you’ll find the room well lit, and access to two additional rooms. On your left will be a staircase which brings you to a telescope where you can gaze up at the stars. If flying up to Kreludor is too far or too lacking in oxygen for you, this small observatory offers a great way to view the stars. To your right is entrance to the Council Chamber, where the heroes of Altador (depicted by their statues in the main hall) meet. Who knows, King Altador may even be there with a Valentine’s Day gift!

6. Jelly Wor—wait, uh, no, we mean Chocolate Factory!

Sugary sweets are a hallmark of Valentine’s Day, so why not head to the Chocolate Factory for a delicious tour? Yes, we said Chocolate Factory, I think you might be confused. Sure, a more mysterious location with sugary sweets could also be a very romantic spot, but since no such place exists, the Chocolate Factory is just as good!

Factory tours are usually reserved for those with an interest in the technical side of things, which is not something everyone universally shares. There is, however, one interest we all share, and that’s chocolate. You’ll be surrounded by chocolates and candies of all kinds, and you can easily pick up a Box of Chocolate Chias or Heart Lollipop for that special someone.

7. Pick Your Own

Grab a basket, grab their hand, and go! Pick Your Own is easily one of our favourite romantic spots, which may come as another surprise. For those who aren’t familiar, for 400np, you receive a basket, and access to a berry farm, then walk around picking berries until your basket is full. Sure, you sometimes end up with more dung than berries, but it’s the experience that counts!

It’s a quaint kind of romance, which may not be for everyone, but we encourage giving it a shot. You can explore the Meridell countryside, digging through the bushes in hopes of finding one of the rare berries, like a Dorkleberry. It’s inexpensive and adventurous, as long as you aren’t too bothered by strange smells.

8. Outskirts of Faerie City

Most places on our list tend to have beautiful views, because they add a lot to the atmosphere (except on Kreludor, since they don’t have an atmosphere! Look at that, more puns for you!). Faerieland is no exception, with pristine forests and crystal clear rivers, it’s a beautiful spot. In addition to the stunning visuals, there’s lots of fun activities to make the land outside Faerie City a romantic destination for Valentine's Day. You can explore the Faerie Caverns or swim in the Healing Springs (you can swim in the Rainbow Fountain as well, but you might not leave the same). You can also watch the Poogle Races (go Poogle Two, we believe in you!) or maybe pay a visit to the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity, mysteriously coming across a Faerie Kacheek Kite as you leave.

All in all, the gardens and wilderness just outside of Faerie City is a magical place, sure to make your Valentine’s Day a magical day as well.

9. Caves of Moltara

Grab yourself an Obsidian Rock Candy from Moltern Morsels, then head deep down into the caverns. Look, we’re the romance experts here, so just trust us on this. It’s a dangerous descent, but Valentine’s Day is all about taking risks, and this one is worth it. The caverns are warmed by the magma, which casts a romantic red glow onto yourself and everything around you. Much like Kreludor, the main appeal of the Caves of Moltara is the ambiance, but if the previous list items have given you a taste for romantic adventure, Moltara has it’s fair share of excitement. You can pick up an empty lantern from Lampwyck’s Lights Fantastic, then spend the evening hunting for worms (which is more romantic than it sounds). Once your empty lantern is filled with worms (again, better than it sounds), you can explore the Dark Cave, located next to The Gilded Page. If you’re lucky, you might be able to gather up the ingredients needed to make a petpet at Tangor’s Workshop to give as a gift, or keep, to commemorate the day.

10. Roo Island

Our final romantic spot is the cheery and colourful Roo Island. This bustling town is filled with fun things to do, all in a dreamy colourful palette. You can play Dice-A-Roo, pick something up from the Souvenir shop, play at the Games Room, go on the Merry Go Round together (guaranteed to brighten up any mood!), learn to draw, read some poetry, see some art, get some coffee… the activities are endless, all things you can do together. And the signature blumaroo footprint is famously heart-shaped, meaning the ground and some other decorations can be interpreted as Valentine’s Day themed!

We hope you've enjoyed our top 10 Valentine's Day spots! Whatever you decide to do, when you do it with the people you love, it'll always be a perfect day. Don't be afraid of venturing outside this list and going on your own adventure!

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