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Carbing Up On Fruit: Gadgadsbogen Is Here!

by miss_cinny


Carbing Up On Fruit: Gadgadsbogen Is Here!

Gadgadsbogen is one of the best times of year! It is a month-long celebration on Mystery Island held annually for the Month of Running. It is devoted to all the mysterious and delicious tropical fruits found all around the island and is a way to show off the newest harvest and the newest fruits coming into existence. There is a long history of Gadgadsbogen and many items and games around Neopia feature the weird fruits that sprout during this time. We're delving into the holiday and getting the true scoop on everything fruity. By the end of this you'll be craving a creamy, cold smoothie and a plate of sliced Azzle with a heaping helping of peanut butter!

How does Gadgadsbogen happen?

The story is as old as Mystery Island itself and to this day is told to every child born on the island and tourist who visits. The tale is of a Red Mynci named Llugh who claims to move faster than the speed of the sun. Of course, no one believes him and his friend Mizuko, a Red Aisha with a love of corn, decides to bet him that he can't make it from one end of Mystery Island to the other in the span of one day. Not one to be challenged and lose, Llugh takes up this bet and sets off from one coast to the next.

He packed his satchel full of fruits. Fruits are high in carbohydrates and are amazing for boosting energy and endurance, they give Neopets a lot of strength to make it through long journeys. Sadly, Llugh tore a hole in his bag without noticing, and as he was speeding across the land the fruits he had stored starting dropping out of his bag. By the time he noticed, he had only three Juppies left. Three small Juppies are not enough to make it through the dense jungle landscapes and Llugh began to worry. He did not want to lose this bet because of hunger. As he pushed on though, he came across another hungry traveler who asked Llugh for a Juppie. This was Llugh's last piece of fruit and he initially did not want to part with it, but he knew that he could always get more food back home. Was a bet really worth more than helping out someone in need? No way! He handed over his last Yellow Juppie and smiled to the traveler.

In a twist of fate, it turns out the traveler was an Earth Faerie named Tyleine, she was giving the kind Mynci a test. She saw the goodness in his heart and used her magic to grant him the strength to finish his race before the sun disappeared over the horizon. After his journey was complete, Tyleine met up with him and returned his Juppie, and requested that he take the seeds of the Juppie and spread them along the road as he returned home. These seeds sprouted into an array of brand new plants, new fruits and vegetables that overtook Mystery Island. An abundance so great that it was able to feed the whole population in excess.

Now, every year during the Month of Running, Llugh repeats his race and spreads the enchanted Juppie seeds along the roadside, creating new blooms and new types of fruit each year. The fruits of the year prior dry up and become retired and rare to make room for these new fusions. They come into peak ripeness right at the beginning of the month and the festivities begin!

The Celebration

Each year during Gadgadsbogen, the residents and tourists of Mystery Island gather in the streets for huge festivals and celebrations. There are performers all over the main squares, parades take over the roads, and there is a great limbo competition! This is a time the whole island can unite, differences between natives and tourists are put aside, and everyone feasts and dances until late into the night.

The island elders gather together and one of the elders from the Pango tribe, Cinto Pango, has a ceremony where he gives names to all the new fruits. The island elders also name a Grand Bogen to preside over the festivities, typically this title is given to Rufus. Rufus wears the Bogen headpiece and a special lei that symbolizes him as the host for the event. He welcomes all the guests, organizes events, and helps to clean up after the parties end. All the tribes agree to a time of peace with each other and really work together well during the event.

Also during this time, a surge of new Island colors have historically been released and economic prosperity comes to those who have been collecting the fruits that have gone retired. Mystery Island hits its peak during this time and the happiness level is at an all time high. Tourism levels rise, bringing new money to help the island flourish and fund all the great economic programs and schools for the rest of the year. This really is the best time to visit, but book your Neolodge in advance as they tend to fill up quick!

The Fruit

The fruit that sprouts is an amalgamation of fruits that you may be familiar with, but with a new twist. We see things like Doughnutfruits and other rare gourmet foods crop up, as well as more common items like the Banan and Arnapple. Some are even a mixture of fruits and vegetables, such as the famous Chokato, a combination of chocolate and tomato. Though a lot of the fruit may seem very bizarre to what we normally see, the flavors come together in such a beautiful way, the notes of sweet and savory blend perfectly and irresistably.

The masterful chefs of the island's top resorts also all come together and utilize these new fruits in such interesting ways. Chokato Crepes and Banango Bread are delectable breakfast options, or you may find yourself feasting on a Fruity Swirl Souffle for desert. You never know what they'll dream up next. If you are a true foodie, plan a trip to Mystery Island this month and feast to your heart's, and stomach's, content.

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