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An Interview with Ex Altador Cup Players

by abinorm05


An interview with ex Altador Cup players

So, I was sitting at my house in Faerieland and I wondered. Where are those players who used to play in the Altador Cup? What about their lives? Do they plan to make a comeback? What have they been up to all these years? Of course I’m thinking of fan favorites like Bertie Shurtz from the team Mystery Island and Babolino from team Faerieland. So, I decided to take my notebook, my golden feather and head up to the different locations where these players live to see if I could get some interviews. My first stop was Faerieland to see if Babolino was around. Matter of fact is I haven’t even had to reach his house, I found him playing in the fields of flowers with another smaller yellow Kacheek. I approached Babolino and asked if he could give me an interview for my new Neopia article about ex Altador Cup players, with a big smile he replied “Yes, of course”.

Reporter: So is that your younger brother? (pointing out at the young yellow kacheek)

Babolino: Ha-ha, no. He is actually my son.

As a reporter, I was stunned, but also excited. The article sure was going in the right direction.

Reporter: Wow, that’s great. So now, besides being an ex-Altador Cup player, you're also a father. Any other things you’d like to tell us?

Babolino: Not much really, I’m just living a quiet life here in Faerieland. After so much make some noise tournaments, one needs a little silence and privacy.

Reporter: So that means that you won’t be making a comeback with the team Faerieland any time soon? You were very popular after all.

Babolino: Well, I would never say never, that reminds me of that song “never say never” actually. *laughs*

Reporter: *very serious* Uhum…

Babolino: You're not a fan are you?

Reporter: Not at all.

Babolino: Anyway, as I was saying. I wouldn’t say never but, right now I love my job, love my son and I’m enjoying very much the life I have.

Reporter: Great, so can you give us a little more detail about your job?

Babolino: I work at the Faerieland Employment Agency, it is very busy there, almost like a game of slushie slinger when you hit 700 points.

Reporter: Yeah, that must be really crazy. So, do you have some thoughts and feelings for team Faerieland this year? They are doing pretty well so far.

Babolino: I’d like to say that I’m very proud of my team and their hard work. I’m rooting for them all the way. Go team Faerieland!

Reporter: So one last question. What’s the name of your son? Who I see it’s very excited for the Altador Cup.

Babolino: His name is Bobby and we are going to step up at the colosseum one of these days to support team Faerieland in a make some noise match.

Reporter: Aw, how adorable. Thank you so much for the interview.

Babolino: It was my pleasure.

Reporter: Mine too, bye for now.

(The reporter leaves the flower fields)

So, now that I’m finished with Babolino I’m heading on to Mystery Island to see if I can find Bertie Shurtz.

*Random event*

The Ghost Lupe growls, "Don't go to the Mystery Island!"

Reporter: And who’s going to stop me? You?

Ghost Lupe: I don’t know, I’m just a random event.

Reporter: Uhum. . . *rise eyebrows*

Ghost Lupe: These stays between us, but… I don’t even know why I say this to people.

Reporter: Me neither, this is a subject for another NT article, bye for now.

(The reporter arrives at Mystery Island)

*Random event*

A blue Shoyru zooms down from the sky and lands nearby! Wheeee!!!

(The reporter shouts)

Reporter: Someone really needs to do something about this random event thing!

(The reporter looks further and takes glimpse at Bertie Shurtz eating at the Gadgadsbogen restaurant)

Reporter: Great, this is a perfect place for an interview!

(He approaches Bertie to see if he can get an interview)

Reporter: Hi Bertie!

Bertie: Hi there, who are you?

Reporter: I’m an NT reporter, I’m also a big fan of yours. Can I have an interview with you?

Bertie: I’m flattered, of course you can. (They sit at a table)

Reporter: So, I’m making an article for the neopian times about ex Altador Cup players. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Bertie: Go ahead.

Reporter: So, what have you been doing for all of these years? Do you have a new job? Kids?

Bertie: Kids? Oh no, I don’t like kids. Besides, I’m way too forgetful to take care of myself (a piece of cake falls in her tow) to even think of having kids.

Reporter: I can see that. So, you might be moony, but I am imagining you haven’t forgotten about your replacement in the Mystery Island team have you?

Bertie: Are you talking about Left Defender Selmon Woulf?

Reporter: Precisely. How do you feel about it?

Bertie: Well, you see. I spent a lot of time with the team and they were like brothers to me, at first I was a bit bitter you know? But then I understood that sometimes we are not meant to be forever in the same place. Sometimes this kind of things need to happen so we can… move on to our next adventure.

Reporter: So what’s your next adventure?

Bertie: I have been exploring the land. More specifically the Deserted Tomb of Geraptiku. My grandma was an explorer too, and she dedicated her entire life to finding new treasures around that place and I plan on doing the same thing. I want to continue her legacy.

Reporter: That’s great, be careful with those ghost hissis I keep hearing about, they are pretty sneaky.

Bertie: I will be. *smiles*

Reporter: So, after this new adventure, do you ever plan on going back to the Altador Cup? Perhaps as a member of another team?

Bertie: Right now? I don’t think so.

Reporter: Anytime in the future?

Bertie: Well, I don’t think so. Like I said, we can’t always stay in the same place. The years I spent in the team were great, but one needs to know when it’s time to move on and never look back.

Reporter: I understand and thank you, it was a lovely interview. I hope you share some of your treasures with me when you find one.

Bertie: Ha-ha, very funny. I’ll call you.

Reporter: Then thank you, again. Have a nice evening.

Bertie: Same to you.

(Leaves the restaurant and heads back home)

In his way home Sam encountered the Kiko Lake team asking for donations. It was sure his lucky day. He didn't planned on doing anymore interviews, he was actually satisfied. Something rare for this demanding yellow kacheek. He approached the Kiko Lake team and they asked him for a donation, the reporter gave them ten neopoints and they were grateful about it. Then he asked for an interview and they happily agreed.

Reporter: So, I'm writing an article concerning ex Altador Cup players, but of course I wouldn't miss the chance to take an interview with former Altador Cup players.

Meela Kitah: We understand.

Reporter: So, I'm going to ask a few questions about your ex Altador Cup player teammates. Is that okay?

"Poke" Cellers: Of course.

Reporter: How do you feel about the departure of Moni Vyshan? The only female teammate Kiko Lake has ever had.

"Poke" Cellers: Look, sometimes we have to make tough choices. The Altador Cup committee demands to switch teammates every now and then... specially if your team is not doing so well...

Reporter: So, to put in other words. You are saying that some of your teammates were removed because they weren't as good as the other players?

"Poke" Cellers: No, how could I? Moni was great, but like I said... the Altador Cup committee demands a lot from us and sometimes as team captain you just have to pick one.

Ditan Colb: We were all sad when she left the team.

Holbie Pinnock: We miss her.

Reporter: That's so nice, I'm sure fans miss her as well. Anything else you would like to say about ex teammates.

"Poke" Cellers: Not really, they were just great. I have no complaints.

Reporter: Then, thank you for your time. It was a lovely interview. Good luck in the next Altador Cup!

"Poke" Cellers: Thank you!

(The reporter left and soon arrived home. He sat on his favorite blue table and finished the article)

Reporter: It’s late, I really must go back home. I hope you guys enjoyed my interviews with ex Altador Cup players we all care and love. Until next time, make sure to stay tuned because I will be having new revealing stories for the Neopian Times soon.

Sincerely, Sam your favorite plucky reporter

The end.

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