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Which Neopian Land is the Wealthiest?

by abinorm05


Have you ever stop for a moment and think… Which Neopian land is the wealthiest and which one is the poorest? Which one has the biggest tourism industry and which one is the best to retire to after a life of hard work? Now it’s the time to find out. In this article we will explore all the possibilities and answers to your questions. I will order the lands in order from richest to poorest within three categories. Rich, middle class and poor.


1. Lutari Island: Rumor has it that Lutari Island is the wealthiest of all Neopian lands, hence why no one can enter. As the theory follows, apparently only the wealthiest Neopians can arrange a ticket to visit and live in this tropical paradise. However since no one has gone and returned since 2007, it's difficult to tell.

GDP : Unknown

2. Maraqua: Maraqua was already rich on its own. What do you think all those pirates were looking in it? Why treasure of course, the ocean is full of it. After King Kelpbeard defeated Captain Scarblade he slowy began to allow interactions between his people and the Neopets above the sea which in result skyrocketed Maraqua’s economy. Not only do they have trading partners, but they also have a huge tourism industry. Who doesn’t want to visit an underwater city? Maraqua has expensive restaurants such as the Kelp restaurant, maraquan petpets are very popular and are being sold by the second and some Neopets certainly enjoy visiting the maraquan ruins with personal tour guides. No doubt visiting Maraqua must be an adventure, but unless you can breathe underwater… the chances of retiring here are pretty slim.

GDP : 900 million NP

3. Neopia Central: Neopia Central is one of the biggest metropolis. Just look at all of those shops in the marketplace, Neopoints sure flow like a river in this land. They have the only five star hotel in all of Neopia (not to mention that they also have the not so popular, cockroach tower), the auction house, the chocolate factory (which also hosts the chocolate ball every year and only the wealthiest Neopians get to attend), the Neopian bank, the nc mall, unis clothing, the alien vending machine and don’t forget about that annoying place down the street… the kadoatery, the owners must be paying millions for the care of those annoying and picky petpets. The list goes on for Neopia Central, however they have a big problem with inequality as well. Why do you think they have the soup kitchen and the money tree? I will say no more in the subject, a meepit is looking at me.

GDP : 898 million NP

4. Faerieland: Faerieland would be higher in this list if it wasn’t for the Faeries ruin plot, thank you Xandra! After falling from the sky surely they experimented an economic recession, but nothing to big that the most powerful creatures in Neopia (the Faeries) couldn’t handle. After all, literally everyone was helping them rebuild Faerieland. Neopets from all the corners of Neopia came every day to help the Faeries in numerous quests. Seems like the time has come for them to return back to the sky. Why haven’t they done it yet? No one knows. Anyway, Faerieland has plenty to do. They are certainly one of the busiest places in Neopia. First they have the employment agency hiring Neopets from all over Neopia, they have the secret tower which sells royal paint brushes and other things of high caliber, they have the wheel of excitement, Poogle races, the rainbow fountain (far better than the rainbow pool in Neopia central) and so much more. With now doubt Faerieland is one of the best places to live in, just don’t get anywhere near Jhudora’s cloud.

GDP : 855 million NP

5. Altador: Oh, the home of the most popular event in all of Neopia, the Altador Cup. Who haven’t visited Altador? Probably some Hermit Bori from the ice caves. Altador biggest attraction is the Altador cup with no doubt, they attract millions of Neopians for that single event. Some experts say that they make so much Neopoints during the event that they could toss away half the earnings and still maintain their high class during the next decade. Other experts say that, without the Altador cup… their economy would probably crumble to the ground faster than Faerieland in the ruins plot. However, others don’t think that’s entirely true. Altador is rich in history and has many things of its own. They have punch clubs, the hall of heroes, the shop of legendary petpets, the exquisite ambrosia and so much more. Just a recommendation, if you plan to retire here remember that one room houses are 4,800 Neopoints a month.

GDP : 850 million NP

6. Roo Island: According to Neocola they are the happiest place to live in Neopia and Blumaroos have a reputation for always being happy. Roo Island may be small, but they have one if not the most active port in Neopia. They are also very popular among kids and teenagers for having the games room, but if your kid it’s still too young for that you can always visit the Merry go round for 50 NPs. If you're not too shy and like to party, Roo Island is the place for you. It’s economy it’s growing every day and with one of the best affordable houses rate around Neopia, Roo Island is sure to surpass Neopia Central pretty soon if they don’t step up their game.

GDP : 780 million NP

7. Lost Desert: Lost Desert is full of history and Neopoints too. There are two big cities in this land, Sakhmet and Qasala. In Sakhmet you can visit the fruit machine and gain expensive paint brushes if you are lucky enough. While in Qasala you can delight yourself with Qasalan Delights, yummy yummy! Outside of the two cities you can visit Coltzan’s Shrine and pay your respects, but you can also receive something in return if his spirit is around. Lost desert is a lovely place, but expensive too. Just to give you an idea, they have the most expensive wheel called the “Wheel of Extravagance” and it costs 100k Neopoints to play. Their economy it’s mainly based in tourism and treasures. Lost Desert has a high quality of life for its residents, just watch out for those pesky Meerca brothers!

GDP : 755 million NP

8. Tyrannia: You must be asking yourself. Tyrannia? Why is it in the rich category and not in the poor? Well, I have the answer to that. Despite their prehistoric ways, Tyrannia is an organized republic according to the Neopedia. It’s true that most of its inhabitants live in caves and houses made out of dung, but like they always say don’t judge a book by its cover. Tyrannia has the concert hall which produces millions a year with the never ending fame of bands like “Yes Boy Ice-Cream” and “Chomby and the Fungus Balls”. They also have not one wheel, but two. The Wheel of Mediocrity and the Wheel of Monotony, they also have historic places like the cave of paintings. Now, that being said you may wander, but where are the NPs going if everyone lives in caves and such? Well, that’s a totally mystery. They refused to give any more info about the subject, but between their famous superstars and the dude that guards the Giant Omelette… we can assume that maintaining such things costs an eye of the face. Tyrannia is a good place to live as long as you learn to tolerate the odor, also it would come in handy if you learn a few words from the Tyrannian dialect, for example: "Uggh-Ugga-Ugg" and "Aka aka umbuku". Those two are pretty much all you'll need to get around this place. Just be careful who you say them to, and be sure never to mix the two together because... well, it's not wise.

GDP : 667 million NP

B) Middle class

9. Virtupets: Not sure where to place Virtupets, the most technological of all Neopian lands and it’s not even a land really. It’s just a space station in the middle of nowhere with the highest level of pollution in the Neopian space. Grundo’s who work here don’t have free weekends and they certainly don’t get paid extra for working additional hours. All of Virtupets income or most of it goes to the maintenance of the space station. Do you know the energy it consumes and how much it costs to maintain this thing? Expert says that with all those Neopoints you could build an entire city in Kreludor. Despite Dr. Sloths evil reign ended a decade ago Virtupets has yet to be able to pull themselves out of the struggles that he caused.

GDP : 498 million NP

10. Terror Mountain: The Christmas spirit, snowball fights and the cold weather are some of the things that make Terror Mountain unique. However, their weather it’s precisely one of their problems when it comes to economic growth. No captain from Shenkuu would want to fly over those freezing skies and no captain from Krawk Island would sail that Arctic Ocean surrounding Terror Mountain. This means that it’s hard for them to trade with other Neopian lands. Because of this they had to appeal to other resources. They have the popular advent calendar that attracts a lot of tourists during December, the rink runner competition is very popular and the ice cream cart offer delicious flavors you won’t find anywhere else in Neopia. If you visit the ice caves you can risk your life trying to take some of the Snowagers treasures or you can visit Kari and exchange some neggs with her, but if that is not enough for you then you can try and climb to the peak of terror mountain and visit the igloo garage sale or do a quest for Taelia among other things. It’s a very nice place indeed, but unless you like freezing to death every day of your life you should probably try to avoid living here for the rest of it.

GDP : 398 million NP

11. Krawk Island: One would think that Krawk Island would be in the richest list, after all, the home of the pirates should be full of treasures they had collected in their adventures. Sadly, it is not the case, since most pirates just hide treasures away in places no one can find. However, Krawk Island does have a stable economy. They have many popular bars, the Academy (which rivals Mystery Islands School of Training), the buried treasure (although most of the times no one finds anything) and the Smugglers Cove which is home to some of the most rare weapons in Neopia. I don’t recommend retiring here though, pirates can be very noisy.

GDP : 395 million NP

13. Shenkuu: Not very rich, not very poor either. There are some nice mansions at the edge of the mountains where you can see flying ships up close. Don’t expect to be rich here though, the royal family and their friends are the only ones with that commodity. You can rest assure though that you will always have a plate of food to eat every day. One of Shenkuu strong points is their cuisine with the famous Bonju chef and their flying ships industry. Who wouldn’t pay to fly in one of those ships? They also attract a lot of tourists during the Shenkuu Lunar festival, a time of big prosperity for them for sure. Shenkuu is quiet and peaceful, surely a great place to stay for the rest of your life.

GDP : 211 million NP

14. Moltara: You have to give them credit, they sustained themselves without the help of any other Neopian land during a long time. Now that they have been discovered they have begun commercial treaties with Shenkuu and Altador. Moltara’s income comes from their numerous shops such as Tangor’s workshop, the Petpetorium and others. After being discovered their economy began to grow, a lot of people it’s visiting this new land (although it was discovered years ago) and in time they can become the next economic power. Despite that, a lot of Neopets here still live in minimum wage, so they have some catching up to do… just like their lackluster performance in the Altador Cup. If you can keep up with the heat of things down there then this might be the place for you.

GDP : 200 million NP

15. Brightvale: They are rich in knowledge, but no one said anything about Neopoints. However, King Hagan’s kingdom is for sure better off than his brother’s kingdom. Perhaps they would be richer if they spent less time studying and more time working. They have the Wheel of Knowledge, the Scrollery, the Royal Potionery and a few other stuff, but nothing too spectacular to give them the push they need to enter elite status. They also don’t have relations with Meridell, which puts them in a disadvantage when you talk about commercial relations, not very wise I would say. The king of course lives in all wealth, very wise of him don’t you think?

GDP: 106 million NP

C) Poor

12. Haunted Woods: Despite being spooky and having the biggest crime rate in Neopia, Haunted Woods it’s visited by thousands of brave Neopians every year, especially on October 31! There’s not a dull moment in The Haunted Woods. You can try to answer the Brain Tree questions or buy a Spooky Petpet at the Spooky Petpets Shop, you can play fetch and you can visit the Deserted Fairground if you're feeling brave enough. The Wheel of Misfortune, Test Your Strength and Coconut Shy are some of the ways you can risk losing your Neopoints. Of all the places, Neovia it’s the less spooky and the most civilized. There you can find the Crumpetmonger a place known for its delicious bakery. Not many Neopets find their way out of this spooky place, but if you are a dark soul you wouldn’t want leave anyway. Surely, not a recommended place to raise children. Haunted Woods GPD would be higher, but there’s a lot of fraud going on.

GDP : 46 million NP

16. Darigan Citadel: Despite not appearing in the map, Darigan is a land of itself. No one’s sure where their entire income comes from. Rumors say they are invested in the Neopian black market, that’s probably what sustains them. If you look around there aren’t much things to see or do in Darigan Citadel, but the citizens don’t complain. The reason they appear in this category it’s because they refuse to give out the complete number of their earnings, probably because there is something fishy going on….

GDP : 40 million NP

17. Mystery Island: Once upon a time Mystery Island had the glorious city of Geraptiku, perhaps one of the wealthiest cities that ever existed, but legend has it that the city was destroyed by the mystical creatures of the island because the inhabitants had become too greedy and arrogant. Since then Mystery Island has never returned to its former glory, some scholars say that they are afraid of what once happened to Geraptiku and that’s why they prefer to maintain a low profile and produce enough to live well, but not in abundant riches like in the past. Perhaps the most notable thing in Mystery Island is it’s Training School, a lot of very well-known Neopian Battledome fighters have graduated from this school. Apart from that they concentrate in little activities such as the Tombola, the Tiki Tours, the Beach Volleyball, the Gadgads game and other stuff. Note*: Their school academy earnings are not counted towards their GDP because they donate those Neopoints almost entirely to the money tree, charity corner, advent calendar and other non-profitable organizations. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it is.

GDP : 36 million NP

18. Meridell: Despite being a kingdom, they aren’t exactly rich. In fact, besides King Skarl himself I don’t think anyone else has that much Neopoints. It’s a miracle that they actually had the resources to stand up against Lord Kass forces. Most people in Meridell are farmers and they do have a few enjoyable activities, not to forget that you can buy the elusive Draik egg in Meridell. They are well known for the cheese roller competitions and for being home to one of Neopia’s most beloved Faeries, Illusen. The kingdom mostly sustains itself from taxes. At least they can take pride in being the winner of two wars against Darigan Citadel.

GDP : 30 million NP

19. Kiko Lake: One of the smallest places in Neopia and one of the poorest as well. Why do you think the Kiko Lake’s Altador Cup team it’s always stealing… I mean *cough* asking for donations from random Neopians? It’s because they are clearly not rich. Kiko lake has a few ways of income with their Glass Bottom Boat Tours (a cheaper version of Maraqua underwater anyway), Kiko Pop, Kiko Lake Treats and the Kiko Lake Carpentry. You can see the entire Kiko Lake in half a day, I can say that at least the Kiko Treats were delicious.

GDP : 2 million NP

20. Kreludor: There isn’t much to say about Kreludor, I mean it’s the moon. A place only suitable for Grundos, if you ask any Neopian. They do have a few perks. The Neocola machine can give out expensive transmogrification potions, booktastic books are full of space legends and the Kreludor cafe is quite unique, that is if you manage to drink it up, gravity can be a pain in Kreludor. With not much going on Kreludor since Dr. Sloth was defeated, it’s hard for them to attract tourism, tickets to Kreludor are way too expensive and it can take days to get there. At least they are far away from the things that pose a threat to Neopia unless that threat comes from outer space of course.

GDP : 1 million NP

21. Jelly World: Yes, I know. Jelly World doesn’t exist, it’s just a myth, but imagine if it did. An entire city made of Jelly? Well, according to the legend they have many unidentified jelly buildings, the giant jelly (which is free), two games (bouncy supreme and jelly blobs of doom) and a weird green jelly that seems to be bitten by something big and scary. There’s also a theory that the practice team from the Altador Cup comes from this land, but of course that’s impossible because Jelly World DOES NOT EXIST! They must come from somewhere else… However, if any of these things were true it would just raise more questions. Their incomes would be mainly of two games and one shop, seems like they would be poor, but then again, they have this mysterious buildings that who knows what they are for and they have enough Neopoints to send their team to the cup without begging for donations like others *cough* Kiko Lake *cough*. Since there is so much we don’t know, they could be Neopia’s richest land… but that’s impossible right? They don’t event exist!

GDP : Non-existent

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