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Our Most Inventive Habits!

by indulgences


I have to admit, the cleverness of my fellow players never ceases to amaze me! I was browsing the Trades Neoboard one day, my Neopoints burning a hole in my pocket, and wanting to buy something pretty for a Neofriend of mine. I came across someone who had 200 items for sale, and since the Trading Post has limits, he chose instead to place the items in his Gallery for potential buyers to view.

I grinned and nodded when I saw this player. Trust Neopets players to find new ways of using the site, ways that were never intended by TNT!

Inspired by the idea of inventiveness, I thought I'd write this article! In it, I list the top 10 ways in which Neopets players have adapted the site to suit their selves. I love my fellow players to bits, and I hope this article is a fitting tribute to their imaginativeness!

So here's my list of our most inventive habits! I hope you enjoy reading it, since I was absolutely delighted to write it!

1. Gallery As Trading Post

As I stated earlier, many people use their Galleries to display all of the items they have for sale. Unlike the Trading Post, the items won't be kicked off after 2 weeks of idleness. That makes the Gallery a crucial asset for people who regularly restock from the main Neopian shops. I love coming across people who use their Galleries as Trading Posts, and always wish them much luck! Their Galleries are usually so large, I literally gape at their enormousness. I wish *I* had 40 million NPs' worth of items too!

2. Gallery As Neocash Trading Post

There is no way for people to view your NC items up for trade unless you place them in your Gallery. There is no Neocash Trading Post, just a Neopoint Trading Post, so for rabid NC traders, their Gallery serves as their NC Trading Post!

3. Collaborative Efforts

Being a fan of all things literary, I love it when the players on this site come together to collaborate on special projects! I love their themed Neopian Times issues, and their themed Poetry Contest issues. TNT never expected us to collaborate this way, but they totally and wholeheartedly support us, and I think both the players and TNT are absolutely charming!

4. One-Of-A-Kind Themes

I swear, I'm the worst Gallery stalker in the history of Neopets. I'm always fascinated by the individuality of my fellow players, and I always drop a Neomail or two to anyone with a truly unique and amazing Gallery. The themes are always quaint and interesting, such as "Sloth's Ice Cream Shoppe," or "Dainty But Also Darigan." My admiration also extends to people who are amazing coders, such as people who create User Lookups for the User Lookup Spotlight. Somehow they're able to create innovative lookups that have never been created before, and I wish I had their creativity!

5. Unique Customizations

I've seen a lot of themed pets, and by themed, I don't necessarily mean a certain Paint Brush color, or a certain set of species clothing. I mean those pet customizations that are cobbled together from lots of different outfits, such as cobbling together a fishing outfit for Usuls when they don't yet have an official "fishing" species outfit. I always think it's amazing when people are able to create sumptuous and extravagant pet looks that are thrown together from multiple outfits. How on earth do they do it?

6. So Many Petpage Guides

No matter what aspect of the site interests you, whether it's acquiring avatars, winning game trophies, or fighting in the Battledome, there's a guide made just for you! Neopets players take a lot of pride in creating gorgeous, informative petpage guides that will be around for years. I think that creating petpage guides is one of the most inventive habits on this site, and I have a lot of fun when I'm browsing them all! I highly doubt that the early TNT predicted that we'd use our petpages for guides, and I'm so glad that we do!

7. Guild Activities

Though I don't belong to a Guild, I'm always fascinated by the ways in which my Neofriends participate in theirs. There are some pretty fun activities in their Guilds, such as scavenger hunts, contests, pet lending, and other awesome hobbies. Guilds sometimes have shops as well, usually with the goal of buying an expensive avatar item that can then be lent to each member. I think it's great the way the Guild leaders are always trying to liven up their Guilds, and I applaud their creativity!

8. No Trophy, No Problem

There are people who are still obsessed with furnishing their original Neohomes (not version 2, which is the only version that can win the Neohome Spotlight). They spend millions of Neopoints on various items that, when cobbled together, form interesting objects like computers, indoor saunas, and even cars. These people will never win trophies for their efforts, but they don't care! They simply enjoy the process of making their Neohomes grow. Other players are obsessed with completing stories for each of their pets, though they won't earn trophies for them either. I think it's cool that we have such a multitude of inventive projects, even when we're not seeking trophies for them!

9. The Entire Neopian Times

As of right now, the Neopian Times has had 767 issues, and there's no sign of it ever stopping! Thanks to the clever and literate players on this site, new articles, stories, and comics are constantly being churned out. Writing and drawing for the Neopian Times is proof that the players on this site are innovative and keen, and I think every contribution is amazing!

10. Every Question Ever Answered In The Editorial

This is, by far, the most inventive player-inspired aspect of the site! It's a testament to us players that each week, we're able to come up with 5-7 questions that have never been addressed before in any other Editorial. And that sometimes, TNT has to come up with new policies as a result of our questions! Also, I thought I'd give a shout out to all those players who read the Editorial each week and commit the answers to memory. You're the people who make the Help Neoboard possible, by answering people in 3 seconds when individual research would take 3 hours!


So these were our 10 most inventive habits! It was really fun to write, and it was nice to remember my favorite players while brainstorming for this article. Neopets players are fun, imaginative and smart, and I'm proud to count myself as one of them!

Thanks for reading this article, dear reader! Stay tuned for future articles from yours truly, and have an amazing week!

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