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What To Do When You’ve Done It All

by hey_choking_hazard


Maybe you’re like me and you’ve been around Neopets for double-digit years. Maybe you’ve gotten almost every game avi, or are well on your way to completing your last stamp avi. Maybe you’ve been playing every day for years now and have been very accomplished. Or you’ve filled your bank account yet again and are at a lack of what to buy. What do you do in Neopets when you feel like you’ve accomplished all you want to do? For me the answer came not when I was looking for it actively, but just as I was coming on daily.

I was buying something in someone’s shop, and a banner in their shop caught my eye. An advertisement for a guild. I’d been part of a guild years back, but unfortunately it disbanded and nobody was left besides me. I remember the fun of signing on and chatting with other people, and how it made Neopets more than just a fun game site, but also a place with friends. The longing in my heart for friendship on Neopets was met with open arms when I messaged the shop’s owner about joining their guild, and they said yes!

It was hard getting to know everyone’s names at first, as everyone else seemed to already know each other pretty well and I didn’t know how well I’d fit in. But I signed on daily, and slowly friendships grew. Getting to know who people are, what they do for fun on the site, and about their lives outside of Neopets and what their daily life is like. And suddenly Neopets didn’t feel like just a site I went on just to play games, it was where I had a family that I could share experiences with.

Even when our lives get too busy to talk all the time, my guild members and I will share the small and big things from our daily happenings on Neopets, and it makes them all that more meaningful. When someone else knows how hard you’ve been trying for a game avatar, or how long you’ve been trying to save for a big goal in the bank, or how many times you’ve pulled a ticket from Buried Treasure, and you finally get what you’ve been searching for… there’s happiness more than just a fleeting smile. You have a whole family of people to celebrate with you. And there’s a team of people to cheer you on in your goals.

That’s one of the things that’s so great about being in a guild, is you’re no longer alone in your expertise of certain areas of Neopets. You’re now surrounded by others who may have been around longer than you, and may have ideas for how to get certain avatars that you’ve never tried. There may be certain areas of the site you’ve never even visited before, like for example, the Golden Dubloon, that you learn about through them and it becomes something you frequent and makes you wish you had known about it before! Or maybe someone is great at coding and you’ve always wanted an amazing original shop background but could never figure out how to do it, and they can walk you through some basic stuff to make your look-up look awesome! And when it’s your birthday, you’ll probably get well wishes and happy thoughts from your friends, which makes your day even more celebratory. Some guilds even have weekly, bi-weekly, or other recurring events which make every day special and different.

Another thing that makes having a guild so meaningful, is it gives you a chance to give back. Maybe you’ve been restocking at shops, or selling stock, or have just had a string of great random events and dailies, and you feel like you have too many Neopoints than you know what to do with. When you’re in a guild, there’s a reason to give. There are pet days, birthdays, amazing guild members who have been around a long time and that need to be celebrated, and random gifts from just thinking of someone in your guild as you go about your daily life.

There are all kinds of different guilds on Neopets too. Maybe you are like me and used to be a part of a guild that had one main theme, like maybe you all loved Aishas, or everyone was certain age, or were all Premium members, and you just aren’t sure if you fit in, or your guild stopped being as active. The good news is, there are always more guilds to join! Frequently when I go shopping in someone’s shop I see a banner for a different guild. Some like the guild I’ve joined are for older Neopets members, over 21 years old. Some are huge and welcome anyone so there’s always someone around to say hi to. And even if you don’t feel you fit in perfectly in the first one you try out, there are always new Neofriendships to be formed, and who knows? Maybe the next guild banner you run into will fit exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Have you ever gotten a new avi and wished that someone was there to share that joy with you? Maybe you finally got the Wheel of Extravagance avatar (after spending way too many millions), or Snowie icy blasted you yet again, but this time left you with that ever-elusive avatar. Maybe you got your first stamp avi, or put your first million into your bank account. Who did you share that joy with?

Having a guild gives my Neopets experience a whole new meaning. It’s not just about me and what I accomplish, but what others accomplish and what we all do together. It’s about friendships, and fun with a Neofamily. It makes my Neopets experience that much more enjoyable, being surrounded by people who care for each other. And if being in a guild has taught me anything, it’s that everything is better when you’re sharing it with someone else. :)

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