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The Conflict On Kreludor

by alienigenosidad


Delving into the history of Kreludor, one of Neopia's many small moons, is a journey through a tumultuous past and a great deal of conflict. Today, we know this moon as a ferociously barren landscape, full of rocks (some living, but we'll touch on that later), and a massive mining factory. Kreludor is also a home to many, many Grundos, a friendly species of alien, that come in a variety of colors. I'm going to be breaking down the multiple sections of history of this planet to give a greater understanding of Neopia's outer world and how it plays into the politics happening down on the ground.

Early History

Kreludor, as far as I know, has always been populated by the Grundo species. There tends to be some confusion and misinformation roaming around Neopia that revolves around their exact origin. Grundos come from a place known as Doran, but what is unclear in the lore is if Doran is it's own planet or the original name of the moon we know as Kreludor. Early Grundos spoke in a very unique way before they learned out language, an example of how a Grundo might speak looks like this: .aipoeN morf yawa raf ,raf noom a morf emoc I dna odnurG a m'I

The Grundos originally inhabiting Kreludor came in only two colors, purple and orange. There was great dissatisfaction between the two factions and they had split intro tribes based on color. This divide happened after the death of a great Grundo leader who had two sons, one purple and one orange, who were constantly disagreeing over everything. They could not decide who should now lead this small moon and split up the population to what matched them. Zorlix ruled over the purple Grundos, and his brother Xarthab ran the tribe of orange Grundos.

Civil War

Things got ugly for the Grundos after Zorlix and Xarthab took over. The two sides had split and were beginning to function independently, though tensions still existed between them. An evil warlord, known as Dr. Sloth (yes, the infamous Dr. Sloth still plaguing Neopets to this day), realized Kreludor held something he needed. Kreludite. Kreludite is a mineral found deep inside the moon, easily accessed by the Kreludan Mining Corp. Dr. Sloth learned that he could use this mineral to mutate Neopets at a rapid pace, even faster than his wretched transmogrification potions.

Sloth sent in a provocateur, someone to cause drama and arguments between the Grundos. This was a colorful split Grundo named Parlax. He was a combination of purple and orange and arrived in Kreludor as a loyal minion to the green...thing known as Dr. Sloth. He set Xarthab and Zorlix against each other, causing a great civil war that ravaged the already ravaged landscape of the moon.

A Time Of Peace

After a long, drawn out period of relentless battle, a team of rebels known as the Resistance were able to uncover information regarding Dr. Sloth and his plans. The team was living on the Virtupets Space Station and traveled to the moon in order to inform the Grundos of the truth: Parlax was a problem sent by Dr. Sloth to cause hate and this massive war. Once the reality set in, the orange and purple Grundos, as well as Zorlix and Xarthab, put aside their differences to unite against the terrible Dr. Sloth.

Kreludor was liberated and now free to live without a fascist leader, and everyone was successfully working together again. Following this we saw a lot of development happening on the planet, new shops opening up and coloring pages being released. Unfortunately, the biggest black mark on the history of Kreludor still exists: the takeover of the Kreludan Mining Corp. This corporation brings in a significant amount of money for the planet, however it is actually owned by Virtupets, Inc., which is a front for Dr. Sloth. So even though these mines are prosperous, a significant amount of the money goes towards funding the evils of Sloth.

To combat this and to help bring money into the local economy, Grundos rely on their space age food products, commonly sold at Cafe Kreludor. These meals are as modern and innovative as they come, typically coming in colors of purple or orange as an ode to the local population.

Present Day

Kreludor is still a very peaceful place and welcomes many tourists to try their space foods and use a NeoCola token or two. I have to caution you not to head outside the main tourist destinations though, as the unexplored and unpopulated parts of the moon can be very dangerous. The dark side of Kreludor is constantly being struck by meteors and if you aren't careful, you may be crushed. I don't think poking them with a stick will get them off you. As I mentioned before, there are many great rock formations, but some of these rocks have become sentient and quite dangerous.

Because of the torrid history of Kreludor, the governing bodies have made sure that they are ready in case of another infiltration of evil. There is an army in place, armed with ray guns and lasers capable of taking down entire ships if they need to. There is also a super secret branch of this army, known as Section Six, which is comprised of a fearless group of Grundos ready to take on any mission, no matter how dangerous. The leader of this unit is known as Sergeant Zarex. Zarex is a fearless Grundo, an example of his power and capability can be seen in the game The Last Blast, where he helps to take down hoards of enemies and stopping forces of evil.

So while history tried to tear this moon apart, we've seen that two sides can in fact come together and battle against true evil. The Grundos have come out stronger, more powerful, and happier than ever. So head on over to the moon, grab a bite at the cafe, and relax in the limited gravity of space. It's sure to be a good trip and your Neopoints will greatly help to stimulate the economy!

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