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Who is the Zafara Double Agent?

by alienigenosidad


Zafara Day is here and it's a time of cheer, but this isn't the poetry contest so I'm done with the rhymes. We're here to discuss some serious business, business so serious Lawyerbot would blow a gasket. Business so serious that some may even call it serious business. Now I feel like I'm talking in circles and that's not fair to you, oh gosh I'm long winded. Let's get down to it.

We need to know exactly who the Zafara Double Agent is.

Let's start with what we do know for sure. This cunning master spy first surfaced 13 years ago, on the 6th day of Awakening. Since that day she has gained so much fame and adoration from Neopets far and wide. She has plushies in her honor that reward avatars, trading cards, collectable cards, even an Usuki was designed to resemble her. Her first moment in Neopian lore was when she showed up during the Battle for Meridell, serving as a spy for the infamous Lord Kass, passing on information about King Skarl and his army, such as their location and strategies. However, it came out that this information would turn out to be false. She was triple crossing Lord Kass, a concept that was introduced on one of her trading cards.

We've been digging deep for information on this zealous Zafara, from a land near or far-a. Argh!! I did it again!!! This is NOT the poetry contest!! Back on track: my team and I have been hunting through all the Zafara Double Agent items to find any clues, and we've compiled it into a helpful list that will hopefully give away her true identity.

Zafara Double Agent Collectable Card

"This master spy sells her knowledge and skills to the highest bidder."

We see on this card that "this master spy" (not much of a master if we can reveal her identity in this article!) is willing to sell out for money. This is a clear indication she has no true allegiance and is willing to do anything for a quick Neopoint. She clearly cannot be trusted, but somehow she still gets work.

Zafara Double Agent Bean Bag

"Sure it looks pretty, but can you trust it?"

I don't know what kind of manufacturer decided to make one of Neopia's most notorious into a comfortable chair...or uncomfortable chair? Is it uncomfortable? The description says we can't trust it...or can we? This item has me stumped and I'm not sure if it'll actually lead us closer to our goal.

Zafara Double Agent Collectors Dress

"Whose side are you on? No one is quite sure..."

This item was released with the Secrets and Schemes Collection in the NC Mall and will let you dress your Neopet as your favorite villain...or hero...or villain...or..both? It's a beautiful dress that serves as a reminder of the great Battle for Meridell, but offers no more clues to the identity of this Zafara.

Zafara Double Agent Plushie

"Oh yes she looks innocent, but she is really listening for information to sell to the highest bidder."

The plushie!! This plushie, commonly known as ZDAP on the Neoboards, is the key to an avatar as mysterious and elusive as the double agent herself. This item does further our knowledge and push us closer to the real answer. We see that not only is this Zafara in it for profit and money, but she also has been putting out a line of plushies in order to put spy devices in houses all around Neopia. She's been capitalizing on capitalism and profiting in more ways than one. Cute, kitschy items AND selling the information she gets with them.

Zafara Double Agent Poster

"You can never be sure who she is working for..."

Though the descriptions begin to get redundant, we can infer certain details from things we reveal with the other items. If the Zafara Double Agent Plushie has a listening device, perhaps this perfect poster has a visual device implanted in the eyes to constantly watch your Neohome. Things are starting to add up...

Zafara Double Agent Snowglobe

"Shake the snowglobe and a mysterious swirl of snowflakes will surround the Zafara Double Agent."

Aha! Another silly knick knack put out by a zafara on the attack, she knows not to put out toys that are whack, because then she won't be able to watch your shack...errr...home. Your HOME. WHY AM I A POET, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT!?

Zafara Double Agent Stamp

"The question is not whose side is she on, but rather whose side is she on today?"

I've regained composure and I'm just going to move on to this next item. A stamp featuring our blue buddy. At this point, I'm realizing that spend millions of Neopoints to obtain all these different items just to read the descriptions was a waste of time. She is known as Neopia's most mysterious for a reason and that is all perpetuated by these items. I already bought the whole lot though and I have a couple more to go, so let's see what else we can scrounge up here.

Zafara Double Agent (TCG)

"Beware those who betray their masters -- they might betray you, too."

We see here that my previous point is proven. She's willing to betray and cannot be trusted. She wants to make a quick coin. What is fascinating here though is that the element on the card is Light. Light is generally associated with those who are good, with heroes. This begs the question: although she is willing to sell out for a quick buck, is she actually scamming both sides while still working towards the greater good?

Zafara Double Agent Usuki

"This little Usuki will sell secrets to anyone, for the right price."

The fact that we are at the point where the Zafara Double Agent is releasing Usukis, I think it's pretty clear she is done betraying people. My theory is that she went into that battle with the idea of getting famous for being infamous and then selling a line of adorable merchandise to the masses who want to root for a perplexing underdog.

She is adored far and wide, and has appeared in many stories featured in the Neopian Times under various pseudonyms, but her true intentions are still unclear. However, all our research was not for naught, for there is something we've been taught!! *smacks forehead* Shake it off...All our research has paid off! It hasn't paid off as much as the double agent's various scams and merchandise, but at least we know the truth. She was only ever in it for the money, the fame, and the chachkis. We can't be too mad though, especially when that Usuki is so very cute.

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