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Time Sensitive Avatars

by blackroseofwisdom


Most Neopians are aware of the elusive seasonal avatars only after they pass, causing sadness and tears. Hopefully this guide to different time sensitive avatars can help alleviate some of the heartbreak associated with missing such coveted avatars. There are three main categories of avatars that fall on a shorter cyclical timeline, making them much easier to obtain. They include avatars from concerts, the Battledome, and two that even happen nightly! So grab a pen and a pad of paper, readers everywhere are going to want to take notes! Thankfully these are a little easier to remember since they cycle around so quickly.


There are five band avatars that are quite fun to earn! Slip over to the Tyrannian Concert Hall (located on the Tyrannian Plateau) and catch a few concerts to earn these musical avatars! There’s no sneaking in to see these performances, each show requires a ticket! Tickets are sold daily at the Ticket Booth for that day’s specific band. (The Shop Wiz may offer the tickets a bit cheaper- make sure you shop around!) Each attended concert also awards one free item! Each band has several unique items that may be awarded. Only true fans can collect them all.

Jub Zambra

On the 5th of every month the amazing Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers rocks it out in the concert hall. With the long commute from the Lost Desert this concert is ONLY available once a month. This show features four members on instruments as well as a lovely dancer and a Cobrall. (Please do not throw things into the Cobrall’s basket!)

Jazzmosis Elephante

A bit easier if you happen to miss a date, Jazzmosis plays on the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of every month. Be sure to buy your ticket in time (who knows if it will sell out!) This band lets their smooth jazz do all the talking. (For true die-hard fans, this group offers a special Christmas performance!)

Groovy Chomby

Also available weekly, on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of each month the wonderful Chomby and the Fungus Balls will be playing at the concert hall! Don’t miss your chance to earn this avatar plus see a good show while doing it! CATFB is well known for funky, soul-filled tunes. It’s been wildly promoted as a wild, bizarre act well worth the ticket cost. The group is a unique blend of soul, funk, and erm… dinosaur. (As a special note, on occasion, Gruundo plays on the 22nd instead of Chomby and the Fungus Balls.)

I Love My Rock

This avatar rocks out (literally!) A bit more exclusive than Jazzmosis and CATFB, the Sticks N’ Stones only play on the 10th and 17th of each month. Be sure to mark this one on your calendar, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this band or the avatar! This rock group is known for shaking Tyrannia to its foundation each time they step on stage. They’re known for playing three-hour marathons and each member of the group (Axle Roo as vocals, Sludge as lead guitar, Gruff on bass guitar, and Grizley on drums) has their own fan club. It’s one wild concert you can’t miss!

Yes Boy Ice-Cream

The Yes Boy Ice-Cream group pays the 12th, 19th, and 26th of each month. The alternative techno group is a well-known all male Shoyru band. YBIC is known worldwide for their catchy dance beats.

The Battleground

The Battleground of the Obelisk features a unique battle twice a month (with fantastic boons granted by the Oracle for the winners to use during the alternating weeks!) and is another great location to find cyclical avatars. Every other Monday Neopians may sign up to support one of three chosen factions. (The factions are random each time, so it may take a while for your last needed faction to pop up AND win.) Sign ups last for three days, and the battle themselves takes place Thursday and lasts for four days.

Choose your faction wisely. If it wins, you’ll be granted an avatar (Battledome: ”faction-name-here”), a faction-themed site theme, and a fancy boon. Each faction has different boons to choose from, and winners may only choose one out of the list of those available. If you’re unlucky enough to sign up for one of the two unsuccessful factions, never fear! You’ll win a consolation prize and be able to sign up for the next battle with no consequences.

The Thieves Guild, led by master Thief Kanrik, is a band of smugglers, pilferers, bandits, and prowlers. Their boons include Cheaper by the Dozen (which lowers the cost of stocks at the Stock Market), LOL AVIES (allows for stealing other Neopian’s avatar for personal use), Five-Finger Discount (receiving a 10% discount at all Neopian shops), Doppelgänger (a chance of being able to reuse a one-use item in the Battledome) , and Scratch Master( being able to purchase two scratch cards back-to-back without having to wait at scratch card kiosks). They’re thieves… do any of these boons really surprise anyone?

The Sway, led by the mysterious Duchess, is a secret organization that supposedly influences Neopian events from behind the scenes. They’re a faction full of amateur insider spies, charming subversives, cunning masterminds, and nefarious plotters. As a group that loves to be in control (and has no qualms on how they gain it), it’s no surprise that their boons include, Bank Bribery (boosts your bank interest rate by 3%) , Black Market Goods (highlights any r83+ items in shop restocks), Cheaper By the Dozen, and Refreshed Quest Request (allows a faerie quest to swapped for a new one).

Rasala the Bright, a powerful Bori mage, leads the Order of the Red Erisim. The faction is a magical powerhouse filled with hedge witches, conjurers, wizards, and warlocks. Their boons include Cartogriphication (guaranteed treasure in the confusing Faerie Caverns), Doctor Who? (instantly cures illnesses), Doppelgänger, Double Bubble (a chance that healing potions will refill after being used), and Refreshed Quest Request. Isn’t magic grand?

Commander Flint and his Brute Squad, made of bruisers, mercenaries, rent-a-brutes, and sentinels, are only interested in protecting Neopia from evil. They use their thirst for good with the Doppelgänger, Equip ALL THE THINGS (gives an extra weapon slot for the the Battledome), GRRRAAAAHHHHHH! (increase's a pet’s damage output by 10% in the Battledome), Right Round Round Round (the ability to spin wheels twice in a row without having to wait), and Scratch Master boons. Policing Neopia takes strength, force, and Neopoints, you know!

The Seekers, led by Professor Lambert, is a group of scholarly scientists, inventors, philosophers, and explorers. Bank Bribery, Book Smarts (gifts 2-4 intelligence points from each book read while this boon is active), Doctor Who?, Right Round Round Round, Strength of Mind (grants a temporary Battledome ability that deals damage based on a pet’s intelligence) are their boon choices.

The Awakened, a confused faction of undead knights, mummies, monsters, and zombie hooligans, led by the twins Lanie and Lillie, mistook the original battle of the obelisk as a party… and wanted cake. Their boons are random and may select any of the aforementioned available boons.

Use the information wisely when selecting your faction of choice. The winning faction is often the one with the most popular boons (making the Seekers and the Awakened harder factions to gain a win, and thus the avatar) With some luck, (and maybe some helpful alliances made on the Battledome board) may all the avatars fall into your grasp.


Two avatars are available nightly. From midnight to 1am NST, Count Von Roo is available to play Deadly Dice. (Alternatively, this avatar may be considered an annual once since the Count is available all day on October 31st, Halloween) For this avatar, your pet must be at least level two. Then, when playing Deadly dice, you must first tie and then win the game. A word of caution, it is possible to lose this avatar by having a tie and then losing! Similarly, The Darkest Faerie avatar is available between 10pm and 5am nst. To obtain the avatar, Neopians must view her TCG card.

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