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Seasonal Avatar Calender

by blackroseofwisdom


With hundreds of available secret avatars to collect, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all. Some are simple, and require just a click to obtain. Others are difficult and take years of practice to get a high score. Time-specific avatars are some of the hardest to collect simply because they’re not around long. The easier ones cycle monthly or even weekly. The more elusive avatars are only available annually, becoming obtainable only one (or two) days a year. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, readers everywhere are going to want to take notes to make sure they don’t miss out on these time sensitive annual avatars. Make sure you mark these dates on your calendar, they only come once a year!

I *heart* Sloth - January 14

“What? There's no "Mind Control Laboratory' here on the space station. I don't know what you're talking about. Sloth would never take control of the servers ran by those pesky Neopets Staff people, so you must be mistaken.” This Mind Control Laboratory is hidden every day of the year except for January 14th. So you definitely want to make sure to visit! It’s very simple, take Sloth’s Quiz on Sloth Appreciation Day. (The correct answers are C D B C A, but we didn’t tell you that!) And then you get this wonderful I *heart* Sloth avatar and you never have to worry about forgetting it again!

Here’s an extra tip: The I *heart* Happiness avatar is not specifically time sensitive, but requires the I *heart* Sloth avatar as a prerequisite. So why not go ahead and get this one so you can mark it off the daunting list of avatars you still need. Set your preferred avatar to I *heart* Sloth and then visit the ‘ihearthappiness’ page in the Gallery of Heroes. (This one can be a bit tricky to figure out!)

Evil Jhudora - February 4

Everyone knows how scary it can be to enter Jhudoras Bluff, but it is a must if you want this avatar! You can go to the bluff any day of the year to complete her crazy quests to earn the Jhudora's Cloud avatar, a shiny trophy, or even a coveted rare item! However, the Evil Jhudora avatar is only available by completing one of her quests on February 4th. Just make sure you haven’t accepted one of Illusen’s quest on this day, because you will ruin your chances at obtaining this avatar! Remember you may only perform a quest for one or the other each day.

Valentine Chia - February 13/14

Who doesn’t enjoy a pretty, pink, and sparkly avatar! Neopets offers plenty of festive neogreetings you can send to your family and friends throughout the year. However, this avatar requires the “I Love You” neogreeting to be sent on February 13th or 14th. How kind of The Neopets Team to make this avatar available for two days each year! As a bonus, I’m sure whomever you send this neogreeting to will be more than happy that you are thinking of them!

Gadgadsbogen! - March 4

On March 4th be sure to check out the Neopedia article about Trickster Llugh and the Legend of Gadgadsbogen. Literally translated to mean "good good day," Gadgadsbogen celebrates a phenomenon of oddly growing fruit that sprout once a year. It’s a tropical celebration of out with the old, in with the new! But I’m not going to give away too much here, be sure to read it yourself! (Of course March 4th is the best day to do this.) Then you can display your new avatar and celebrate the festival of Gadgadsbogen in style!

Here’s an extra tip: If you’re stuck at trivia night and need to know what type of fruit is shown on this elusive avatar, it’s a pimplepepper! It’s a tropical food that’s known to squirt sweet, sticky slime when the lumps are squeezed. Yum! You can try one today for less than 10 neopoints!

Illusen Doll - March 17

“I've been living in Meridell for years now, it's so peaceful and serene (and I get to be as far away from those Dark Faeries as possible!)” Very similar to The Evil Jhudora avatar, you can only obtain the Illusen Doll on March 17th by completing one of Illusen’s Quests. Unlike Jhudoras Bluff, Illusen’s Glade is a lovely place to go and visit! (Not too mention, Illusen is much nicer and makes for much better company.) The same rules apply, only one type of quest (Illusen vs. Jhudora) may be completed each day. So make sure you stay far, far away from Jhudora’s Bluff on Illusen Day!

Quiguki April Fools Avatar - April 4

Everyone enjoys a nice prank and The Neopets Team is no different! Each year they dream up something wacky to prank Neopians with for April Fool’s Day. Make sure to check the New Features on April 1 to read all about the annual prank. Then, check back on April 4th (after the prank has been taken down) to obtain this avatar. You deserve it after surviving all of those crazy pranks and what not.

Easter Cybunny - April 8-10

Here is another opportunity to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them. Be sure to send the gorgeous and animated Happy Easter neogreeting to a friend or family member on April 8th, 9th, or 10th. The Neopets Team must be suffering from a Chocolate induced tummy ache to give Neopians three whole days to obtain this annual avatar! You really have no excuse to miss this one, as long as you are taking those notes like you should be!

Altador Cup Staff Tournament- June

This is many Neopet player’s favorite time of the year! We all love a good competition every now and again and what is better than the Altador Cup?! This avatar is earned by voting in the yearly Altador Cup Staff Tournament! It’s very quite simple, just pick your players from the staff member options and hope your team does well!

Altador Cup Player – June

Another avatar available through the Altador Cup is obtained simply by participating! (and you do want to participate don’t you?) Just be sure to reach rank one at some point before the Altador Cup ends and you will have this avatar! If you want to continue and reach further ranks, go for it!! Maybe you can even become an All-Star this year.

Blumaroo - Chef Bonju – August

First, you should make sure you have the Mad About Orange avatar, which is earned by having 8 different items with the word orange in them in your inventory. (if you don’t have this avar, go get it right now!!) If you do, then great! Then, any day during August, simply go to the Cooking Pot (make sure Mad About Orange is your current avatar) and mix a Blumaroo Steak, a Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet, and Orange Juice. You’re awarded this pretty avatar and don’t have to stress over remembering to do it ever again! We suggest stocking up on the required ingredients well before August. The prices tend to inflate!

Happy Birthday! - November 15

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Neopets, happy birthday to you! Neopets loves to celebrate its birthday, so stop by the New Features page on November 15th to pickup the annual Happy Birthday Avatar!

Plastic Fir - December 1

The Advent Calendar only works in the Month of Celebrating. Every day you can go there to get a daily free gift. It may be Neopoints, an Item, or it may be random! Make sure you remember to start picking up your free gifts on December 1st and you will be nicely surprised with this Plastic Fir avatar on top of your daily gift! (Trust us with this one, you don’t want to go ALL year upset because you forgot to pick up this avatar. From experience there will be lots of facepalming and you may even hit your head on your desk! We definitely don’t want that to happen to you!)

Seasonal Attack Pea - December (random)

This avatar should be fairly easy to remember as long as you took our advice and collected from the Advent Calendar on December 1st. (We don’t want you to forget and miss out on any unique prizes!) This avatar is released randomly for one day during December’s Advent. The avatar is obtained by collecting that day’s items at the Advent Calendar.


Neopian Times Writer - Varies Annually

Haven’t you seen that elusive Neopian Times Writer avatar your friends have? You don’t have to be jealous any longer! Be sure to work on your writing skills and see if you can get published in a Neopian Times issue that ends in a “50” or “00”. You may have to wait a bit until this will be available, but hard work pays off! So start writing and keep your eye on the Neopian Times!

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