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Inside the Neopian History: Jhudora

by maga_m


Jhudora is one of the most feared faeries in all Faerieland. Her purple and bright green clothes, her fierce and dark eyes, and the enormous castle above a bluff that she calls “home”, where she lives with her two scary bodyguards, Sarah and Daisy: all of those things contribute in creating an intimidating image. But, what do we, Neopians, really know about her?

Well, we tried to contact her for an interview but she never answered her phone. Instead, all that we got from her was a complete silence… and a few Bartamus stealing clothes and food from our Neohome. But we don’t think that is related to her.

Anyway, we searched through the vast libraries from Brightvale, from new printed books to old and dusty scrolls, and here is all the information that we got about this faerie for you, Neopian Times’ readers.

First of all, we need to establish the basics: Jhudora is a dark faerie whose age nobody knows. It is known that all dark faeries love to do little evil things like making Neopians lose some Neopoints or sending dark clouds on an otherwise sunny day, but for some of them their darkness and evilness grow so much that they end up representing a treat for all the habitants in the world of Neopia. Jhudora is one of those faeries.

Or that is what people think. Actually, nobody saw her doing an act of pure evil; it is believed that she hinds behind acts of moderate evil so she wouldn’t get caught. Despite of this, Queen Fyora watches her carefully, being aware of the danger that she represents for the people that she wants to protect.

On the book “Fantastic Jhudora Stories”, which you can get at the Faerieland Bookshop, the author explains that there is a huge conspiracy theory around this faerie. What is this conspiracy about? What people think is that she is behind lots of the most evil and destructive things that happened not only in Faerieland, but in all Neopia. Apparently, she uses Neopets (which she considers “minions”) to perform this malicious acts, knowing that they won’t say she is the mastermind behind. The royalty of her minions comes from two places: admiration or fear.

This led us to the second point: her quests. You can visit Jhudora at her castle and she will ask you for an item that she needs to perform a spell, but she won’t tell you about this. Instead, she rewards the people that help her with different magical items. It is easy to think that she uses these items for those acts of evil that we talked about…

When it comes to Jhudora’s magical powers, little is known about that. Some people claim to have seen her perform a big, destructive storm with her powerful wand. Others talk about how she has a crystal ball, one that she uses to predict the future and the actions of her opponents.

On “Jhudora and the Evil Eyes” is explained that her right eye also has magical powers, but the Neopians that experienced its magic don’t seem to want to talk about it.

If we talk about Jhudora, we need to mention her nemesis. Another faerie that she despites with all the strength of her heart and mind: Illusen. This earth faerie resides in Meridell, and you can go to her glade to make a quest for her, just like the quests that Jhudora gives. Some may say, “Well, their rivalry comes from competition, right? They both handle quests for their own different and complete opposite purposes”. That one is a logical explanation, but according to “Jhudora and Illusen - The Untold Story” it is not exactly the truth. The author theorizes about why Jhudora hates Illusen so much, a lot more than she dislikes Queen Fyora or the lesser dark faeries. What people usually know about Jhudora is about her quests, and there is only a few that have seen her performing actual magic: chanting and dropping items in a cauldron of bubbling green liquid. But nothing else. Nobody knows what her spells are about, or why she performs them. Except for Illusen. It is believed that Illusen witnessed Jhudora perform an act of true evil, something so terrible that this dark faerie wouldn’t want anybody to know. If this is the case, probably Illusen can’t prove what she saw, but since she is the only one that watched her (and not only suspects of her, like all the other faeries), the only one that actually knows, Jhudora hates her more than anything. And Illusen, given the fact that she is a caring and overall good faerie, hates her and her intentions too. It is just a theory, but it seems like something that could have happened.

So, after all of this, what do you think about Jhudora? Is she as evil as other faeries think? Or she is only a misunderstood faerie? The choice is yours!

Did you know…

- … that you can have a whole stationary set about Jhudora? Yes! You can buy a “Jhudora Backpack”, a “Jhudora Pencil Holder”, a “Jhudora Pen”, a “Jhudora Stapler”, and a “Jhudora Eraser” at the Neopian School Supplies.

-… about the existence of “Jhudora’s Potion”? Apparently, it is a magical item that holds some of Jhudora’s power inside of it that you can use in the battledome. Are you going to be the one to try to use it and see what happens?

-… that you can even replicate Jhudora’s stunning style? With the help of the “Jhudora Eye Shadow” and the “Jhudora Compact” you will able to achieve her makeup look; and with the “Jhudora Wig” you will look just like her! Complete the look with the “Jhudora Wings” and some long purple and green dress and you are done. You can even add a touch to your outfit with the “Jhudoras Fingernails”: those long, green, scary nails are perfect to look exactly like this dark faerie.

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