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How To Turn Your Motley Pets Into Families!

by indulgences


I have an odd, yet common, admission to make. I just finished rearranging my pets! It took forever for me to decide which pets belonged on which of my 5 different accounts, and since my pet transfers are limited, it took forever to move my pets around, too. The worst part was, each pet is unique and has a color totally different from the others. For instance, I own a Maraquan Gelert, a Faerie Pteri, and a Grape Chia. Though I love each pet dearly, there has been more than one time that I wished I had more uniform pets, like one player who I adore who owns 4 Stealthy pets on one account, and 4 Faeries on another.

Then I was inspired. What are some ways in which a person could customize their pets so that they look more like a cohesive family? Because for me, the solution was to give my pets similar clothes and identical Backgrounds to wear. My side account, wakeful, now has 2 Ice Hissis, an 8-Bit Cybunny, and a Faerie Poogle that are all wearing Igloo Backgrounds on their stunning pale selves. And my other side account, greenteacustard, has my Pea and Grape Chias wearing Citrus Backgrounds. My pets finally look like they're in families, because each account has its own specific Background that all the pets are wearing!

I then realized that I was probably not the only player to encounter this conundrum! For those of us who own 20 pets, in all different colors and species, what are some ways of making our pets look like they're in cohesive families? I decided to ask the Neoboards for their own tips and tricks, and it was really fun to chat with my fellow players!

So here are our biggest tips for turning our motley pets into actual families! I hope you enjoy reading them, because it was really fun to gather them!

1. Exquisite Backgrounds / Foregrounds

As I stated earlier, a common trick that people use to make their pets look more uniform is to give all of their pets on the same account the same Background. Backgrounds are so sumptuous and dramatic nowadays that it's no wonder that we all ended up realizing the same trick! I know that the pets are the most important aspect of the site, but Backgrounds are so complicated and intricate right now that they nearly rival the popularity of the actual pets! Think of it this way: a Draik Morphing Potion will set you back 140k np right now, while certain Backgrounds are worth 2 million np.

One player who always makes me giggle has MSPP Army Foreground on every single one of her pets. She declares that she's the ruler of an MSPP army, and her pets look hilarious! Foregrounds are a good way to turn your pets into a family, and pairing an awesome Background with an awesome Foreground is really one of the best goals on the site!

2. Puny Or Massive Size

One player had a mishmash of pets just like me, and decided to organize her pets into size order. I did the same! That's why my Pea and Grape are on the same account. Her own pets were a Grape Chia, a Baby Kau, a Baby Draik, and a Baby Krawk, and they all occupy her side account. The effect of seeing such tiny, adorable creatures all in a row made me smile, and I congratulated her on having such special little pets!

3. Similar Themed Clothes

One player said that his pets are all warriors, and when I glanced at his user lookup, I was really impressed! With the plethora of warrior-themed species clothes that are available nowadays, a lot of people are now dressing their pets as samurais, ninjas, swordsmen, and knights. It's a really popular look, and when all 4 pets are dressed in warrior outfits, it really makes a person's account shine! (Side note: special thanks to TNT for coming up with so many female warrior outfits! They're so much better than the usual pink/Faerie/girly fare. Keep 'em coming!)

So themed clothes are turning out to be quite a boon! Some people are determined to dress all 4 of their pets completely in farmer's gear, for instance, while others love the look of steampunk and are draping gadget-themed wearables all over their pets. Dressing pets up in similar clothes is a great way of turning your pets into a cohesive family, even when their paint jobs are all different from each other!

4. An Epic User Lookup

I remember seeing a player a long, long time ago who featured the stories and hand-drawn pictures of his pets on his user lookup, and I was really captivated by the result! Each pet was given its own little box, delineating why it looked the way it did, its personality, and its goals. Each pet's history was explained, mainly why these 4 pets ended up on the same account. I thought it was a really creative way of turning 4 random pets into a close-knit family, and now that I remember him, I'm thinking of doing the same with my own side account!

5. Enormous Wearables

There are certain clothes on this crazy website that have a huge impact on the look of a pet. The strangest item, for sure, is the Hot Dog Mascot with Mustard, an item that is so overwhelmingly huge that any pet wearing it is instantly dwarfed by its massiveness. If you adorn all 4 pets with it, the way one of my favorite players does, your various pets will all match as hot dogs! What an odd way of turning your pets into a family!

6. Celebrate The Seasons

One interesting player said that she sorts her pets according to seasons. I thought that was really inventive and clever! Basically, she put all of her Ice and Snow pets on one side account ("winter themed"), and her Halloween pets on another side account ("autumn themed"). Then she gave each account a special user lookup that celebrated each season. I love how brilliant us players can sometimes be! And I hope that more than one player celebrates the seasons the way she does!

7. Weather Themed Wearables

One player suggested that, in addition to dressing up our pets in identical Backgrounds, we ought to dress the pets themselves to match the Backgrounds. For instance, in addition to using A Grey Day Background, perhaps we could dress our 4 pets in umbrellas and Wellington Boots. That way, everyone is being caught in the same downpour! I thought this was a cute and fun idea, and I'm glad that I met this ingenious player on the Neoboards!

This is quite a change from the Neopets of old, when people bought wearables to match their pets' colors. Nowadays, there are some people who buy the wearables first, and THEN brainstorm what species and color of pet they want! How times have changed!

8. Brilliant Art

There were many, many players who said that their Beauty Contest pets are all on the same account. That makes it easier to enter their pets into the Beauty Contest every week! Their user lookups are festooned with beautiful, amazing artwork, and their pets are truly in families…the artistic kind! It was so heartwarming to see the artists' devotion to their pets, displayed on their user lookups for all to see. I wish I had that same artistic ability!

9. Same Team

There are players who keep their pets dressed the same way, all the time, in support of their favorite Altador Cup team. So those players who like Team Darigan, for instance, have draped Team Darigan wearables all over their 4 pets. Other players support Team Lost Desert, while still others support Team Faerieland. Seeing someone's 4 pets all dressed up in the same Altador Cup gear is a fun and common way of bringing Altador Cup cheer to our accounts, and these pets do indeed end up looking like families…the sporty kind!

10. Give Them Away

Give them away? What on earth? Yes, you heard me right! For some people (myself included), giving away pets is an entertaining pastime on here, and so far, I've given away 107 pets! Whenever I spot someone whose dream pet is an Island Kacheek, and I happen to own one, I give it to her because she already has 3 Island pets and needs the Kacheek to complete her collection. So that means, my random and motley pets are now part of other peoples' families! Isn't that inspiring?

I'm always thrilled to help other people with their pet goals, especially when I know that my pets are going to doting new owners! I've been zapping pets since 2009, with no desire to ever stop adopting them out. And it was fun to meet other zappers-and-pounders on the Neoboards! It's pretty neat to learn that we're a huge and major population, and not a small and insignificant one!


So these were the most creative and unusual ways of turning your pets into a single, cohesive family! I hope you enjoyed reading it! It was really fun to chat with you all on the Neoboards, and even after the discussion was done, people continued to chat with me just because I was lonely that day. You people are such sweethearts, in addition to being imaginative, fun and wonderful!

Thanks for reading this article, fellow players! Stay tuned for future articles from yours truly, and have a spectacular week!

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