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The Perils of Chocolate Pet Ownership

by djleclair


The Perils of Chocolate Pet Ownership

It’s that time of year again! Rich dark chocolate, creamy milk chocolate, and smooth white chocolate waiting for a nibble. Towering piles of whipped cream and waterfalls of sprinkles (available in chocolate or the traditional rainbow!). Dipped waffle cones for a tantalizing crunch. Some accented with candy corn, others with red licorice. Every mouth-watering piece complete with a cherry on top and curls of decadent shaved chocolate. To many Neopians, that sounds like a deliciously decadent sweet treat. To chocolate pet owners, the thought brings horrified tears. With Valentine’s day fast approaching, it’s time to discuss the perils of Chocolate pet ownership.

Chocolate colored pets are rare, and they are all uniquely decorated. Their special markings are not easily obtainable; as there’s no such thing as a chocolate paint brush. Chocolate pets can only be painted as such two ways. One is by a lucky zap in the secret laboratory ray. There is no guarantee that such a zap will ever occur. (Though there are currently 48 species that can be turned chocolate! So even if the lab ray changes your pet’s species, there’s a high probability of that species being capable of being rewarded with the elusive chocolate color.) The second, and equally as improbable, way of obtaining a chocolate paint job is from a lucky dip from the magical rainbow fountain. That requires the elusive fountain faerie to ask for your help on a faerie quest. Once the quest is fulfilled, a dip in the rainbow fountain will be rewarded.

Valentine’s day brings a specifically dangerous threat to Chocolate pets everywhere- being eaten! Although many Neopians and their pets love this holiday, the poor, defenseless Chocolate pets just can’t stand it. It is the same thing every year; being gifted away or even eaten by other pets, and no one (except perhaps fruit Chias) understands the frustration! Going to bed the night before Valentine’s day is full of nightmares, just hoping the next day you don’t get accidently nibbled. Last year, a poor Chocolate Draik was simply taking a walk over to the Neolodge to visit a friend when someone chomped right into his tail! It took several trips to the Healing Springs before he was finally healed back to normal. And then there was the accident with a Chocolate Cybunny who had one of his ears yanked right off while trying to play Gourmet Bowls! Please remember, Chocolate pets are NOT food!

A second, and equally horrific danger to Chocolate pets is melting! Owners need to be fully aware of the high temperatures of tropical places like Mystery Island. A quick day trip may seem safe, but owners should always be aware of the danger. Nobody wants their pet to melt away! Terror Mountain would be the best place to set up your neohome for your climate-challenged pet. It is always nice and cold, and there are many great activities to keep your pet from being bored! The Ice Caves are an awesome place to start. Pets may visit the Snowager (if they’re brave enough that is.) Then, there is the Ice Arena if anyone wants to catch a big fight! Though the Flaming Meerca, Lava Ghoul, and Magnus the Torch should be avoided at all costs. Pets can even head up to the top of the mountain to get a special icy treat at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. (Really, don’t you think your Chocolate pet deserves a souvenir for surviving something as horrible as Valentine’s day?!) Don’t forget to stop by the Scratch Card Kiosk on the way up from Happy Valley (you never know when you might just hit that lucky jackpot!)

For Chocolate pet owners, there are some precautions that may be taken to help protect your pet for the upcoming holiday. One option is to safely stash your pet away. While some owners may be tempted to crate up their pet and hide them at Grundo’s Warehouse, that’s not the best hideaway available. The safest way to hide a Chocolate pet is to home them at the Grand Neopian Neolodge, Neopia’s #1 Holiday Accommodation! Rent out a swanky deluxe room for your pet to hide in the lap of luxury. (The Faerie Castle has the cheapest deluxe rooms, only 100 neopoints a night!) It’s always a good idea to splurge on adding the restaurant (for room service, of course!), maid service, and an en-suite bathroom for an extra 15 neopoints each night. That way, once your pet enters their room, they can lock the door and not be bothered by ravenous Neopians.

If owners don’t want to part with their beloved pet and believe that the safest place is at home, another alternative to protecting a Chocolate pet is with wearables. The right combination of wearables can act as camouflage. Hiding a Chocolate pet’s unique attributes may just save their life. Wigs can hide a delicious looking pile of whipped cream. A lovely dress can hide decorative icing and chocolate curls. A garden or outdoorsy background could hide your pet in plain sight by fooling hungry Neopians into thinking your pet is a tree! Alternatively, hide your gourmet pet with food items! A Box of Chocolates Hat, Delicate Chocolate Fan, or Sugar Cookie Wings may allow your pet to distract anyone trying to take a nibble and give your pet time to safely get away!

Sometimes a sweet craving may hit, and Neopians can’t resist taking a nibble out of the closest Chocolate pet. However, there are better, tastier alternatives to satisfying a sweet tooth. Take a stroll around Neopia Central and stop in at the Chocolate Factory located in the Neopian bazaar. Nobody ever goes in...nobody ever comes out, but they sell chocolate by the truckload! There you can purchase fun Neopet themed candies such as a Milk Chocolate Eyrie, Sugared Elephante Feet, and Krawk Sugar Skulls. Delicious alternatives intended for consumption. Owners may consider stashing some of these sweet treats in their pockets to hand out to anyone too tempted to take a nibble.

If you are a Chocolate pet owner, make sure you protect your loved ones this year, we don’t need any more of these horrible accidents! Show your pet some love by keeping them safe. Keep them in a cool, dry location and plan ahead to protect them from hungry Neopians. Show your pets how much you care this Valentine’s day and keep them safe!

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