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Top 12 Gifts for Sloth Supporters

by stargirl346


Have you been shopping away at Neopia Central, but are unable to find the perfect gift for your precious Dr. Sloth loving Neopet on Sloth Appreciation day this year? There are plenty of items out there that showcase just how amazing, world dominating, and completely genius Dr. Sloth truly is. It can be difficult to find the right one. But for you last minute shoppers who still have not found the right present, we compiled the top twelve gifts you can give your pet to help them honor the incredible Dr. Sloth.

(Side note: Dr. Sloth, if you are reading this issue of the Neopian Times, we hope your next invasion plan of Neopia is a successful one.)

Now, on to the list…

12. Sloth Approved Hair Gel

What hair product could be better to use than one that is Sloth approved? The gel is almost as green as sloth himself. While it is not possible for the gel to make your pet look as dashing as Dr. Sloth, it will certainly get him or her closer to their desired evil look. This hair gel also doubles as a Battledome weapon. You can use this gel in your fights against anti Dr. Sloth pets, and freeze them right in their (very wrong) tracks.

11. I Love Sloth Shirt

This shirt is almost as black as our hero Dr. Sloth’s incredibly amazing cape. Make sure you wear it with immense pride, as the description says! The giant bright red heart in the center will really emphasize your feelings and love for our future Neopian ruler. Plus, this shirt comes with an added bonus of being a great conversation starter.

10. I Support Sloth Badge

What better way to let everyone know you support Dr. Sloth than with this cool badge? For those Neopians who can not afford to get their pets a I Love Sloth Shirt in honor of our beloved Dr. Sloth, the I Support Sloth Badge is a good alternative. While it does not quite declare the proper extent of admiration, it does distinguish your pet from those pesky anti-Sloth Neopians.

9. Dr Sloth Plushie

If your neopet has ever wanted to give Dr. Sloth a giant hug, this Dr. Sloth Plushie is a great alternative. It is incredibly squish-able and loves being hugged, unlike the real Dr. Sloth. This plushie is a great gift for any collectors because it is nearly as rare as it is cute; there are only limited numbers of this toy out there. It has only ever been seen stocked at Smuggler’s Cove.

8. Almost Big Book of Sloth Recipes

This book is fairly large and it is stuffed to the brim with some of Dr. Sloth’s favorite recipes. As the description suggests, I advise you stock up on sludge before attempting to cook anything within these pages. If you are a particularly crafty baker you might even try cooking one of these recipes for your pet to have ready on Sloth Appreciation Day! They will love to know they are eating the same type of food that Dr. Sloth does!

7. I Love Sloth Poster

The I Love Sloth Poster is the perfect addition to any NeoHome. This poster is large enough that it is the perfect size to hang above your pet’s bed or in their Sloth shrine. It pairs nicely with many other Sloth themed furniture. What sets this NeoHome item apart is that fact that is explicitly states “I Love Sloth” under the giant picture of him so no doubts can ever be had over your neopets’ feelings toward Dr. Sloth.

6. Dr. Sloth’s Personal Bath Buddy

This rubber duck bath buddy is cute AND dangerous, much like Dr. Sloth himself. Dr. Sloth has personally used this Bath Buddy in the Battledome before, and what neopet would not want to use a weapon that Sloth himself uses in battles…and baths? Plus, if you squeeze it, it makes and adorable squeaking noise.

5. Dr. Sloth Note Pad

Does your neopet aspire for Neopian domination much like their hero, Dr. Sloth? If so this note pad is the perfect gift! The cover boasts a fantastic picture of the genius Sloth and your pet can spend their days taking notes and sketching out their most devious plans in it.

4. Dr. Frank Sloth

This gift is perfect for neopets who love collecting Neodeck Collectable Cards almost as much as they love Sloth. The picture on this card showcases Sloth’s most picturesque side, and lists stats on his most impressive criminal mastermind feats.

3. Sloth Gummies

These gummies are the perfect snack for any true Sloth fans. This candy doubles as being both incredibly delicious and incredibly adorable. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to snag one of these tasty treats as a prize from the Neocola Machine.

2. Dr. Sloth Stamp

This stamp is what all stamps will look like after Dr. Sloth becomes ruler of the universe. Until that day comes, you can still buy your pets these somewhat rare stamps. They fit nicely in any collector’s stamp album, or to top any stamps your pets write to their other Dr. Sloth loving pen pals.

1. Radioactive Sloth Cake

What’s a Sloth Appreciation Day without a delicious cake? This Radioactive Sloth Cake is probably the best cake on the market for your Sloth loving pets. Not only does the cake feature a miniature Sloth claiming domination atop the cake, but the cake itself is also green like sloth. The cake is also radioactive, so perhaps if your pet is lucky enough, they will have a reaction to the cake and their slice will have transmogrification powers like Dr. Sloth himself promotes.

    Hopefully this list was helpful for any last minute shoppers out there and for Neopians with pets who adore Dr. Sloth. Of course, there are other amazing sloth themed items out there, so do not limit yourself to just these ten items if you really want to show your Dr. Sloth appreciation! Just stay away from an anti Sloth items and supporters that are out there.

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