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Usuki Singing Stars #37: Like, Totally Goth

by downrightdude


”Hello, fashion-losers,” Scary sneered. The purple Bruce showed off her new sweater by gesturing to the skull-graphic and said, “This is the latest thing from the NC Mall, you know. Snaw said I could get is as a belated Christmas present.”

Sparkles nodded. “And it looks great with your black leather skirt,” said the pink Bruce. “A shame you didn’t go with the matching Santa hat, though.”

“If you had black eye shadow, you’d be a total Goth,” said Patricia. The faerie Shoyru pointed to a grey Aisha nearby. “That’s Gerald. He just transferred here from the Haunted Woods.”

“Your point?” asked Scary.

“I was just assuming you and Gerald would have a lot in common,” Patricia insisted. “You both like Goth stuff, for example.”

Scary turned to stare at Gerald. The Aisha was wearing a black t-shirt with black jeans, blacks and white sneakers, and a red beanie. He looked depressed and totally boring, too. “You honestly think I can relate to that freak?” Scary gasped. “How in Neopia can I befriend something who wears black eye shadow??”

“But you wore black eye shadow before,” Patricia countered.

“Yeah, when it was in fashion,” Scary scoffed. And what are Goths into, anyway?”

“I bet he’s interested in the dark forces,” Sparkles suggested. “You know, those Neopians that plot the downfall of Neopia.”

“Sparkles, everyone and their petpet know that the dark forces are too busy practicing black magic to care about world domination,” said Scary. “Besides, what if he doesn’t like makeup? Or clothes?”

“I bet you two will be great friends,” Patricia insisted, “but only if you’re willing to try.”

“And then he can be your date for the upcoming Neoschool dance!” Sparkles squealed, clapping her hands. She pushed Scary towards Gerald, whispering, “Now go over to him and cheer up his day!”

Groaning, Scary approached Gerald and glared at him. The Aisha looked at her and shrugged. “Are you always this dweeby?” asked Scary.

Gerald sighed. “I guess.”

“And your whole ‘I’m so alone’ act is so two winters ago!” Scary scoffed. “Then again, at least you’re not a Christmas-elf wannabe like Sparkles.”

“Christmas is a holiday that has lost its soul,” Gerald said in a monotone voice. He dug his hands into his jeans. “The holiday spirit has been trampled for the footsteps of eager shoppers and Advent Calendar visitors. Christmas has become a day of consumerism and neopoints, not family and charity.”

Scary place her hands on her hips. “What’s your point?”

“Those who place value on material goods have destroyed the spirit of Christmas,” said Gerald.

Well your atrocious attire is destroying my eyesight, Scary thought. Despite the clothing, however, there was something about Gerald she couldn't help but feel connected to. “So...what are you interested in? Music?”

Gerald nodded. “Have you heard the newest Jazzmosis album? It rocks.”

“You like Jazzmosis too?” Scary gasped. “No way! All my other wannabe friends prefer Yes Boy Ice Cream over Jazzmosis–though I personally like them both.”

“At least Jazzmosis write their own songs,” Gerald countered. “Those boy band Shoyrus can’t even play instruments.”

The longer she and Gerald talked–discussing music genres and their hatred for the color pink–the closer Scary felt towards this ‘Goth dude’. Despite his distaste for boy bands, Gerald felt like somebody she could bind with and actually enjoy the company of, too. Maybe this n00b isn’t as bad as I thought, Scary mused. He definitely has more interesting taste than Sparkles!


“Hey, have you seen Scary lately?” asked Sparkles. “She’s been looking very different lately.”

Patricia looked around the Neopian Plaza. “Yeah, she has been dressing a lot more…uh, ‘blackish’ lately. And what’s up with the skull-shaped purse?”

“Oh, she bought that last year,” said Sparkles. “Her attire, however, has definitely become more Gothic than usual.”

Before Patricia could reply, she noticed Scary and Gerald approaching them. Both were wearing black shirts and spiked collars. “So how do I look?” asked Scary. “Does the grey skirt look great or what?”

Gerald shrugged. “It’s okay.”

“Scary, you look…um different today,” said Patricia. “Are you wearing black eye-shadow?”

“Of course, Miss Oblivious,” Scary sneered. “What else will compliment my black lipstick?”

“I think you two look adorable together,” Sparkles gushed. She elbowed Scary playfully. “Soooo, is he going to be you-know-who?”

“Who’s what?” asked Scary.

“Nevermind that,” Patricia insisted. “Scary, are you ready to sort some clothing at the Second Hand Shoppe? We’ve been waiting for you.”

“Why? I never agreed to help this scam-central establishment today,” Scary sniffed. She grabbed Gerald’s wrist and pulled him away, proclaiming, “This Aisha and I have an even better activity to do today!”

“Whatever,” Gerald sighed.

Patricia turned to Sparkles. “You said she was going to help us today.”

“I guess she has something else to do,” said Sparkles, smiling widely. “I hope she goes dress shopping!”

“Why would she need a new dress?” asked Patricia.

Sparkles giggled. “You’ll just have to wait and see!”


Scary chugged her smoothie and sighed. “If I see Sparkles enter the Smoothie Shop anytime soon, I’ll explode!”

Gerald looked around the shop. “This place is too festive,” he said. “The hanging wreaths and ornaments are so tacky.”

“I know,” said Scary. “The ornament colours are so ugly; I mean red, white and green? And hello, wasn't Christmas last year??”

“I wasn’t talking about the ornaments’ colours,” said Gerald. “And besides, there are more important things in life than looks.”

Scary scoffed. “No there isn’t! Your looks are the most important thing about you! Why else would I wear these trendy Goth clothing around you?”

“I don’t wear these clothes because they’re trendy,” Gerald insisted. “And you shouldn’t be wearing those things if you’re just trying to impress me. That would be so lame.”

“Excuse me?” Scary gasped with disbelief, banging her hand on their table. “Are you SERIOUSLY trying to tell me how to live my life? Because let me inform you that I chose to wear these to show my enthusiasm in your Gothic fashions. Therefore, that makes me a good Neopian.”

“Well I beg to differ,” Gerald countered. He took a sip of his smoothie. “After the time we spent together, I’ve come to see that, despite the interests we share, we’re still two completely different Neopians. You like buying consumer products and I like playing guitar. You enjoy reading fashion magazines while I enjoy the Neopian Times.”

“And your point?” asked Scary.

Gerald shrugged. “You can change your looks and attempt to adopt the ‘Goth culture’, but that will never change who you are inside. I’m sure you and your friends would rather volunteer at a materialistic charity store than read or write poetry. It’s not your fault; it’s just how things are and nothing will ever change that.

Scary rolled her eyes. “You know what, I guess you’re not as stupid as I initially thought,” she mused. “Because in the end, you and that has-been Sparkles have the same belief: someone as wonderful as ‘moi’ can be stereotyped with just a few adjectives, all because of how one choose to dress themselves.” She grabbed her purse and added, “It’s a shame you’ll forever be a moron” before leaving the Smoothie Shop.

Gerald sipped his smoothie. “Whatever.”

At the Second Hand Shoppe, Patricia waved eagerly to Scary has she entered the store. “Right on time, Scare! Now you can help me fold sweaters.”

“So how did your little date with Gerald go?” Sparkles asked as she arranged a rack of pants. “Is he still taking you to the dance?”

“It was never a date, and he’s garbage,” Scary insisted. “Now shut up and give me something to sort.”

“You can sort out the boxes of skirts,” Patricia suggested.

“And then you can enchant us with the lovely story of your very first date!” Sparkles squealed. “Great to have you back on the volunteering team!”

I’d rather drink borovan, Scary sighed as she walked towards a counter filled with cardboard boxes. Oh well, at least I can finally take this Goth ensemble off. It’s so yesterday!

The End.

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