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How Illusen Celebrates Jhudora Day

by theyellowrose


How Illusen Celebrates Jhudora Day

Jhudora Day. Fourth day of the month of Awakening. Dark purple. Dark green. Evil cackle. Just pure, pure evil. Illusen murmurs this to herself every day when she isn't working on giving Neopians her daily quests. Illusen day is coming up in a few months, which is why she is so happy, making sure everything is up to her standards. Silly petpets brought out the wrong tomatos last year. Everyone loves organic, I'm the Earth Faerie for pete's sake! Illusen laughs a little while she sits in her glade, all merry.

“I am good. I will do no bad. I will reward those who deserve it.” Illusen needs to remind herself that she is good. Despite what happened on Illusen Day last year (read The Neopian Times Issue 486 “How Jhudora Celebrates Illusen Day” for more context), Illusen has decided to forgive Jhudora, taking the stand of the bigger Faerie. Instead, she concentrates on making the preparations for Illusen Day perfect.

After Jhudora sabotaged Illusen Day last year, many Neopets and petpets were outraged. They begged Illusen to take action, to bring the incident up to Queen Fyora. However, Illusen wanted to be the bigger Faerie. She did not want any more conflict. Sure, Jhudora switched out her confetti and balloons with Jhudora Rotten Eggs…yes Jhudora had filled Illusen’s gifts with atrocious petpets…and Jhudora switched out her birthday cake with Exploding Muffins…but revenge must never be taken! An eye for an eye is not the way of life Illusen follows. She will not repeat what happened years ago, when she first became the Earth Faerie. This story, so long ago, many of the old Neopets don't even remember this story. Perhaps, only Fyora is the only one who remembers. But Illusen remembers, and Jhudora definitely remembers.

Long ago, Illusen and Jhudora were best Faerie friends. They were BFFFs, best Faerie friends forever. Hard to believe right? But let's continue. Long, long ago, before the Islands of Roo, Mystery, Lutari, and Krawk were created, before Kiko Lake was created, before Maraqua was discovered, before Virtupets Space Station was found, there was a tiny Neopian population. Illusen and Jhudora were just typical Faerie teenagers, not knowing what their paths in the future were, what their destinies were.

Illusen and Jhudora were both raised by the previous Faerie queen. The previous Faerie queens name has long been lost, as years and years of storytelling has lost her name. Only the current Queen Fyora and the older Faeries know her name, but none will speak of her. Illusen and Jhudora played together every day, skipping stones by the river, running around the fields in the unnamed land (now called Meridell). Everything was merry, until it was time to select who would become the new Earth or Dark Faerie. The previous Earth and Dark Faeries had decided it was time to retire back to Faerieland. Illusen and Jhudora had passed all their schooling with flying colors, and the previous Faerie queen nominated both to become the new Earth or Dark Faeries.

Both Illusen and Jhudora saw each other as sisters, and did not want the other to become a Dark Faerie. They begged the Faerie queen to allow them to both become Earth Faeries, but this was not an option. The Faerie queen did say, that at the end of their Faerie job duration, they could return back to normal and become the friends they once were. But Illusen and Jhudora were worried that they could change too much, especially with such an evil position as the Dark Faerie.

For weeks, Illusen and Jhudora contemplated who should be who. Out of the two, Illusen was actually the more mischievous one, always getting in trouble for skipping school. Jhudora realized this, and knew that she could not let her best Faerie friend forever become the Dark Faerie. She knew that if Illusen became the Dark Faerie, she would be lost to the dark side forever. However, Jhudora knew she could come back. She knew she had the willpower to become good again. She kept all her thoughts to herself until it came time for the Faerie selection ceremony. The day before the Faerie selection ceremony, Illusen and Jhudora had a conversation. Illusen had decided she would become the Dark Faerie, since she did not want her friend to be hated by all of Neopia. Jhudora kept silent, but nodded her head as she had already decided for the both of them.

The Faerie selection ceremony happened in the Faerie queen’s castle. There, the Faerie queen brought them to a room with two doors. Should a Faerie walk through any door, they will become either the next Earth or Dark Faerie. Illusen and Jhudora stepped up to their doors, ready to make their decision. Jhudora knew could never let Illusen, her best Faerie friend forever go to the dark side. Jhudora exclaimed, “I choose to become the Earth Faerie,” and walked through the left door. Illusen walked through the right door.

When Jhudora walked through the door, she saw the old Earth and Dark Faeries standing beside a magic fountain. “Which do you choose?” asked the old Earth Faerie. Jhudora swallowed, as this decision would change her life forever. “I know when I walked in I chose to become the Earth Faerie, but I cannot let Illusen become evil. She’s my best Faerie friend, I just can’t.” The old Dark Faerie smiled, and said “Jhudora, you are a brave Faerie. Not many would sacrifice themselves for a friend. Very well, step into the magic fountain.”

As Jhudora stepped in, purple mist surrounded her. When the purple mist dissipated, Jhudora had become the new Dark Faerie. Her hair had become purple, and her Faerie powers were stronger than ever. When she walked out of the room, she saw that Illusen had already left the room. Illusen was absolutely livid. She was angry that Jhudora had tricked her. Jhudora knew she had to keep up her evilness, so she laughed at Illusen. “The power is all mine now!” Jhudora cackled before she disappeared to find a cave to make her home.

Illusen fell to her knees and sobbed. Her best Faerie friend was gone. The old Dark Faerie came out of the room and patted Illusen on the head, and explained what had happened in the room. Illusen did not know that Jhudora had sacrificed herself. Illusen tried for many years to become friends with Jhudora again, but the latter refused. Jhudora knew she had to keep up her evil appearance and distance from the Earth Faerie. She knew that one day, when it was time to pass their positions down to other Faeries, she could become friends with her again. But for now, this was how it was going to be.

And that is the reason why Illusen does not take revenge on Jhudora for ruining Illusen Day. It is because she knows her true friend is there somewhere. So how does Illusen celebrate Jhudora Day? Well, when midnight strikes on Jhudora Day, Illusen flies away to her second cave. No one knows that she has a secret second cave, but this cave is where all her memories of her best Faerie friend forever are. Surrounded by her favorite mementos, Illusen becomes nostalgic about her friend. There is also a countdown to when the two Faeries could pass their positions along to someone else. The second thing Illusen does is to close her Faerie cave quest for the day. The reason behind this is to have more people go to Jhudora’s cave on her special day. Illusen wanted to make sure people were giving her the love…or rather the evilness Jhudora needed.

Operation celebrate Jhudora Day is complete. While her Neopets do not understand why Illusen does not sabotage Jhudora Day, they respect her decision. At the end of the day, we find Jhudora in her lovely home looking very happy and evil, and in contrast, we find Illusen in her secret cave sitting idly. “My friend will be back...” she murmurs. “Happy Jhudora Day…my friend.”

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