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What Your Favorite Pet Species Says About You

by pikachewz


Have you ever wondered if there's a special reason why you can't get enough of a certain pet species? If you're just crazy for collecting every single Quiggle item on the site, or if there's a hidden method for your madness? Our favorite things are often a representation of ourselves and our personality. Find out what your favorite Neopet species is saying about you! Pick your favorite from the list below, and read up on the corresponding personality information.

Bruce: The Bruces love competition, and they love to dance. You will often see them having major dance-offs in Happy Valley. The last Bruce standing wins.

You're always up for a good contest, no matter what it's about. A game of Yooyoo ball? First to buy 50 stamps? Who can last in the Haunted Woods the longest? You love it! Of course, with your competitive nature your goal is to always come out on top. You're normally a pretty good sport, but sometimes a well fought defeat will leave you a little sour.

Gelert: Many Neopian Legends tell tales of a Gelert's selfless acts of courage. Once you befriend one, you can guarantee you have a faithful pal that will never let you down.

Your friends and family are the most important people to you. You can be loyal almost to a flaw. You hate to let the people you love down. You always want to be the first person your friends can turn to for a shoulder to cry on, and you're a pro at giving a distraught sibling some advice. You're also super generous to everyone around you and love donating to the Money Tree!

Jetsam: Jetsams are Neopia's mean fighting fish. They are mostly unfriendly and vicious but if you can befriend a Jetsam then you have a powerful ally.

Okay, you kind of have a bit of a mean streak. You don't always mean to, sometimes the smarminess just comes pouring out. You have a short temper and often will take matters into your own hands to make sure it's done properly. You're the top fighter at the Battledome and can take down any opponent. However, that fire of yours also translates into a lot of passion for those that manage to get to your heart. Maybe you're just a bit misunderstood!

Kacheek: Kacheeks are a shy little species that live in the lush meadows of Neopia. They will avoid violence whenever possible and love to make new friends.

You're shy on the outside, but when you're with your friends and family you can be the life of the party! It takes you a while to open up and trust people. You prefer small dinner parties with lots of tasty food over crowded dance parties with loud music. You love flowers and nature and look at the sky more than at the ground. Most of your time is spent wandering the beaches of Mystery Island. You're definitely a shy, carefree spirit.

Kyrii: Kyrii appeared in Neopia one day without any notice and began making friends straight away. Although Kyrii like to travel together in packs, they get on well with other species. Watch out though, if their fur gets dirty, they can get very upset.

You were always the most popular kid in school. You have lots of friends and never can seem to stop talking. You see each new encounter as a possibility to make another friend. You love to get pampered and check in at Uni's Clothing and the Grooming Salon at least once a week to check up on the latest fashions and makeup products. You wouldn't be caught dead leaving the house without looking and feeling your best!

Lenny: The Lenny is a highly intelligent and curious bird. In time they to master many forms and use their cunning to outwit any opponents.

You're a genius, hands down. You love to read and spend all the time you get walking up and down the aisles at the library. You're the rare type that actually enjoys settling down to study hard and actively seeks out new knowledge and wisdom. People may mistake you as a nerd or a geek, but you don't let it get to you. You complete the Faerie Crosswords everyday with your morning Borovan, and the Book Faerie knows you by name.

Pteri: You will often find Pteri nesting high in the treetops of Tyrannia. They like nothing better than playing tricks on those who pass by and filling the air with their squawking laughter.

You're THE practical jokester. You love laughing and have a great sense of humor. Every time you visit the Grumpy Old King, you're able to make him laugh with ease. Whether it's on younger siblings or unsuspecting friends, you always have a trick (or two) up your sleeve. Sometimes others wish you'd be more mature but you're happy just the way you are. There's a time and place for growing up, and now is just not that time!

Skeith: Skeiths are the largest inhabitants of Neopia. They are quite strong but also lazy, preferring to get smaller creatures to do things for them.

You love your lazy Sundays. And Mondays. And Tuesdays. And, well, you get the point. You prefer sitting in the backrow in all your classes at NeoSchool just so you can get those few extra moments of sleep in without being noticed by the teacher (hopefully). A place next to the window is a bonus for all your daydreaming needs. You hate sports, or extorting any sort of extra energy in general. You also don't mind picking on the small ones a bit if it means that they'll get your lunch for you.

Techo: Techos love to laugh. They enjoy making others happy by performing acrobatic stunts and telling jokes. They are rarely unhappy and always look on the bright side of life.

You see the bright side of every situation. You can't stand negativity, pessimists, or rainy days. Even when things aren't going your way you're able to keep a genuine smile on your face. A lot of your positive energy stems from the love you get from your family and friends. Your favorite Paintbrush colors are Pink, Orange, Faerie – anything fun with bright colors! The only downside to your constant happiness is your sore cheeks from smiling so much.

Wocky: Wockies are brave, adventurous Neopians. They love to explore new territory and discover hidden treasures.

There's never a dull moment in your life. You're constantly exploring and asking questions. Not even the dark alleys of Neovia can keep back your curiosity. You're also a classic tourist; postcards and keychains are your favorite souvenirs and you collect them with pride. It's hard for you to settle down and call one place home. Your heart is calling to so many places, and your ultimate goal is to leave a little bit of yourself in every new place you visit.

How did it go? I'm totally a psychic, right? Of course, this is all just for fun. You really could be crazy for Quiggles just because. I mean, they're just so adorable. Have you SEEN those eyes?!

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