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The Story of Ash and Ice

by kittyz_all_the_way


      "There can only be one!" the magistrate yelled. He was a small, yellow blumaroo who bounced around on his tail when he got too nervous.

      Right now, you couldn't even watch him lest you got motion sickness.

      Fyora gently reached her arm out and placed it atop the magistrates head, keeping him firmly to the ground. The blumaroos eye twitched as he held back from bouncing even more.

      "So two faeries were born of one star, tonight. Just because it has never happened in history before does not mean it should not happen. Nor does it mean it will not happen again. We must think about this rationally, and *calmly*, sir." Fyora made sure to emphasize the word "calmly", just for the blumaroos ears.

      "But your majesty, the effects on Faerieland, or even Neopia as a whole, could be devastating! We do not understand how much power two faeries of one kind can hold!"

      "So must we jump to the conclusion that it would be so awful? We have faeries of the same kind right now."

      "Yes," the blumaroo responded, "but none that were born together. They share the same level of power- and that is dangerous."

      "Then I will raise them within the castle walls. Raise them properly and without judgement, and perhaps when they grow they will use their powers for good, and not evil." Fyoras voice was soft and gentle; and although she hoped for the best of the two small faerie infants that rest inside the Kruledor moon crater, she still left room for worry.

      There was much to worry about that was left to rest on the Faerie Queens shoulders. After all, their world could not handle another Jhudora.

      "Very well, your majesty," the magistrate complied; his eyes trained on the soft, white glow that rested around the cooing babies who linked their hands together as if they feared separation.

      Grey, soft eyes and white long hair were the features of the child to the left; and to the right, piercing blue eyes and dark hair of the other. Both watched the blumaroo and the queen as if they understood every word being spoken.

      Perhaps they did. Faeries, after all, were bright creatures- in more ways than just the shimmer of their creation.


      Years passed as the faerie twins were raised together in Fyoras castle under her watchful guide. Nannies, butlers, and teachers surrounded the children, affectionately nicknamed Ice and Ash because of their distinct coloring. Their real names, however, had been discovered through personality and power in the typical fashion of faeries as the children grew. 'Baelia' was the name given to the white haired faerie with silver white wings that caught the light as every turn, and 'Taelia' was the name given to the dark haired faerie with the blue white wings that shone like an eternal icicle. Both had powers of ice and snow that grew stronger each year they were together.

      One day, Kauvara closed the Magic Shop early, for something was bothering her terribly. It was an itch she couldn't scratch, and as such, she made the trek to Faerieland to have a word personally with the Queen herself.

      Upon entrance to the castle, Kauvara understood immediately what had been bothering her.

      Two faeries of the same age and likeness flew past her as soon as she entered the castle foyer. Giggling as they chased each other and not noticing a visitor had even arrived, Kauvara stood there agape with the sight.

      The magistrate bounced into the room after the girls, calling after them, when he came to a dead stop, practically skidding, as he spotted Kauvara.

      "Miss Vara! Your visit here was unexpected. I... I... I..." yet he was at a loss of words and unable to continue.

      "Take me to her majesty, please." Kauvara requested as she regained her composure. "We need to talk."


      "I've heard you've seen the faerie twins," Fyora mentioned as she stood beside Kauvara and the two of them over looked the city through the top of the Hidden Tower window. She figured this tower was the safest place to talk.

      "It confirmed my suspicious feeling that something was going on within our delightful planet. But... twin faeries? Now that is a surprise in itself."

      "It was indeed," Fyora agreed with her magical advisor. Although Fyora was powerful, she did not know everything, and keeping good relationships with other powerful creatures on their planet helped her to keep everything on the planet in order. "Only a select few know of their existance. It is better that way."

      "But, my queen, they girls cannot be kept here forever. Eventually they need to roam free as all the faeries do."

      "I know," Fyora answered softly, a twinge of sadness in her voice at having to part with faeries she'd seen grown from small infants. "But I fear for them."

      "As do I," Kauvara replied, hesitant before adding, "Especially after my dream the other night."

      "Dream?" Fyora asked, curious. Essentially, Kauvara only dreamt of things of utter importance.

      "You were not the only one who found the children that night in the crater. Other creatures, darker ones, know of their existance. And they are awaiting the day that the children are no longer under your watchful eye to use their strength of power for themselves."

      "What am I to do to protect them, and my people?" Fyora wondered. Up to this point, she'd done all she could. "I do not want anyone hurt."

      "There is nothing more we can do, your majesty. We need to seek help from the darker side of the planet, for only they know how to keep the shadows away from consuming us all."

      "I need to seek help from Jhudora?" Fyora guessed.

      "No, ma'am. We need to visit the Haunted Woods."


      Fyora donned on her long, dark purple cloak, keeping it wrapped closely around her as she walked up to the *other* tower alongside Kauvara. A cackle was heard from inside, and Fyora lifted her head up and squared her shoulders. A queen was never scared.

      Kauvara knocked on the witches tower door, and soon it creaked open to reveal the small, green zafara who looked up at the two with surprise, "Visitors. Can't say I wasn't expecting you. How may I be of service?"


      After talking at length admits the warmth of the cauldron that was heating beside them inside the tower, Edna shook her head in amazement. "There is no way to stop the impending doom that risks the girls and the planet, unless they are powerless. And if they are separated, they are less likely to be found."

      Fyora shook her head no, "I cannot- there is nothing heard of a powerless faerie. The girls cannot be separated. I will not do it."

      "Then you risk the future of the planet. Would you rather them together in darkness, or apart in light?" The old zafara raised an eyebrow. She knew the Queen would make the right choice.

      Fyora's heart squeezed in her chest. She was queen, and as such, some decisions were hard to make. But she could not doom her planet, or risk hurting the girls.

      "Will they be safe?" She asked reluctantly, not wanting to agree to this at all, but knowing she had to.

      "We all will. Now... I need a few ingredients to complete my spell." Edna flashed a smile at Kauvara. "Who's willing to help?"


      The spell Edna cast did more than had been expected. Fyora herself did not have to feel bad about her decision for long, as she did not even remember.

      Edna's spell was one of concealment and forgetting.

      The girls themselves were seperated, not remembering they were even related. One was sent to the top of Terror Mountain, surrounded by ice, awakening in a fortress with memories of this being the only home she'd ever known. And although she awoke with powers, she no longer had her wings.

      Her sister, Baelia, woke up in the dark forrest of the Haunted Wood, covered in ash, alone and powerless, and without her wings. She had no memory, until the old witch called her name- the one thing that was familiar to her.

      "Baelia," Edna whispered into the darkness, her voice carrying from her tower as she stood over her cauldron, watching the girl through the reflection of her spells ingredients. Her words only reached the grey faeries ears.

      Baelia's memories returned to her, enough so that she clutched her hand over her heart as it ached, not understanding the meaning of any of this.

      "No time to dawdle, Baelia. If you want your powers and your wings, we first need to make sure Neopia will be safe. No one will suspect a powerless faerie as being a threat, nor will they ask her any questions. This way, everyone is safe, including your family. But this is a path you need to walk alone. Summon your inner strength and courage, because that is within you. Perhaps the Brain Tree can be of use to lead you in the proper direction. Find the name you were meant to have, and not the name you have been given- and only then will your powers and your wings return. And I will always be a whisper away."

      The End.

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