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+1 Lookup

by marcthegr8est1


So you have spent seven or more of your wonder years here… hunting avatars, collecting collectibles, training your pet, and reaching your biggest and most difficult goals… But now what? Let me guess: you find yourself in a rut. You are not alone. Many players feel the same. They have run out of goals to try for and they have lost interest. They either quit or stick around for the nostalgia of it all. You may be asking, "Where are we going with this article?" This is simply an article meant to assist long-time players and even new ones on what they can do on

We have scoured the very depths of the vast lands of Neopia to bring you a compilation of things to do and accomplish, whether you are a seasoned player or a brand new one. We will be detailing seven different topics and tasks that you can do to "one up" your lookup.


Adopting a pet is the first thing you do when making an account, and they deserve some added attention. From painting your pets your favorite exclusive colors to winning them trophies, there are so many ways to care for your pet that this section will be the broadest by far. First and foremost is making sure your pet is well-fed and happy either by employing the Neolodge or feeding your pet manually. You can even gain your pet a trophy by feeding it Gourmet foods. Book trophies also exist for well-read pets. Many players have taken to collecting pets, both converted and the dwindling number of unconverted (UC) pets. Players often utilize all five of their accounts for their vast pet collection. This collection is a tireless journey with many different avenues, often involving trading pets with other players via the Pound chat board. You may also find yourself saving up Neopoints for a paint brush, morphing potion, or the Secret Laboratory Map. It takes a lot of devotion in getting your dream pet, but once you achieve those dreams, you have lots of choices in where to go next. Most players find the perfect petpet and petpetpet combination, while giving each pet a special lookup unique to its story. You can try your hand at drawing a pet and collecting trophies with the Beauty Contest and other pet spotlights, including customization. Pet collecting also goes hand in hand with pet customizing, which we will elaborate on in the next section.

Another aspect of caring for your pet is training. You train your pet in various ways at the training schools and with stat boosters to get a strong and fierce battle pet to compete in 1- and 2-player battles to test the very best. This has become even more prevalent with the biweekly Skirmishes in which players choose from a list of factions to join (added bonus: avatars are rewarded if your team wins!).

Whichever of these routes you take, be sure you have your pets' best intentions at heart and whatever pet you dream of achieving will be possible.


Customization is a great way to showcase your creativity and allow your pets' personalities to really shine through. There is a wide variety of wearables that can be found in Neopian Shops, the Second Hand Shoppe, the NC Mall, and even the Money Tree. Some Neopians enjoy the challenge of creating outfits with NP-only items, while others choose to incorporate NC items into the mix to create their own unique look. Many people invest large amounts of time and energy into creating the perfect look for their pet, and some even take it to the next level by entering their pet into the Customization Spotlight. Whether you change your pet's outfit every season, every week, or every five minutes, the possibilities are seemingly endless!


One of the staples of your account is what avatar is associated under your username on the boards, in your guild, and on your lookup. Some avatars are quite rare and exclusive to the many past plots and events. Others are for users of inclusive clubs if you meet the right "requirements." These requirements are merely time, Neopoints, and a bit of motivation. Fret not as most avatars are achievable with practice and will. The ways in which you can obtain avatars range from random chance to submitting a seemingly impossible score on one of the many flash games.

Many users have spent hours, days, and even years trying to obtain these elusive avatars. While many users have achieved several, there are always more to try for. Are you in an avatar hunting rut? Why not try some things you've never considered before? Branch out by drawing your pet for the Beauty Contest or entering an article in the Neopian Times. ;) Also, be sure to pay attention to the news to check for new avatar releases and events that could reward them.


So you've been looking at your stats, admiring your avatar count, and your hoard of draiks, but then you realize… "Where are my trophies?" For those who enjoy competition, there are hundreds of game trophies to collect. Many people spend the month coming up with a game plan: researching game guides, practicing the game, and learning to meditate so that they are mentally prepared and completely ready to focus on the big moment. Another reason players enjoy collecting trophies is that they are able to display their mastery of a game and upgrade from one color tier to another. It's very satisfying to see a silver trophy upgraded to gold and to know that you've become better at a particular game. Well, we all have to start somewhere. The biggest tip in the history of trophy collecting is: Wait until the first day of each month a.k.a. "Reset Day." On this day, the high score tables are reset (roughly around midnight NST), making it easy for your score to make it onto those tables. And remember, high scores are first come, first serve. If someone else with the same score as you submits afterwards, then they'll rank in beneath you and so-on. For those with all the trophies you could dream of, the next goal in mind would be to have all gold trophies. Don't like bronze? Upgrade it to silver. All that silver hurting your eyes? Go for gold! Trophies are something you can continuously improve on. There is even a number of trophies that do not include flash games, such as Cheat! and Sakhmet Solitaire. There are so many games and with three different tiers, you'll have trophy-related goals to keep you busy on Neopets for a while.


One of the best aspects of Neopets is that it encourages creativity and allows its players to display their artistic talents and creative genius through various competitions. If you know that you have a way with words, why not consider writing for the Poetry Competition? If you want to let your imagination run a little wild, you can continue to submit entries into the Storytelling Competition. Do you enjoy investigative journalism or drawing comics for fun? Why not write for the Neopian Times and earn your chance to be published and potentially earn yourself a nice avatar or two in the process? If you enjoy drawing, you can enter your beautiful work of art into the Art Gallery or Beauty Contest. Not only can you share your creativity with the rest of Neopia, but you can earn yourself nice little trophies for your userlookup as well!


Kadoatery feeding (often called "Kad feeding" or just "kadding") is a game like any other but with a twist. In the Kadoatery, there are 20 cages, each with its own Kadoatie. If a Kad is crying, that means it's hungry and will be asking for a specific food. If you are quick enough, you can choose to "adopt" a Kad by going on a mini-quest and appeasing them with food. There are multiple feeding methods: inventory feeding, SDB feeding, and Shop Wizard feeding. After they are fed, the Kads will be satisfied for a while, but new hungry Kads will take their place during a "refresh." This is a simplistic look at Kad feeding, and we won't go into much detail as there are several guides to Kadding, which can be found on the Games Chat board. As many have discovered, feeding is very competitive and can be difficult at first. The rewards of Kadding include an avatar and a trophy! Some players find it so fun that they keep feeding past the number needed for the avatar, known as "overfeeding." Kad feeding is an activity that takes practice and patience, which might just be the perfect thing to add spice to your Neopets routine.


Whether it's stamps, shells, Neodeck cards, or oddly shaped items, collectors make up a large portion of players. Many people enjoy collecting stamps and often spend millions of NP because of the Stamp Collector avatars associated with them. There are many albums to fill not just with stamps, but also coins, shells, scarabs, and evil coconuts. Not all albums reward players with avatars upon completion, but seeing that +1 on their lookup can be a reward in itself.

Do you fancy a certain Neopet, plushies, or just cute items in general? Then consider starting a gallery dedicated to them! You can also create a nice layout for your gallery, arrange the items to your liking, and submit your gallery into the spotlight for a chance to show off your prized collection and earn yourself a new trophy in the process.


There are many areas of the site that may be unknown territory to you, but we hope that this list will help you to discover your newest favourite hobby or help you to come up with another goal to strive for. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something different. Keep an open mind, explore new interests, and don't be afraid to reach out and ask for advice from others who are more experienced in the areas of the site you're only just discovering. You may actually find what was most intimidating to you was the most worthwhile and enjoyable. What you thought you would never participate in may become your new passion and revive your interest in the game. Who knows? You may even make new Neofriends who share the same hobbies in the meantime. :)

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