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All the Neopian Times Items for a Budget Buyer

by dudeiloled


Hello and welcome to the 750th Issue of the Neopian Times! As a veteran writer for the Times myself, I am happy to introduce you to all of the Neopian Times items available to the public on a budget. What follows is a list of all the Neopian Times items that cost 10,000 NP and under. Some say you can only call yourself a true fan if you have every one of the Neopian Times items, so you’d better start collecting, but I believe that anyone can call themselves a true fan if they have at least these few! There are thirty-two items in total, which may seem small and easy to gather, but you will be surprised at just how tricky some of these items are and just how expensive. So to save yourself time and neopoints, what follows are the nineteen cheapest! Grab yourself over half the items you needed with none of the high costs.

Without further ado, let’s move onto the items in question. To help you out, I have put them in order of price. For the unbuyable or the plain expensive, the prices do differ depending on the time of year, the seller, or just how many items seem to be around right now! So although they are available out there, it is best to start with the simple and cheap and then move on from there.

However, before we begin, here’s a sneaky tip. Special Issues of the Neopian Times, such as this 750th one, give out items related to the Neopian Times! So every person who was published in this issue may have themselves a Neopian Times Coin, a Neopian Times Background, or even a Neopian Times Anniversary Card! Well, perhaps not that last one, but who knows? But by the time you’re reading this, we will have all found out. So if you have your eyes on an unbuyable item but just cannot seem to get the neopoints together, get those creative ideas flowing!

Neopian Times Issue 3

At only 16NP, the Neopian Times Issue 3 is the staple item to any Neopian Times collection. A classic issue filled with exciting early stories, daring articles and outdated references, it is an homage to past times that deserves recognition. And at such a cheap price, what is there really to lose?

Neopian Times Issue #3 Plushie

Now that you’ve got your Neopian Times Issue 3, next up is getting its plushie! Such a popular issue of course deserved its own plushie, and it is very cute looking if I say so myself. At only 350 NP, this is almost as much of a steal as the Issue itself.

Neopian Times Usuki Set

For all the Usuki lovers out there, of course there is a Neopian Times Usuki set for you! And at only 800 NP, it is one of the cheapest sets out there. What would this set look like on my Usuki you ask? Buy it and see!

Neopian Times Issue 14

Moving up the price scale now at 1,000 NP, another solid issue of the Times is Neopian Times Issue 14. Even though it’s not as vintage as Issue 3, it’s certainly a popular issue with some hilarious editorial question and answers.

Neopian Times Issue 5

At 1,375 NP, how can you say no to another Issue of the Neopian Times?

Neopian Times Pencil Case

If you’re going to be writing for the Neopian Times, you’re going to need somewhere to keep all of your pens, pencils, rulers and whatnot. At a very fluffy white Weewoo colour as well, what more could you want? At 2,925 NP, it will set you back a little bit, but is more than worth it.

Neopian Times Poster

Something every bedroom wall needs is a Neopian Times Poster just to show how much of a crazed fan you are. Complete with the beautiful Neopian Times logo at the top, it stands out and makes a statement for just 3,825 NP.

Neopian Times Paper Rack

For all your Neopian Time Issues, this paper rack will be able to hold them for the fair price of 4,250 NP.

I Love The Neopian Times T-Shirt

Do you love the Neopian Times? Do you want the world to know about it? Then the I Love The Neopian Times T-Shirt is the perfect item for you. At 4,900 NP, it is more than worth it to broadcast to the world what a mega fan you are.

Neopian Times Year 6 Annual

For 5,000 NP, you can have a complete knowledge of all that was happening with the Neopian Times in Year 6, and from this an idea of all that was happening in Neopia in Year 6! A real blast from the past cannot be ignored.

Neopian Times Quill

Without these, no Neopian Times story could ever be written with such class and standard. For only 5,000 NP, you too could write stories with the flick of your quill and create incredible masterpieces.

Neopian Times Notebook

How are you going to create those masterpieces without your very own Neopian Times notebook? Now you can write stories on the go, writing things down as they happen and reporting the most up to date and important news articles. For 5,300 NP you can write down as much as you like and know that another notebook will come for the same cheap price.

Neopian Times Mug

When you are writing a story or an article, or even drawing a comic or coming up with some ideas, a mug filled with your favourite coffee or tea, or even just some good old-fashioned milk should do the trick in keeping you going in this 6,050 NP mug.

Neopian Times Eyrie Trousers

At 6,500 NP, for all the Eyries out there this is surely a must buy. Look dapper and charming in this striped trousers and fool the world into believing you’re a hard-hitting journalist, even if you do is read the comics!

Neopian Times Bean Bag

When you’ve had a long hard day at the office writing for the Times, there is nothing better than settling in your huge Neopian Times Bean Bag. Some say at 7,150 NP it’s a little too expensive for a bean bag, but those who say that simply do not appreciate that the good Neopian Times name attaches a price to its head!

Neopian Times Eyrie Hat

To match with the striped trousers, all Eyries out there can have a dashing hat and really begin to look the part.

Neopian Times Issue 81

Another issue that keeps on selling is Issue 81. At a higher price but still worth it, you can never have too many issues of the Neopian Times.

Framed Neopian Times

And if in doubt about any uses for your Neopian Times issues once you have read them, you can now frame them and hang them up for everyone else to see and admire!

Neopian Times Eyrie Shoes

And to finish off the perfect outfit, it wouldn’t be complete without some 10,000 NP shoes.

And there we have it. All in all, these items should have set you back about 90,000 NP, if not less. Nineteen items out of thirty-two, all 10,000 NP and under, all amounting to less than what one unbuyable item would cost. If that’s not an incentive to going out and buying all of these items, I don’t know what is.

Happy 750th Issue everyone! Here’s to the 800th, where we will be covering those remaining, much harder to get items.

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