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Top 12 Seasonal Avatars

by flustre


Hello, and welcome to my seasonal avatar guide which shows you some of the best avatars to sport during each season! What better way to celebrate Autumn than with spooky and ghostly Halloween-related avatars? Or if you don’t want to take that route, how about an Autumn-related avatar with a cozy feel? And what about some snowy and chilly looking avatars to celebrate the Winter months? And basically the opposite of those avatars to show some love to the Spring and Summer months? If you’re looking for variety, then keep reading, because this is the guide for you!

Avatars for Autumn

1. Edna - Cackle!

This avatar is downright spooky! I mean, just look at Edna the Witch’s facial expression — *shudders* — it looks like she’s about to cast a spell on you… a very unpleasant spell… And we all know ‘cackle’ is basically just a frightening word for laughter, so really, what better way to celebrate Autumn and especially Halloween than with a spooky witch, spooky green-and-black colouring, and a spooky word for laughter?

2. Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

Looks like Edna the Witch has some competition! This avatar has an eerie background setting with some odd blue-green mist floating around, and also Albert, a disappearing and reappearing Mutant Kacheek in a costume holding a creepy-looking jack-o’-lantern… very unsettling… but nonetheless a perfect choice for Halloween! Pairs well with a Pink Apple Lantern.

3. Fall Charity Corner

Spooky stuff isn't for everyone, so that’s why I included this avatar on the list! Granny Hopbobbin is looking very cozy in her scarf and jumper whilst happily showing off some pumpkins (without spooky faces) to you. If this avatar doesn’t make you want to sip on some hot tea and curl up next to a fire, then I don’t know what does!

4. Stamp Collector - Haunted Woods

And we’re back to the spooky stuff! Since trees are rooted to the ground and can’t do anything to scare you (right??), this one shouldn’t be too terrifying. If you’re one of the lucky few able to achieve this avatar, then forget sporting it during Autumn only, do it for the whole year!

Avatars for Winter

5. Plastic Fir

This avatar is too cute and a great way to show your love for the holidays! The facial expression on the Fir is just precious, and there are even flashing string lights around it, and a star on top! (I wonder if there are presents underneath it). Obtained on the first day of December from the Advent Calendar, and perfect for Christmas day.

6. Let it Snow!

Nothing says winter like this avatar! It features a Snow Bruce, is in the shape of a snowflake, there are sparkles which imitate falling snow, and it says ‘Let It Snow’. Can the pattern here be anymore obvious? SNOW SNOW SNOW! So, if you’re all about the snow, then this is the perfect avatar for you to sport in winter, especially on those snowy days!

7. Snowager - Rawr!

It wouldn’t be winter without the Snowager! I mean, the Snowager is basically Santa after all… except for the fact that you have to take the items yourself with the possibility of getting blasted, instead of the Snowager actually gifting them to you like Santa would… but you know what I mean. This avatar is pretty elusive, so if you’re someone who likes to show off, then this is a great choice.

8. Grundo - Snowthrow!

I promised variety in this guide, so if you’re someone who really doesn’t like winter, but still want to sport a wintery avatar, then this is the one for you. Why? Just look at that Grundo’s face! It really doesn’t want to be there, does it? It’s angry, its fists are clenched, and its wearing a scarf that it looks silly in! If you feel the way this poor Grundo does in winter, express it with this avatar!

Avatars for Spring/Summer

9. Easter Cybunny

Aww how cute is this fluffy little Cybunny? Since Easter is celebrated in the Spring, I thought that this would be a perfect spring avatar, especially if you love Cybunnies and Neggs! The pastel blue and purple colours are also great for this time of year.

10. Kacheek Swim

I don’t know about you, but when I see this avatar, I feel like jumping into the nearest pool to go for a nice long swim. The Kacheek looks happy as can be (unlike that Snow Wars II Grundo), and like it’s meant to be there (well it is an ISLAND Kacheek). This avatar is great for summer, especially if you’re more active and enjoy going for swims (or snorkelling) in the ocean.

11. Tuskaninny - Relax

Just looking at this avatar makes me feel very warm and relaxed. The Tuskaninny looks fabulous wearing those sunglasses, and also seems to be very happy with that big smile on its face — likely because it’s summer and it’s spending its time basking in the sun! The warm golden and brown colouring makes me want hop outside to get a tan. This avatar is perfect to sport during those hot summer days.

12. Coconut Jubjub

The expression on this Coconut Jubjub’s face is too cute. I mean, who wouldn’t want to show off this avatar? It gives off a nice tropical vibe to it because, well, coconuts are tropical (heh). They are also perfect to sip from, or even eat during summer! So, if you’re unable to get hold of a coconut, you’re better off just using this avatar instead.

And there you have it! You have reached the end of my seasonal avatar guide. I hope it has provided you with some helpful insight on the different avatars you can use during each season, and maybe even made you giggle. Of course, you don’t have to use an avatar just for one season, you can use it for however long you’d like! Some are harder to obtain than others, but nevertheless still obtainable if you put some effort into them! Good luck with avatar collecting and choosing, I hope your decisions will be a bit easier now. :)

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