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Erin's Extreme Avatar Guide: Meepit Juice Break

by krazypinkgurl


If you have been following this guide, you know that I’ve been on a quest to win every single game avatar. I’m happy to say I have finally reached that goal! *throws confetti*

I really wanted to write something special for this occasion, so I decided to provide a guide that so many readers have requested: Meepit Juice Break!

One of the last game avatars I ever received was Meepit Juice Break. MJB is a complicated puzzle game that requires speed, critical thinking, and a lot of strategy.

The premise is simple: you have arrived at a home for lost meepits, and they’re thirsty! It’s up to you to ensure all the meepits get their Juppie juice so they don’t flop uselessly off of their tree.

The Basics

You control the Juice-O-Matic, a complex juice delivery system that feeds the meepits. Use your mouse to click on pipes and rotate them clockwise. Once the pipes are connected, you will feed your meepit successfully and a new one will appear. You will know if pipes are connected by whether they change colors. For instance, if a series of pipes turn red, it means your pipes are connected to the red Juppie juice.

You only have a certain amount of time to feed the meepits, so hurry! You must feed more and more meepits per level as you progress through the game, so time management is key.

The Juices

The Juice-O-Matic creates three colors of juice (red, yellow, and blue), but you can mix them to create more colors. Mixing the primary colors together will create a new color (red + blue will make purple juice, yellow + red will make orange juice, etc.) and linking all three colors together will make pink juice. Pink is the hardest color to make for obvious reasons.

Matching meepits to their corresponding juice colors gives you extra points (which we will discuss in the scoring section below), and I highly recommend you do this, especially in the earlier levels. After level 7, ignore pairing the meepits with their correct colors and focus more on simply feeding them. Things will start moving so quickly that it will be impossible to feed every meepit with its corresponding colors. Don’t sacrifice your lives for those extra points if it costs you the entire game.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to match meepits with their color of juice. When this happens, just use as many pipes as possible for extra points.


You can play in zen mode to get the avatar, but it takes an inordinate amount of time and I don’t recommend it. Instead, let’s talk about scoring on normal mode. You receive 1 point for each pipe used filled with any color juice and 2 points for each pipe filled with any color juice if it is the corresponding color to the meepit you are feeding. If you use all the pipes on the board, you receive a 50-point Super Bonus! We’ll talk about this bonus more later.

There are two berry bonuses you should go for, provided you don’t sacrifice your lives or bonus points to get them. Berry bonuses are only counted if you include them in your path. If you do not get these berries, they will stay on the board for the next round but shift slightly down toward the bottom of the screen. Eventually they’ll drop off the board, but you have lots of time to get them! Don’t sacrifice lives to get these bonuses, but if you can you should definitely go for them.

The Berries

Blue Rambus - This berry is worth 25 points. I absolutely recommend you go after this berry if you can! These add up quickly.

Rahketmelon - This berry is worth 10 points. If you don’t get all of these, don’t stress about it too much. Prioritize the blue rambuses over these.

There is also a bad bonus: the rotten apple core. This bonus will subtract 10 points from your score, so avoid the rotten apple cores as much as possible!

The Clear Method

On level one, you only need to feed five meepits and they only appear one-at-a-time. In the later levels, you will have multiple meepits to feed simultaneously--all with timers--and things get more complicated. On the first level, make sure the pipe closest to your meepit (the pipe that will eventually feed it) is turned away from all the other pipes. You get one minute to feed each meepit in this level, so spend your time connecting as many pipes as possible to the pipe with your meepit’s corresponding juice color. Once you have connected as many pipes as possible, connect your final pipe to feed the meepit. If you manage to clear the entire screen, not only will you get 2 points per pipe used to feed your meepit, you will also get a bonus of 50 points for clearing all the pipes! If you can manage to clear the board a couple of times using this method before level 4, you will be well on your way to the avatar score.

Use this method on rounds 1-4. It will become more difficult as the levels progress. Feed the meepits individually using as many pipes as possible on levels 1-4. On levels 5-7, feed them two or three-at-a-time. By level 7, you should be past the avatar score.

Tips & Tricks

Feeding multiple meepits simultaneously is key to getting this avatar and the only way to get through the later levels as well. You can do this by connecting the pipes toward the right so that your Meepits will be fed together at the same time, as I mentioned above. This should be the first thing you do in the later levels (4 and up) if multiple meepits of the same color appear on the board.

Don’t let any meepits go thirsty! If you only have one meepit left to advance to the next level but several meepits on the board, feed all the meepits at once for extra points.

Type "juice-o-matic" to reset all meepits’ timers once per game.

Type "meepits" to get an extra life once per game. I recommend doing this at the beginning of the game before the timers start so you don’t waste any of your precious time typing.

Try counting out loud to yourself if the timer makes you nervous. It’s much easier than breaking your concentration trying to connect pipes to look at the timer. Always prioritize feeding the meepit with the least amount of time on the clock!

On levels 1-4 using the Clear Method, work from left to right. On levels 4-7, work from right to left.

With every meepit you feed, the pipes will shift toward the bottom of the screen. If you have a bad set of pipes, feed a meepit as quickly as possible and let the pipes shift, essentially resetting the board.

I hope these tips help you on your quest to game avatar glory! Stay extreme!

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