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Your Horoscope For The Month of Gathering

by bizniscorg


In Neopia, much of our daily lives are unpredictable. So unpredictable, in fact, that we have a name for the phenomenon of unexplained and sudden occurrences in our lives--Random Events. If you prefer to have some guidance in your life, astrology is a great way to find it. If you’re a real serious planner, you might prefer to know what to expect for the entire month. For people like those, I listened to the stars to create these horoscopes for the Month of Gathering.

Since late Y17, a certain troublesome planetary combination has had ahold of Neopia. The theme since that time has been repeated tests and challenges. Many of us have felt an increased amount of stress, anxiety, and personal doubt, and the Month of Gathering will be no different. In many ways, this will be the month in which it all comes to a head.

During this Y18 Month of Gathering, we can expect many significant, although not altogether unwelcome, changes. The first day of the month brings something beyond the fresh beginnings of a new moon: a solar eclipse. This particular eclipse will occur under the sign of Sasha, whose natives are known for their perfectionism and shyness. For those with a prominent Sasha influence in their charts, shake-ups during the Month of Gathering could prove especially upsetting. We will all feel the powerful, transformative energies of this eclipse and its influence in the days to come, but we will also all come out stronger for it in the Month of Collecting.

Beginning on the 9th Day of Gathering and lasting until the 23rd Day of Collecting, everyone will begin to question their true selves and their behavior. Neopians will be struck by an overwhelming urge to do good deeds and spread love to their neighbors. Relationships will be relaxed, maybe even distant, but not unhappy or strained. Everyone will work towards feeling at peace with themselves, and in their world.

This Month of Gathering, plan ahead, but don’t surprised if you still wind up being unprepared this month! We’ll all be caught off guard more than once, but it will be a major period of growth. Now, onto the horoscopes! Check your moon, mercury, and venus signs, or just stick to your sun, it’s all up to you!

Siyana - 20th Day of Running to 18th Day of Eating

Siyana natives will appreciate many of the curve balls thrown their way this month. Marked by a fiery spirit and a go get ‘em attitude, Siyanas will be the ones to stand on top of the mountains, daring change to hit them in the chest like a gust of wind. You may find yourself impatient, however, if you don’t feel the transformations are coming fast enough. You may also be instinctively stubborn and resistant to introspection and behavioral or emotional adjustments. Be as receptive to change within yourself as you are with your environment! Siyanas with Gordos in their charts will find more overall harmony this month than those without or with less of a Gordos presence.

Fauna - 19th Day of Eating to 20th Day of Hunting

Those born under the sign of Fauna are immediately noticed for their loyalty, materialism, and stubbornness. For you, the Month of Gathering will bring plenty of frustration, but also some relief, as you find those around you are finally nearing your level of dependability. You prefer your life to be stable and structured, but this month is here to remind you that change is necessary for growth and excitement. Don’t hold so tightly to your old ways this time, Fauna. Instead, use this time to learn to let go and go with the flow. Faunas with a strong Gordos influence in particular will begrudgingly begin to adapt and rewrite some of their ways, and may come to a standstill within themselves more than once.

Kelland - 21st Day of Hunting to 20th Day of Relaxing

Kellands, one of the three signs represented by the Air Faeries, are going to have a wonderful month, practically throwing the doors of their Neohomes open for the numerous Gordos energies to fill their lives. Free-spirited but indecisive intellectuals, you’ll be relieved to have Gordos’s influence sweep in and fill you with the sudden ability to make confident choices. However, you may also find your inherent flakiness exacerbated, so be careful not to upset those around you by making too many false promises! For those with prominent Gordos placements, these traits will again be compounded.

Marak - 21st Day of Relaxing to 22nd Day of Swimming

Watery Marak, like Fauna, prefers consistency and stability, and may find both very much disrupted during the Month of Gathering. Highly emotional and intuitive, Maraks are likely to anticipate much of these upsets and shifts before they happen, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be any happier about it! You may feel especially compelled to look after friends this month, who will all appear to be struggling under the month’s powerful energies, but be careful not to smother them. Take care of yourself this month, and remember that you are not always the (only) victim! Be wary of a Gordos presence turning you into a yes man.

Torakor - 23rd Day of Swimming to 22nd Day of Hiding

For all your drama and flair, Torakor, you tend to shy away from dramatic action. It is your feeling that to acknowledge a personal flaw would mean that you’re fully rotten, but don’t push back so hard! Swallowing your pride is the lesson of the month for Torakors, and it can’t be avoided no matter how hard you try. The Month of Gathering’s challenges are just that--challenges, and you’re never one to back down from a challenge. Soak up all the this month’s energies as you do the adoration of your peers, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable time. Gordos’s influences in a Torakor sun’s chart will help to soften the ego so that you may be more open-minded and receptive.

Sasha - 23rd Day of Hiding to 22nd Day of Gathering

Sasha natives, this is your month! Much of this month is under the influence of your sign, as are the Neopians around you. However, the intense transformative energies during this Month of Gathering will be largely unpleasant for you. Your natural fussiness and penchant for analysis could get in your way more than once, not allowing you the much-needed opportunity to step back and view the big picture. Take some time this month to do less wallowing and more reflection, Sasha, and you’ll find it a less painful experience. Gordos dominance in your chart may make you more shallow and less willing to defend yourself throughout the month.

Gordos - 23rd Day of Gathering to 22nd Day of Collecting

Prepare for all your best--and worst--qualities to be enhanced all month long. Your sign comes into power three separate times, on the 9th, 22nd, and 30th days. The magnification of your traits will be especially strong after the 22nd, when the sun enters your sign. With your self-doubt peaking since late last year, this month will be particularly challenging for you. Keep your head up, and work some of your diplomatic magic on yourself when you’re in need of a pep talk. Additional Gordos influence in your chart will again increase the influence of these traits in particular, so be wary of your impact on yourself and others.

Darkest Faerie - 23rd Day of Collecting to 21st Day of Storing

You’re known for your intensity, passion, and magnetism. Under the equally intense reconstructive energies on this year’s Month of Gathering, you’re very likely to feel at home in the swept-up currents of emotion and volatility. Your famous ambition and resilience will grant you the unique ability to fare especially well during this time, but that’s not to say you won’t have your fair share of trials! It’ll do you well to keep your head straight this month and maintain your cool as much as you’re able, Darkest Faeries. Fortunately for you, a part of every Darkest Faerie native secretly enjoys--or even craves--struggle, if only to prove to themselves their own strength and personal tragedy. Try to avoid getting too wrapped in the drama of it all that you forget your goals! If Gordos’s energies are prevalent in your chart, you may be uncharacteristically impressionable or detached.

Florin - 22nd Day of Storing to 21st Day of Celebrating

Florins have a major leg up this time around, in their fondness for change. Your boundless energy and optimism helps you navigate this difficult month, but your inconsistent reactions may leave you with many unresolved conflicts. In addition, an inclination for cockiness and carelessness could throw certain areas of your life into disarray. It will take an abundance of self-awareness to make it through, but you ever-hopeful heart will keep you looking forward. Be careful not to rush or cut corners this month, as you may find yourself regretting it almost immediately. A notable Gordos influence could make you even flightier or more superficial than usual.

King Altador - 22nd Day of Celebrating to 19th Day of Sleeping

The hidden sensitive nature, buried under a stoic exterior, could be easily wounded during this Month of Gathering. You may be confronted with many hard truths about yourself, the same as your fellow Neopians, but your inborn resolve will allow you to push through and make progress alongside your tender feelings. King Altador natives tend to desire to be useful and helpful, but your somewhat parental nature won’t be desirable for everyone around you during this time. You’re naturally very responsible and introspective, so responding to the call of change won’t be an issue for you now. Gordos in your chart will abate your stubbornness for the month.

Jerdana - 20th Day of Sleeping to 18th Day of Awakening

“Metamorphosis” has always been a part of the Jerdana native’s vocabulary, and you usually feel as though you’re ahead of the game compared to your Neopian peers. If nothing else, the Month of Gathering is here to humble you. Your notorious free spirit will be weighed down, your head returned below the clouds. An easily overwhelmed sign, Jerdanas will have a hard time grappling with everything being thrown their way this month. It isn’t all bad news, however, as some Jerdanas may find the answers to their problems are much simpler than they initially thought. Jerdanas with Gordos in their charts may become spacier, less blunt in their speech, and less affectionate.

Psellia - 19th Day of Awakening to 19th Day of Running

Psellias escapist tendencies may overwhelm them during the month, but now is as good a time as any to learn the benefits of confrontation. Psellia natives would rather dance around their problems than face them head-on, but this Month of Gathering doesn’t make that an option. You must also be careful not to fall victim to your own pessimism, which will damage your innate tenderness. A strong-willed Psellia will be able enact meaningful change throughout the month. Gordos in a chart will leave the Psellia without a backbone and more frustrated than others.

All Neopians will be pushed to make lasting changes during this month, and we will all come out with fresh perspectives on many areas on our lives. This theme of transformation has been around for the entire year, and will continue through the end of it into Y19.

I hope you enjoyed my Y18 Month of Gathering Neopian horoscopes! If you have any additonal insight, please feel free to neomail me. Remember: your fate is, ultimately, up to you!

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