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A Rockin’ Guide to Neopia’s Instruments!

by pinkcrown123


Is one of your pets a fan of listening to rock music? Whether they like rocking out to the wickedly cool songs from Gruundo for hours in their room, or always complaining to you about how the goth act Twisted Roses are the only ones that “truly gets how they feel inside” with their angst filled lyrics, or constantly peeving you to let them see M*YNCI the next time they play at the Tyrannian Concert Hall, it’s no surprise that music is a huge part of many pet’s lives. In fact, if your pet is like this, it might even be a sign to give them an opportunity to learn a new skill - playing an instrument! But first, you obviously have to buy them one! Neopia’s own little music shop is located in the bustling Neopian Plaza at Neopia Central. A quick peek inside will show you dozens and dozens of instruments to select from, from sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials. If you’re anything like me, it can be even be a little overwhelming at first. Luckily for you, I did a little research compiling some of what I believe to be Neopia’s best rock instruments! This guide will go over all the types of instruments in your standard rock band, including guitars, basses, drums and more.


Guitars are definitely one of the more popular instruments for pets all around. With so many different options your pet can start to learn how to strum some chords and play awesome solos in no time.

Faerie Wing Guitar

This elegantly shaped electric guitar is super light and super easy to play for even Baby pets, making it extremely good to learn on. Pretty as well as functional, it’s capable of making great, absolutely rocking sounds despite what its delicate appearance might lead you to believe. The strings are light and great for doing fast solos on. It’s very well crafted, and every one is made with careful craft from Faerieland’s own Faeries!

Darigan Guitar

With this you’ll be able to play just like Axle Roo from Sticks N’ Stones! Its shape is just as unique as the previous option I presented, only instead of blue faerie wings its shape is based of a grungy Darigan Neopet’s wings. Although the jagged edges might get in the way of some Neopet’s playing, this guitar is still an excellent choice for beginners!


Basses, although a bit less popular than regular guitars and underappreciated by most listeners, are still an essential part of any band, and playing a good bass line is important to any decent song. Almost all Neopets would be capable of learning how to play Bass Guitar!

Bass Guitar

This one is just a regular old bass guitar, plain and simple. Available with the body in a rich navy blue, this is perfect for any pet wanting to get started learning bass. It should be easy for them to slide their paws, claws, flippers, or anything else across the nicely crafted fretboard. The strings stay in tune well, and aren’t as difficult to press down on as you might think for those thick bass strings. Although it’s not as flashy as some of the other instruments available, it does its job fantastically!

Fire Bass

Another good option I found is a Fire Bass. Not only is it in an awesome shape and painted with searing flames, real flames surround this bass! Fortunately though, they aren’t as hot as regular flames and feel only slightly warm. Presumably Kauvara put some sort spell on it, creating some sort of synthetic fire. However, I still wouldn’t let any Ice Neopets touch it, and I’d be cautious handing this one over to Baby pets. Even so, it’s guaranteed to let your Neopet catch anyone’s eye while playing!


All drum kits are simply amazing. If your pet is always tapping their foot along to songs or even just likes hitting things drums might be the perfect first instrument for them! In almost all sorts of music, you’ll always be able to find a drum beat keeping the rhythm and everyone else in time.

Gloomy Drums

Don’t let their seeming dark and worn appearance fool you. This drum kit is capable of making a great beat that’s better than most of the other selections available! It’s perfect for a fan of the Twisted Roses to get started playing, since the girls there use these as their signature drum set during gigs.

Leafy Drums

This drum kit is made with help from Neopia’s own Earth Faerie, Illusen, with leaves from her glade in Meridell. Despite being made from leaves, this drum kit can withstand quite a beating, even from the strongest of Skeiths. The sticks included are light and easy to pick up, and there’s a pretty orange flower painted on the bass drum.


Rock Star Microphone

If your pet wants to sing, then of course you would need a microphone! Sadly, Neopia has a very limited selection of mics available (hint hint TNT), and most of them are species exclusive. This is a very high quality microphone, complete with a stand, but unfortunately, this a retired Neocash item, so it is a bit more difficult to get your hands on, since you won’t be able to find this in the regular instrument shop. But it definitely has a better feel to it than what you would find in a Neopoint item. The mic and stand itself are very durable, so your pet can thrash around on stage without worry.

Jelly Tambourine

Even though this seems like a bit of a nontraditional choice, plenty of popular bands have a tambourine in their music, making that familiar rattling noise. If your pet thinks they're just not capable of learning an instrument, since admittedly, a lot of them can seem complicated and hard to learn at first, just give them this tambourine to shake and hit. They’ll have a blast with it! Even though it is completely made of jelly, it is still miraculously capable of making noise that’s as loud as any wooden tambourine. Must be some strange Jelly World magic...sorry, I mean just some skilled craftsmanship from Neopia’s fine instrument makers!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully in no time your pet will be starting their own little band with their friends and making the most awesome, rocking music in Neopia!

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