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10 Ways to Show Your Neopets How Much You Care

by ahh_choo


There are a lot of options for things to do on Neopets, and it is oh so easy to get caught up playing all day long. Between the neoboards, avatar collecting, games, and restocking, it’s even possible to play all day without taking a moment to check in with your neopets! In an effort to remind everyone the importance of spending time with your neofamily, here are a few easy ways to show your pets how much you care for them.

1. Get them a petpet

If you’re really a very busy neopian, it might be wise to invest in a little friend for your pet to play with while you’re gone. Although a petpet is not a substitute for quality time with you, they will help keep your pet entertained while you’re off chatting on the boards or playing Meerca Chase or doing whatever it is you do.

2. Take them somewhere

There are plenty of fun places to take your pets here in Neopia, and some of my pet’s favorites include the beaches of Mystery Island, the Merry-Go-Round on Roo Island, and the glass bottom boat tours in Kiko Lake. They also really love exploring the caves of Moltara, although I have to really keep an eye on them there… wouldn’t want anyone falling into any pools of magma! Taking your pets somewhere is a great opportunity to expand their knowledge of Neopia and to get some quality bonding time in!

3. Feed them a gourmet food

Although omelette’s are okay, sometimes it’s really nice to enjoy a gourmet meal. Although this might sound like an expensive endeavor, there are some gourmet foods that cost only a few neopoints or are given out for free by certain dailies, and really, I’m sure you can fit a couple into your budget. Not only does this allow your pet to enjoy some delicious food, if you feed your pet enough gourmet foods they might earn a trophy!

4. Customize them (or, alternatively, create a new customization for them)

Now, I LOVE customizing my pets. And I create new customizations and change how they’re dressed all the time. It’s one of my personal favorite things to do with my pets, and I know they love getting all dressed up too! Customization doesn’t have to involve tons of neocash or millions of neopoints either, there are tons of affordable wearables out there that you can use to create a fancy new look for your pet, and I’m sure they’ll feel special knowing that you took the time to pick out an outfit for them!

5. Enter them in the Beauty Contest or Customization Contest

So, you took suggestion #4 and now your pet is looking spiffier than ever… why not enter your pet into the Customization contest, and give others the opportunity to admire your amazing fashion sense? Or, maybe you’re not into customization… why not try your hand at drawing your pet, and let all of Neopia bask in the glory of their beauty? Your pet will feel special not only because you took the time to enter them into this contest, but also because the competition will give them a chance to feel admired and will probably boost their self-confidence. Plus, if they win, they’ll get a lovely trophy and will be forever reminded of the time you entered them in the contest!

6. Buy them a grooming item

I totally know what you’re thinking right now. “Ugh, grooming items are a waste of money! They don’t even do anything!” And this is true. They don’t do anything… EXCEPT make your pet feel pampered and special. And isn’t that what you ultimately want? Throw down a few neopoints on a grooming item and let your pet know that you care enough about them to buy something that has literally no purpose except to spoil them.

7. Buy them a new toy

Once again, I know what you’re thinking… the Pirate Techo plushie you got for free from the Krawken six months ago is a perfectly fine toy, why do they need more?! And I suppose, technically, they don’t need more, but if we’re trying to demonstrate how much we care for our pets, it’s really not such a hardship to spare a few neopoints on a new toy. Maybe one they actually really like, because I don’t know about your pets, but my pets are not that into pirate plushies or toy sailboats anymore.

8. Pay for a fancy room in the Neolodge… with extras

I know, Cockroach Towers has the best rates. It’s called Cockroach Towers though, you think your pet is living in the lap of luxury there? Doubtful. Spring for a nice room for them, even if just for a night or two, and throw in something fun like hot tub access! As your pet relaxes, without the worry of creepy crawlies under their bed, they’ll be appreciating just how much you care about them!

9. Make them your active pet for a while

If you’re anything like me, you probably have one pet that gets to be the active pet FAR more than any of your others… for me, it’s my battledome pet because I want all of those random stat boosts to go to them and I would always forget to switch to them before finishing faerie quests. Maybe yours is your favorite pet, the pet that best matches your avatar, or the pet that seems to give you the best luck, I don’t know. Whatever the case, consider trying to more evenly split which pet you keep active, to show all of your pets that you enjoy their company!

10. Write a character for them

Making up personalities and background stories for your pets is one of the best ways to bond with them. It can be hard to bond with a pet whose only personality is the random blurbs they say when you keep them as active, but if you develop a whole storyline for them, I’m sure they’ll really appreciate the work you put into finding out more about them! I find one of the best ways to create a character for my pets is to look up what their Zodiac sign is (based on when their birthday is) and develop their personality traits around the traits people of that sign typically have. It really helps, and interestingly, I find that when I go into this with a character idea already in mind, the traits their Zodiac sign suggests always seem to line up perfectly!

Alright, that was ten easy ways to bond with your pets. There are countless other ways, if these ten didn’t appeal to you or one of your pets, and I’m sure you would be able to find other things you guys would enjoy doing together! Good luck in becoming a more connected neofamily!

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