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Gross Foods That Aren't Gross At All!

by indulgences


I must confess, I'm a big fan of the Gross Foods on this site. They're so creepy…strange…and anti-Faerie-pink! Only on Neopets would the TNT artists come up with such bizarre creations. I love every single Gross Food they make!

That said, I don't think many of the Gross Foods look gross at all! Some items seem so normal and commonplace that I'm left scratching my head, wondering what exactly is so gross about them. I would gladly plunk down a few dollars to buy them in real life, and take a few thoughtful bites just to see what they taste like. I'm probably not the only curious player, either!

So here's a list of all the Gross Foods that don't seem to be gross at all! I hope you enjoy reading this list, because it was pretty fun to compile it!

1. Fresh Seaweed Pie

    I eat seaweed on a near daily basis, and I smiled wryly when I discovered the Fresh Seaweed Pie. Complete with dark green stink lines, it was obviously not meant to be a delicious treat for our pets. It looked more like a punishment! I think it's hilarious that a lot of the normal/gourmet foods on this site are made of seaweed, yet this poor item is relegated to the Gross Foods category. I love seaweed, and this pie doesn't seem gross at all!

2. Salmon Fishwich

    I love fish, and I particularly love salmon sandwiches. I fry the salmon, chop it into pieces, and mix it with mayonnaise and hot sauce. When I discovered that the Salmon Fishwich was a Gross Food, my first reaction was, WHY??? I guess someone on TNT's artist staff wasn't a fish aficionado!

3. Stuffed Frog

    I've always been piqued by the idea of eating frog. I've heard that it tastes just like chicken, and it's on my bucket list of foods to eat before I die. So why is this item considered a Gross Food on the Neopets website? That's quite intolerant of TNT! Lots of people eat frogs in real life, and I hope to join their ranks someday!

4. Smelly Sardine Wrap

    I love sardines, and yes, they're smelly sometimes, but they are so worth the odor! The Smelly Sardine Wrap looks quite delicious despite the stink lines wafting up from it, and I would totally plunk down money at my local deli to buy this item.

5. Stick of Butter

    Okay. THIS item definitely makes no sense. Why on earth would a stick of butter count as a Gross Food? I know that the idea of eating butter all by itself might seem gross, but add some crackers and you have a veritable feast! If butter is considered a gross food, would a jar of mayonnaise also count as a gross food? What about a tub of cream cheese? Wouldn't a tub of anything at all count as a Gross Food?

6. Anchovy Loaf

    Again, I love fish, and the Anchovy Loaf has a real fan in me! I'm literally salivating right now, wondering what an Anchovy Loaf would taste like in real life. Would it be savory, salty, and brimming with umami flavor? This item definitely sparks my interest, and I'd love to eat it!

7. Minced Beef Pretzel

    Pretzels are so delicious, they're practically an entire food group for me. I have a favorite pretzel street cart that's 5 blocks away from my apartment, and I visit the pretzel hawker at least once a week just to buy a soft, chewy, salty pretzel. That said, the Minced Beef Pretzel looks quite intriguing! I love pretzels, and I love minced beef, so what's the harm in combining them?

8. Lime Milkshake

    I'm a huge fan of mango lassi, so it's not a stretch of the imagination to think that this Lime Milkshake might be tasty as well! I'm also attracted to its peridot green hue, and I think this item is really gorgeous, despite its simplicity. I would totally drink a Lime Milkshake in real life!

9. Tuna Stroganoff

    This is another item that seems so normal, I don't know why it's classified as a Gross Food. What's so unusual about mixing tuna with noodles? Beef stroganoff is already a huge worldwide hit, so wouldn't this Tuna Stroganoff be just as delicious? Was this just another item created by a TNT staffer who just happens to hate fish?

10. Pound Cake and Frosting Sandwich

    This item made me literally laugh out loud! What on earth would be wrong with a sandwich made of soft, sweet pound cake and plenty of delectable frosting? Calling this item a Gross Food is completely absurd! If I saw this item in my local bakery, I would snap it up in a jiffy. This is truly the strangest Gross Food on the site, one that you'd never think was Gross until you looked at the item's description!


So these were the top 10 Gross Foods that aren't really gross at all! It was fun to collect this list with the help of Jellyneo's Item Database. I had the opportunity to browse through Neopets' entire collection of Gross Foods (totaling 230 items), and every weird and wacky item made me smile. Thanks, TNT artists, for constantly coming up with such bizarre and imaginative foods! Looking at them all was really entertaining, and hardly a chore!

I must admit, this article was really fun to write! In the process of writing it, I came up with a few more article ideas, such as foods that are supposed to be normal but are actually scary/horrific, and new food pets that we're looking forward to. I even thought of some interesting gallery ideas, and am toying with the possibility of making a third gallery, one that would hopefully win the Gallery Spotlight.

Thanks for reading this article, my fellow players! If you also think these Gross Foods aren't actually gross, feel free to neomail me and talk about your own food habits! What do YOU eat that others would consider gross? Squid, octopus, and insect eaters, unite!

Stay tuned for future articles from yours truly, dear readers, and have a spectacular week!

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