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Don't Forget Your Toothbrush!

by tallydepp


Hello! I'm Tula! You probably know me better as the Tooth Faerie. Chances are, you've probably seen me flitting all around the various lands of Neopia, sharing my wisdom about teeth and good dental hygiene to anyone who will listen. In fact, it's quite possible I've even visited your Neohome and left you Neopoints in exchange for your lost tooth or, if you were super lucky, I may even have left you an avatar! Good dental hygiene is extremely important - prevention is ALWAYS better than the cure! - and if any of you Neopians ever suffer from rotten teeth, well that means I'm not doing my job properly! To help you educate yourself about how to look after your teeth, I've published several books, such as "Tooth Faerie Dental Care" and "Best Tooth Catalogue". I've even brought out a range of tasty sugar-free snacks that won't damage your teeth, like Sugar-Free Tooth Faerie Cake, Tooth Faerie Muffin, and Tooth Faerie Ice Lolly, to name but a few.

Really, with all the hard work I've been doing spreading the word about good dental hygiene, and bringing out a plethora of Tooth Faerie merchandise - furniture, toys, food, even clothes! - there is absolutely no excuse nowadays for anyone in Neopia to have teeth which are anything other than perfect! I really couldn't work any harder if I tried, and trust me, I try very hard in my job, because it means so much to me.

However, and it saddens me to say this (really it does, you have no idea how much), this time of year is one of the worst times when it comes to you lovely Neopians cleaning your teeth! That might come as a surprise to you. Perhaps you'd think the Negg Festival or Christmas would be the worst times, and yes, those times are indeed bad and I do see a rise in tooth decay during those festivities. But I can easily counteract the chocolate over-indulgences you Neopians seem so fond of by slipping into your Christmas stocking an extra present of dental floss or toothpaste, or ensuring that the chocolate neggs are made with a little bit less sugar. Also, I have to hand it to you - sales in tooth care items also increase during those periods, so I am clearly getting my message across to the majority of you, and you're extra careful about cleaning your teeth when you know you're going to be consuming so many sugary treats.

So why is this time of year so important in the dental calendar, and why do incidences of tooth decay occur more often now? I hear you ask. Well, let me explain. The month of Swimming is, traditionally in Neopia, vacation month! Yes, those of you lucky enough to be able to afford it, and who have earned enough time off from the Faerieland Employment Agency, tend to take a break and venture to the various holiday destinations across Neopia, such as Kiko Lake, Roo Island, and Mystery Island, during this month. If I didn't love my job so much, I would be really rather jealous. The fact that I am a unique faerie means there is no one else who can do the work I do and, as such, I don't even get one day off, much less time for a whole vacation!

Apart from the fact that while on vaction, you holidaymakers love to nibble on ridiculously sugary treats like rock sticks, rock slices, ice cream, and ice cold slushies, all of which are BAD BAD BAD for your poor teeth, the majority of you are so busy packing all the vacation essentials (sunglasses, beach towel, sunhat etc) into your travel case that you FORGET TO PACK YOUR TOOTHBRUSH!

It's reassuring that I can actually hear an audible gasp from some of you as you read this, but yes, it's true, most of you forget to take your toothbrush on vacation with you. So here I am with a list of my favourite toothbrushes! Forget the boring yellow toothbrush and blue toothbrush - buy one of these more eye-catching beauties! With any luck, you'll love your new toothbrush so much you'll want to take it everywhere with you. Yes, even on vacation!

1. Tooth Faerie Toothbrush

For obvious reasons, this is my favourite toothbrush out there! In stunning Tooth Faerie blue, the handle is shaped like faerie wings and shaped like a tooth! Such a pretty toothbrush! And what better reminder to practice good dental hygiene than a Tooth Faerie toothbrush? Plus - I'll let you into a secret here - this toothbrush is a magical toothbrush! No matter how many time you use it or how frequently you clean your teeth, this wonderful toothbrush will never wear out.

2. Faerie Toothbrush

There isn't much to say about this toothbrush apart from the fact that it's a Faerie toothbrush, and who doesn't like faeries? For all you faerie fans out there and those of you who appreciate delicate, pretty items, this toothbrush will make you the envy of all your toothbrushing friends!

3. Gothic Toothbrush

If pretty, delicate items like the Faerie Toothbrush just aren't your thing, then the Gothic toothbrush is the ideal choice! With it's dark colours and scarily shaped handle, using this toothbrush will scare away the tooth decay! It is quite possible it might scare your friends away too but at least it has the added bonus of them probably not wanting to borrow it from you! After all, who wants to share a toothbrush? That's a big no no in my book (Tooth Faerie Dental Care - available at all good book retailers.)

4. Altadorian Toothbrush

Ah, the perfect toothbrush for your sunny vacation! Available only in sunshine yellow with the handle shaped like the hot blazing sun, this toothbrush just screams SUN SUN SUN! What better than to clean your teeth with a sun shaped toothbrush while vacationing in the sun? Plus, if you choose to use this toothbrush once you have returned from your vacation, it has the added of bonus of reminding you of the lovely hot weather you enjoyed while you were away! Unless you vacationed on Terror Mountain.

5. Plushie Meerca Toothbrush Holder

One for the younger Neopians out there! This plushie Meerca toothbrush holder comes complete with a toothbrush. It's always a good idea to encourage your young to start practicing good dental hygiene at an early age, and this fun item will make cleaning your teeth feel like it's play time!

6. Toothbrush Sword

A sword that is a toothbrush? Or a toothbrush that is a sword? Yes, it's both! Take this toothbrush on your vacation and you're prepared for both good dental hygiene and battle (well, some vacations don't always work out the way you plan them!)

7. Walking Carpet Toothbrush

It's a dilemma we've all probably faced at one point - you want to go on vacation but none of the hotels will accept petpets. Well, now you can have your cake and eat it! Hmmm, that's probably not the sort of phrase I, as the Tooth Faerie, should be using. Buy this little beauty and you can stay in your hotel and still take a petpet with you! If anyone asks, "Is that your petpet?" you'll be able to reply in all honesty, "No, it's my toothbrush!"

8. Pencil Toothbrush

You might forget your toothbrush, but you won't forget your pencil, and will this handy invention you won't forget either! A toothbrush that doubles up as a pencil! You'll even be able to write little reminders to yourself to clean your teeth.

9. Squidtoothbrushfish

If you're a fan of fish, then this is the toothbrush for you! It probably won't leave you with minty fresh breath after cleaning your teeth with it, but it does have the added bonus of you being able to it if you're feeling peckish. If this is what you choose to do, please remember to buy yourself another toothbrush!

10. My First Dentures

Unfortunately for some of you, my advice of don't forget your toothbrush is somewhat redundant. Either through bad dental hygiene or just old age, you no longer have the need for a toothbrush because you no longer have any teeth! If this is the case for you, then my advice is: Don't forget your dentures!

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