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Tasha The Air Faerie

by she_chose_love


      Fyora is the most well-known faerie in all of Faerieland, which makes sense because she is the queen. All of her life, Fyora received attention and special treatment everywhere she went. It is a nice feeling being recognized and admired everywhere you go. However, there was always a tiny piece of Fyora that wondered what it would feel like to live a normal life for one day.

      One day in the middle of summer, Fyora was sitting in her castle when she had an idea.

      “I am going to disguise myself as a regular faerie and see what it would be like to go outside without being recognized.” She said to her pet kadoatie.

      Fyora liked her idea and was excited to see if it would work, so she immediately started working on a disguise. In the attic of the castle were boxes and boxes full of outfits and costumes, Fyora was sure she could find something in one of the boxes.

      She found a baby blue dress in the bottom of one of the boxes. “Wow!” She said out loud as she looked at the dress. “This is the perfect dress to make me look like an air faerie.” As she was about to close the box she saw a dark brown curly wig and decided to grab that as well.

      Excited, Fyora ran back downstairs to put on the dress and the wig. She went to the mirror to check out her new look and couldn’t help but gasp. She looked like a totally new person, this was great.

      “Mew!” Said her kadoatie.

      “Bebe, you are right!” Exclaimed Fyora. “Before I go out a need a new name, for the rest of today I will call myself Tasha.”

      So Fyora, disguised as Tasha the air faerie took a walk into town and decided her first stop would be the ice cream store.

      “One chocolate ice cream please!” said Fyora.

      “Here you go miss,” replied the worker ixi.

      “Wow,” thought Fyora to herself. “He didn’t recognize me at all, this is amazing!”

      As Fyora was walking down the street eating her ice cream and enjoying the fact that no one she was passing knew who she was, she heard a thump from behind some nearby bushes.

      “Hello?” Said Fyora as she walked over to where the noise had come from.

      “Oh hi,” replied an ixi climbing down from a nearby tree, with a slorg tucked under her arm. “Sorry if I scared you.”

      “Are you alright?” Asked Fyora, “I heard a thump, I’m Tasha by the way.”

      “Hi Tasha, it is nice to meet you, I am Wendy.” Replied Wendy, “yes, I am fine, I was just rescuing this little guy from the tree. He climbed up and couldn’t get back down.”

      “Wow,” replied Fyora. “That is so nice of you!”

      “Oh, it was nothing.” Said Wendy, “I love petpets.”

      “They are pretty special. “ Replied Fyora, “I have a kadoatie named Bebe.”

      “I have a kadoatie too!” Replied Wendy, “Would you like to meet her? My house is right over there.”

      “Sure,” replied Fyora.

      They made their way over to Wendy’s house and when Fyora got inside she was shocked at what she saw. There were little beds everywhere with petpets in them.

      “Mew!” Said a blue kadoatie.

      “This is Kaddy,” said Wendy petting the kadoatie.

      “Hi Kaddy.” Said Fyora, “wow, there are a lot of petpets in here.”

      “I rescue and take care of sick petpets,” replied Wendy. “I love taking care of them and helping them to get better.”

      “Wow!” Said Fyora, “that is amazing! You are such a selfless person.”

      “Thank you,” replied Wendy. “I really love doing it. My dream is to one day work for Queen Fyora. I would love to work in her petpet shop taking care of the sick petpets.”

      “You should go for it!” Encouraged Fyora.

      “I wish I could,” replied Wendy. “However, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

      “Well,” said Fyora. “I may be able to help you with that.”

      “Really? How?” Said Wendy shocked.

      “I will show you.” Said Fyora, “I lied to you, my name is not really Tasha.” Fyora reached up and took off her wig, revealing her real hair. “Hi Wendy, I am Fyora.”

      “Queen Fyora!” Exclaimed Wendy with excitement. “I cannot believe it is really you! I didn’t recognize you at all, I feel honored to be in your presence.” Wendy began to bow.

      “Don’t bow,” laughed Fyora. “I am still the same person that I was when you thought I was Tasha the air faerie, please don’t treat me differently, now that you know who I really am.”

      “Okay,” said Wendy. “Wow! I cannot believe that you are really here, in my home, talking to me, this is amazing! I feel like I am dreaming!”

      “You’re too sweet,” replied Fyora. “I wore a disguise today to see what it what it would be like living life without anyone recognizing me.”

      “That is a cool experiment,” said Wendy.

      “It was a big change that is for sure.” Laughed Fyora. “I am really glad I did it. If I hadn’t I would never have gotten to meet you and witness the amazing work that you do.”

      “Awe, thank you Fyora!” Replied Wendy, “I just love helping petpets, I always have.”

      “Neopia needs more people like you.” Said Fyora, “I love the work that you are doing and I think it is very admirable. Wendy, I have a proposition for you.”

      “You are so nice,” said Wendy nervously.

      “I was planning on doing some renovations on my petpet store in Faerieland. I wanted to make it bigger and include a room for petpet grooming. You have inspired me and I love the work you are doing. What if I expand my renovation even more and include a room for sick petpet care.”

      “Oh wow,” said Wendy. “That is a cool idea, you want to open a petpet care place because I inspired you, that makes me feel so good. I can give you tips on caring for sick petpets if you would like, I really do have a lot of knowledge in the topic as I have been doing it for so long.”

      “Wendy,” laughed Fyora. “I don’t think you are understanding me...”

      “I’m not?” asked Wendy. “Wait, you’re not saying that you want me to…”

      “Wendy,” laughed Fyora. “If I renovate my petpet shop in Faerieland to include a room to care for sick petpets, will you come work for me?”

      “I am speechless right now!” Replied Wendy. “You, Queen Fyora want me to work for you? This is my biggest dream come true!”

      “Well,” said Fyora. “You are so good at what you do, I would love it if you would run the whole thing and be in charge of everything. I will get you any supplies you need, you can even move the petpets from your home into the new place if you would like. You would be completely in charge and could do whatever you wanted to, you could hire staff, rescue petpets, anything your heart desires.”

      “Wait, you want me to run my own petpet care place in a section of your petpet store?” Asked Wendy.

      “Yes,” replied Fyora.

      “Of course I will!” said Wendy. “Thank you so much. This is my biggest dream come true, I cannot believe that this is happening right now! I am so happy!”

      “We can go to my castle right now and begin drawing up the plans if you would like.” Said Fyora.

      “Okay,” replied Wendy. "Thank you Fyora, this is the best day of my life!"

      So Fyora and Wendy headed back to the castle to begin planning for the renovations on Fyora’s petpet shop. This had turned out to be an amazing day for both of them.

      The End.

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