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Poor Weewoos

by gleenut

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Tribulations of a Quest Sceptic: Part Four
The coiling, curling wisps of emerald smoke that drifted from the windows of the silent, stone tower seemed to cast the structure in an eerie, green glow. Each slowly spiraled into the air, lazy and slow, before drifting like cloud, forming into the most horrible, nightmarish shapes, toying with the imagination as clouds observed on a summer’s day might.

by anjie


NeoPaper: Even More Daily Logic
Okay, now that's really unfair...

by mbredboy31


Pound Puns
You could say...

Also by twistedraja

by sophieauditore


Neopet Pronunciations: A Research Experiment
Though many Neopians have played for a long time, it seems that many of us have been pronouncing the most of basic of names incorrectly for years and years, according to The Neopet Team’s official pronunciation guide

by klarevoyant

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