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How to Make Summer 2k16 Lit

by jirachi68106


As Neopia's temperatures continue to rise, some Neopians' summer schedule may already consist entirely of visits to Maraqua and Terror Mountain. Others, however, may have no idea as to what they want to do or accomplish this summer. For the uninspired, keep reading to help fill your summer days with fun!

The Altador Cup, a loved summer tradition, is back! With 18 teams, choosing just one to support for the cup is not an easy feat. If this year will be your first participating in the cup, you may want to consider heading over to the Neoboard dedicated to the Altador Cup (it's the third from the top) to see which team you'd like to support. Don't forget to chat with your teammates to plan out strategies and talk with your competition to psych them out! The cup officially began on June 1st and will last for around a month. May the best team win. ;)

Collect stamps. No need to lick them – according to the Neopian Post Office FAQ, the stamps come with their own adhesives! Less time licking = more time devoted to hunting down the rest of your missing stamps. The Shop Wizard, Trading Post, Auction House, and Neoboards are your best friends when it comes to finding the best bang for your buck.

Create a gallery. From plushies to holidays and every theme in between, there's a gallery for that. Neopians often spend hours upon hours gathering trinkets for their galleries and then arranging them in just the right way. Owning a gallery shows others what you enjoy collecting and can be a fun experience. Dr. Sloth recommends dedicating all of your galleries to him. *Sloth nods approvingly*

Customize your pets. It's going to get extremely hot outside, okay? Your pets do NOT want to be wearing their woolly scarves, winter coats, and fuzzy boots. Case closed.

Do your dailies... daily! Avatars, rare stamps, and Neopets' stat gains can all be achieved through dailies, which only take minutes to do.

Earn more avatars. Ask the Game Chat if you need advice achieving game avatar scores or the Avatar Chat if you need to be lent a few pet or item avatars. Those who frequent these boards are usually more than happy to assist Neopians who are looking to raise their avatar count. Also, a quick web search will pull up plenty of avatar checklists and guides to help you earn the hundreds of available avatars.

Earn the “bonus” trophies from Sakhmet Solitaire and Pyramids. Two wins gets you a bronze trophy, five for silver, and winning twice in a row earns you the coveted gold trophy. Although the gold trophies take a LOT longer to achieve than you'd think, earning silver trophies should not be too difficult.

Enter contests. Activities like the Poetry Contest, Art Gallery, or even the Neopian Times add to the diversity of this lovely website, so take advantage of the opportunities! Not to mention, they're creative, fun, and can earn you some pretty great items, trophies, and, my personal favorite, bragging rights!

Get a size 50 shop and stock it to the brim. Customers will be rolling in and out of your store all season long to stock up on ice cream and sunscreen which means a huge chunk of neopoints will be rolling into your shop till. Just make sure you refrain from adding excessive graphics to your shop's background and horrible, blaring music. Please.

Give your pets their own petpets. If one of your pets is an aquatic animal, you may want to consider giving him or her a water petpet, or make the pairing ironic by attaching a fire petpet to the pet.

Give your petpets their own petpetpets. Again, you could make your pet, petpet, and petpetpet all match, or make them all completely different from one another.

Give your petpetpets their own petpetpetpets. Just kidding, p4s don't exist... DON'T GET ANY IDEAS, TNT.

Join a guild. Guilds are a great way to meet people with similar (or completely different) interests. Neo-related, account improvement, and role-playing guilds are a few of the many types of guilds out there. Don't be afraid to post regularly on the Guild Chat and try out several before deciding on a guild that is best suited for you.

Low on neopoints but restocking isn't your thing? You may want to try your luck over at the Food Club or invest in some stocks. Once you get the hang of the two games, both are fairly easy ways to earn a sizable amount of points. Numerous guides are available for each game to help you through your first few attempts. Have fun gambling without risking losing your house here on!

Make some Neofriends on the Neoboards. The Newbies' board generally allows for conversations of all kinds whereas the Battledome Chat sticks mainly to battledome topics, the Art Chat about artwork, and so on and so forth. Pick a topic that interests you, and if none of them do, the Newbies Chat is likely your best bet to random conversations, although meeting n00bs is a high possibility while you're there.

Play Neoquest (or Neoquest II). Either version will take you on a long trip around Neopia, granting you an avatar or two, a trophy, some neopoints, and a prize. Challenge yourself by trying to finish a full game before the end of summer.

Save up your Neopoints and then blow them all on the last day of summer. I'm at least 100% sure that this sounds fun enough to not need any elaboration. Am I right or am I right?

Spin the Wheel of Extravagance. So pricey and yet so addicting. Prizes range from rare items to nerkmids to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. WOW.

Train your pets. You know what they say, “A codestone a day keeps the Meepits away." Dubloons and codestones are your tickets to getting your Neopets swole.

Play Keyquest. Haha :)

Find Jelly World. I mean... I mean... what? It doesn't exist! *coughs*

Regardless of what you choose to do on Neopets this summer, whether it be improving your account, earning neopoints, making friends, or doing nothing, the months will fly by and fall will be back much sooner than you would ever imagine. What will you choose to do during these next three months?

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