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Pound Puns

by sophieauditore

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Aisha Eyes
See? Aren't they pretty?

by ghost0face


Totally Irrational Things That We Do!
Why do we sometimes do things that are totally irrational on this site? To gather information, I canvassed the Neoboards for the opinions of my fellow players. They posted some very interesting habits of theirs, habits that are totally irrational, yet totally universal as well!

by indulgences


Dinner with the Scarlets: Healing Stings
I always have the worse luck at the Healing Springs.

by june_scarlet


Grooming: An In-Depth and Creative Guide
When it comes to grooming your Neopets, there can be much more to it than buying a 5NP comb and calling it a day. For some Neopians, grooming is an art form. We are passionate about caring for our pets, and we want you to be passionate, too! This guide to responsible, expert Neopet grooming will get you thinking like a true NeoCosmetologist.

by invader33

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