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The Dreamer

by black_skull725


Dreams are often misunderstood. They may bring us joy at times, and they can also strike fear in our hearts. They may be our future aspirations in some form or merely about what you ate for a meal yesterday. The one thing that holds true is that everyone seems to have them and oftentimes, they struggle to explain what they mean. Neopians that struggle to interpret their own dreams often seek the counsel of The Dreamer.

Of course, the Dreamer herself also has many dreams of her own, and one might find her taking a nap somewhere in the clouds. She also helped find the City of Altador and sits on both the Faerieland and Altadorian councils. As a result, it may be difficult to find her. We wanted to find out more about her abilities so we went to the Faerie Queen with our questions first.

Queen Fyora looked a bit flustered when we found her in the Faerie Castle. Jhudora and Illusen got in another argument and Fyora didn't seem to thrilled that she had to break them up yet again.

She sank into her chair in her office and buried her face in her hands. Her desk was rather ordinary except for the fact that it was pink marble. Papers were neatly piled in the right corner and several bottles of ink arranged across the back edge. Fyora herself was in her usual outfit, a long flowing lavender dress and alternating light and dark lavender arm cuffs. Her simple crown with a purple stone sat perfectly on her lavender hair. She wore bright pink flats, avoiding heels for all but the most formal of events. And of course, the faint scent of lavender perfume hung in the air.

She removed her hands and looked up to find me waiting at the door.

"Oh hello, sweetie. May I help you? Please, have a seat," she said, still managing to eke out a smile and a quiet, gentle voice despite her predicament. She was always a sign of stability among chaos.

She opened her desk drawer and pulled out two glasses and a full bottle of Fyora Day Fizz. She popped the cork and filled each glass three-fourths the way and then replaced the cork.

It still felt awkward to see Fyora so stressed out before and suddenly pivot to a welcoming attitude. She gestured again at the chair, insisting that I sit down.

"My deepest apologies, your Majesty, if this is really a bad time I could make other arrangements."

Fyora smiled at me and shook her head.

"No, I'd much rather answer questions than deal with Jhudora and Illusen."

She raised her glass and sipped her Fyora Day Fizz. I did the same. The drink tasted of mostly grape with a hint of lavender extract and ginger. Aside from its unique taste, the drink also had a magical calming effect.

Fyora lowered her glass and smiled again.

"Okay, um, I wanted to ask about Psellia."

"Oh? I'll do my best but it would probably be better if you could ask her directly."

"That's the trouble, I don't have a clue where to look for her."

"Me either. She's kind of all over the place isn't she? Hmm, I wonder how she's doing."

"Huh? Aren't you the Faerie Queen? Don't you know where faeries are at all times?"

Fyora's eyes grew wide with astonishment and she laughed.

"You sure have some strange ideas about me, my dear. Sure, I'm the Queen, but I sure don't know where all the faeries are. I'll tell you what, you might have better luck asking her friends in Altador."

She got up from her seat and motioned for me to follow her. The Faerie Queen took me to the portal to Altador.

"This portal takes you to modern-day Altador now. All you'll need to do is step through it. Hopefully it won't be too nauseating. You'll be fine right? Do you need me to go with you, my dear?"

"Nah, your majesty, you don't need to trouble yourself. I've been through the portal before. Best of luck with Illusen and Jhudora then?"

I waved at the Faerie Queen and stepped through the portal, eyes closed to avoid the nauseating part. Soon I found myself in Altador and it seems like every so often, I was stopped by street vendors looking to make some quick money. I soon realized that it was probably no coincidence that the portal now warped everyone to the Commerce District.

They began to grow a bit more upset and impatient after I refused all of their merchandise so I dashed away bumped right into a tall light faerie.

"Ouch! Dear me, would you please watch where you are going next time?" she said rather tersely.

Oops, now to be honest, the faerie just came out of nowhere since they can poof and reappear at different locations instantly. Unfortunately, this faerie was a rather famous one. She was dressed in a fine yellow silk dress and her entire body appeared to be glowing, and her eyeshadow was neatly arranged in the pattern of the sun. The front of her hair parted ways in the form of two long curls. A golden sash streamed across her chest. At her feet, she wore shiny yellow boots. Indeed, this was The First to Rise. I fumbled around for words to say.

"Oh sorry, um, whoa! You're Siyana!"

The light faerie took a much lighter tone afterwards.

"Ah, a reporter from the Neopian Times - what brings you to Altador?" she asked.

"I am here to look for Psellia actually, although you do seem like an interesting faerie as well."

"Really? Honestly my life is quite dull. Light faeries are expected to stay out of trouble, and I'm a good light faerie. Psellia's life is much more interesting. Normally you could find her among the clouds, but I think she's in the Altadorian Council Chamber today. Come on, I'll show you over."

I followed Siyana to the Altadorian Council. The building was enormous with large white granite columns supporting a huge arch. In front, there were 11 statues for each of the protectors minus The Darkest Faerie of course. Inside I found the air faerie sitting there alone in her chair. She looked pensive, staring off into space. She wore a neat sky blue dress and she allowed her faint, yellow hair to flow just like Queen Fyora's. Also just like Fyora, she dressed simply as a way to avoid unwanted attention. Keeping her low profile was typical of faeries that grew tired of all the gossip.

"Psellia! There's a reporter from the Neopian Times here to see you," Siyana shouted.

Psellia leaped out of her seat.

"Big sister, I've told you not to do that. Oh, I was in a middle of a nice daydream too," she said, shaking her head in disappointment.

"Sorry sister, I'll keep it down next time. Anyway, I'll leave you two alone."

Before she could answer, Siyana had disappeared.

"Coffee?" asked Psellia. She had already filled up her own mug.

"Yes please. A Neopian Times reporter could always use some of that."

"Cream? Sugar?"

"Nah, I like it dark."

"I see, just like King Altador. Anyways, what did you come to ask me about?"

"Well first off, what were you dreaming about just now?"

"Faerieland. I guess I wish it was floating again."

"Do you think there'll be a way to get it back up in the sky?

"That's my dream. It's always good to have big dreams right?"

"Yeah, definitely. Well, I hope that dream comes true."

"Really? It's rare to find someone that still cares. Most of the faeries have moved on and accepted our fate on the ground. It's an air faerie's worst nightmare," she lamented.

"Well, I hope it all works out and that Faerieland will once again take to the skies. I always had this question and Neopia probably does too, why do they call you The Dreamer?"

"Well, as a young faerie, I was blessed with the ability to interpret dreams and also have certain dreams come true in the future."

"So you mean...sort of like a prophet? Do you dream about the future all of the time?"

Psellia nodded.

"Yes, although not all my dreams are about the future. My dreams are influenced deeply by emotion. If I am sad, I have sad dreams. If I am happy, I have joyful dreams. I try to avoid being scared, because then I have nightmares. My dreams are manifestations of my emotions."

"What's a happy dream look like for you then?"

"Lately, it's when I am floating up in the clouds with an endless population of Harrises. They are my favorite Petpets, the little cuties. I could spend the rest of my life up there. Oh, if only..."

"Are you not happy with the things you do for Neopia?"

"No, I'm happy. Fyora and Altador have been gracious leaders that I love to serve. I have met many good friends along the way and I wouldn't trade them away for anything. Still, there are times that I do wish to curl up on a cloud and just forget about Neopia for a while."

"Ah, so like a vacation**."

"Sort of, like a month long retreat in order to take a break."

"That does sound nice. I heard that you do some dream interpretation for other Neopians."

"It's not just me. Interpreting dreams is a trade that is taught at the top schools in Faerieland. I'll admit, not everyone has the skills to do this but I often find that Fyora's better at that than I am."

"Are you just being modest there**?"

"No, well okay, maybe a little. Neopians come to me because I have more experience with dreams. Fyora has a lot more to handle than me."

"What is the most challenging dream you've had to interpret?"

Psellia stared at the sky a bit as sank deep in thought again before she answered.

"Oh, um, there's a lot. You know, maybe this time I'll have the courage to get this off my chest. So King Altador had a dream once. He said he was in a field where there were 12 Kaus, happily grazing. Suddenly, one of the Kaus seemed to wander away. The other Kaus did not notice and then seemed to carry on their merry way. The runaway Kau found some morphing potions in an old barn. She drank a Fire Kau Morphing Potion and came back to the field. Her flaming body set fire to the grass and the Kaus all ran away. The field was burnt destroying their green pastures. Now that was a simple dream, but it seemed to be sending a message. I felt that the 12 Kaus represented the Altadorian council and the Kau that ran away represented the Betrayer. Unfortunately, the rest is history. The Darkest Faerie became that betrayer. My own disbelief and lack of courage prevented me from telling King Altador the true meaning. That was a mistake. At that time, the Darkest Faerie and the council were still on very good terms. However, I could see that she had quite a few disagreements with King Altador so the outcome made sense."

"Wow...I don't think anybody has heard this story before."

"I would like to forget that day but keeping it all to myself has really kept me from getting over it. I've told King Altador about this before, and he said it wasn't my fault."

Psellia started getting a bit teary-eyed. Her handkerchief was next to her so I handed it to her. After wiping her tears she continued.

"Sorry. Where was I? Oh Altador said I did the best I could for his city, and that none of us could have predicted what the Darkest Faerie would do. Queen Fyora also provided words of encouragement and pointed out there were times when I used my dreams for good like when I dreamt and foresaw that Jeran was going to fall from Darigan Citadel."

"Ah, so you dreamt about that before it actually happened. That's amazing! But it must have been hard for you think you've gotten over things now?"

"I've started to come to terms with it with the help of all my friends. I definitely helps to have others there for you. Makes the bad dreams in life not so terrible."

"Is there anything else you'd like to add?"

"Not sure. Hmm...this is where I leave a word of wisdom for Neopia right? Is that the trendy thing for faeries now?

Well, I've lived long enough to have all sorts of dreams and the dreams that stand out are the ones worth making true. As a young faerie, I felt that I was going to be somewhere one day and here I am on the councils of Faerieland and Altador. Yes, some of my dreams are just predictions of fate. But if you don't dream it, how can you possibly think of doing it?"

"Thank you for you time Psellia and your words of encouragement to all Neopians. I hope one day to find you on a floating faerie cloud next to a Faerieland in the skies."

We will always have dreams. We won't accomplish every one of them, but we can always try. What dreams are you trying to accomplish, and what are you waiting for?

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