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Holiday Proposals That Celebrate Our Food Pets!

by indulgences


I've always had a soft spot for food Neopets, such as Pea Chias and Garlic JubJubs. I think they're unusual, special, and unique. I've been hoping for new food pets for years and years, such as a Cherry Chia or a Banana Chia, so I hope TNT is working on these right now!

That said, I've often wished for holidays that would celebrate our food pets! Over the years, I've made a list of fun holiday proposals that would pay tribute to our edible pets, and would make us smile. Chocolate Day already exists. What about the other food colors?

These are some of the holidays that I think would be a great idea on the Neopets site! They're based on the food pets that we all know and love, and I honestly think they have a chance of being implemented on this website someday!

1. Slice Of Neopets Day

On this day, all fruit and veggie pets would have their images altered so that they're sliced. For instance, instead of a big green watermelon ball, the Watermelon Chia (if it's ever created) would turn into a slice of watermelon, complete with black seeds, pink juicy flesh, and a bright green rind. The Garlic JubJub would turn into half a bulb of garlic, with exposed cloves. The Chokato Kiko would be sliced in half, and we'd finally get to see what's inside! I think this would be a cool and fun way to celebrate the edible pets on this site!

2. Bitten Neopets Day

On this day, all food pets would have a huge hunk bitten out of their poor, delicious selves! Even the tiny Pea and Grape Chias wouldn't be immune. I would definitely take screenies of my Pea and Grape on this day, and I'd probably chuckle at their bitten selves. Don't get me wrong, I love my pets, but seeing bite marks on their heads would make me laugh with glee!

3. Cooked Neopets Day

On this day, the food pets would be replaced by images of their cooked selves. For instance, the Apple Chia would be replaced with the image of an apple pie. The Corn Chia (if it's ever created) would be replaced with the image of a single popcorn. Transferring pets on this day would obviously be disallowed, since the real images of the pets aren't showing, but it would still be fun to celebrate this bizarre day and laugh at the replacement images of our beloved pets!

4. Do Not Eat Me Day

On this day, our edible pets would hold signs proclaiming "Do Not Eat Me." And when we try to feed them foods corresponding to their color, such as feeding biscuits to a Biscuit Kacheek, their mood will go down and they'll start crying. Would this count as cannibalism? How demoralizing! I think this would be an unusual way of celebrating our food pets! It would be just one more idiosyncrasy that makes us love their odd selves!

5. Spork Day

This is a simple, yet very cute, proposal. What if there was a Spork Day where all of our edible pets were speared with a spork on top of their heads? Just imagine the Custard Kougra with a spork scooping into its forehead, or the Strawberry Kacheek with a spork stuck into its cheek. It would be an endearing reminder that they're made of foods, and sporks are so much cooler than the average fork or spoon!

6. Food Fight Day

I think it would be absolutely adorable if there was a Food Fight Day where, when we look at our food pets' lookups, scoops of food are flying left and right across the screen. (I got the idea from the Birthday Cupcakes and poppable balloons we get for our pets' birthdays.) What better way to celebrate our food pets than to have them fight in an actual food fight? Food pets that fight using foods, how original and delightful!

7. New Food Neopet Day

On every New Food Neopet Day, TNT would introduce a new food pet, such as a Biscuit Blumaroo or a Jelly Xweetok. For those of us who love to collect food pets, this holiday would be met with so much excitement and joy!

8. Rotten Neopets Day

How intriguing this holiday would be! On this day, our food pets would be melted and rotten, complete with stink lines and flies. It would definitely be a break from the usual cuteness and sweetness that populates the Neopets website! I love how interesting this holiday proposal is, and if it ever came to pass, I would definitely log in just to see what peoples' food pets look like!

9. Salt And Pepper Day

I think that on this day, there should be salt and pepper shakers floating over our food pets. Perhaps they could be animated, so that you could see the fine white and black powders drift down and settle on our pets with each shake. I think this holiday proposal is quite imaginative, and I would love to see it happen someday!

10. Seafood Day

I love Maraquan pets, but I've always wondered why the TNT artists decided to come up with three lobster-themed pets, namely the Maraquan Buzz, Maraquan Ruki, and Maraquan Ogrin. That said, I must admit, I'm a huge fan of seafood! The lobster and fish-themed pets (such as the Maraquan Pteri, Maraquan Kacheek, and Maraquan Bruce) look pretty appetizing, and I think it would be hilarious if there was a Seafood Day where these pets showed up on dinner plates as part of the holiday!


So these were the top 10 holiday proposals I came up with! I love this website to bits, and I'd like to think that this article will influence TNT enough to create new holidays. It's pretty random and arbitrary that we have a Chocolate Day, for instance, but not a Jelly Day or Biscuit Day. I would love to see more holidays on the site, since every holiday makes me smile and enjoy the site just a little more than I did before!

Thanks for reading this article, my fellow players! I hope you're looking forward to new holidays the way I am! Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, and have an amazing week!

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