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Tangor's Assistant

by theoriginaltali


      There is a shop, a tinkering shop. This is where Neopians of all shapes and sizes go. They take an item, a clock, a thingy-ma-bob and see what Tangor can do with it. He fixes it, cleans it up and make it real nice so you can show your friends it looks brand new and unique once he is done! The line for his workshop is far out the door and from morning to night he has lots of customers galore. They love his imagination and what he can do, just with a few extra pieces or two. He was always busy, and not much time to snooze. Tangor was even a bit lonely too, even though he saw customers every day, they never stay very long.

      "I need a holiday, a break from work. A rest would be nice... but what about my shop? I can't close it while I'm gone can I?" Tangor said while thinking of ways he could escape to even just his bed! "Ahah!" He exclaimed, "I know just what to do! I will hire an Assistant to work here too!" That was just what he needed, someone to help with the work load and share his passion for tinkering and maybe be his friend too.

      So with the great idea in mind, he called up the Faeries over at the Employment Agency to advertise a job vacancy for him. Someone who loves tinkering and has imaginative ideas for toys.

      "This is great! They will advertise the job and recruit and interview for me, so now I can keep being a busy-bee" he said.

      And that is what he did. He worked and he hoped that the Faeries could find the perfect little worker who liked tinkering just as much as he. The days went by and no word of a new worker until finally there was a little knock on the door after closing time one day.

      "I wonder who it could be?" Tangor went to see who was visiting at this time of night.

      "Oh hello little fella, how can I help you tonight?" he said to a little Mynci standing on his porch. But not just any Mynci he realized, he was a Robot Mynci made of dials and buttons, metal and bolts!

      "Hello. Sir. I. Am. Tink." the robot slowly spoke. "I. Saw. Your. Ad. Say. You. Want. Tink. To. Ring."

      Tangor was surprised and chuckled a little. "I want to hire some one who likes tinkering with toys and gadgets. Not for Tink to ring."

      Tink didn't seem to understand the difference, but he strode on in to the workshop anyway and waited patiently for his next instructions, to start work for his wage.

      Tangor thought maybe he could give Tink a broken clock to fix, as a trial and to see if he could pass the first test. After all he really needed an Assistant, he wanted holiday, maybe even visit a beach on Roo Island one day.

      "Here you go Tink, your first job is this. A broken clock I need you to fix." He handed him the clock and a tool belt to see what he would do and watched with hopeful eyes as the gears started to turn on the Mynci's head.

      "Tink. Fix." He said after holding the broken clock for a while.

      With a whistle and a pop, Tink zoomed around the work shop, picking up parts and pieces for who knows what.

      He opened the clock, added a few things then stopped. He turned to Tangor and said, "I. Fixed. The. Clock."

      And sure enough after Tangor's inspection. The clock was fixed with a bonus improvement! It now had purple Faerie wings to fly around the room. Zoom left, right and upside down too!

      "It was such a great tinker!" Tangor thought, because who would have thought to put Faerie wings on a clock?

      "Eureka! You did it! A great tinker you are Tink. Come work her for me as my Assistant, please oh please Tink?" Tangor pleaded with fingers and heart crossed. He was so hopeful.

      "Tink. Will. Tinker." was the reply that was beeped.

      Immediately Tangor jumped around the shop with joy and glee! He even picked up Tink to dance with hand in robot hand. Tink pushed a button on his tummy and music played while they continued to be jolly.

      After all the excitement calmed down, Tangor showed Tink around. He showed him his station and sleeping arrangements. He even showed Tink his favorite gadgets and all the spare parts that you could ever think of! The tools and toys were all explained even a few rules of how to be safe.

      Tangor went to sleep later that night and dreamed of beaches, sun and swimming with Koi fishes. Tink even slept and powered down for the night, he was so tired from all the delight. He dreamed of Faerie wings on everything and even on himself!

      The next day Tangor was excited to work, with Tink by his side they can be twice as quick!

      As usual the customers lined up far out the door, but the line moved quickly and not as slow as before. The customers were happy they didn't have to wait for hours or more, and told Tink just how grateful they were he now worked with Tangor.

      Tink and Tangor worked well side by side and made a great team too. Tink was a hard worker and very imaginative with his tinkering. The other day he made a mini Techo robot that helped clean up the store and tidy. Sometimes they worked together on bigger projects that came their way. The other day they both helped fixed a giant Grarrl's battle armor outside on the front porch. It was so big it couldn't fit through the door! They gave it improvements and weapons to pop out of the helmet. Even added a cup holder for water if the Grarrl got thisty in battles. Which soon became the must have feature for all other armor.

      Tangor finally got to have holidays again, knowing he didn't have to worry about his workshop. He knew it was in good hands with Tink and Techo. Tangor visited the good Faerie Employment Agency on his trip to Faerieland to say thanking for his great Assistant. He was able to pick up lots more supplies for his workshop an even made sure to always bring Tink a souvenir back from his vacations too. Tangor went to beaches and Islands he'd never seen before. Tink even got time for relaxation and to explore!

      The store was blooming and they even expanded, their shop was so good Neopians would always come from all across the realm with things to be upgraded. Faerie's would visit for Faerie clocks to be made special by Tink, they loved them so much they made sure to celebrate Tink's birthday each year by letting the Faerie clocks fly all over the lands for everyone to see.

      There is always an upside for asking for help. It just shows how great it is to work as a team, more work gets done and the great company you will get. Tangor and Tink work happily everyday as best friends now and always.

      The End.

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