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Don't Question the King

by carrotbreath

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Desert Requiem: Part Four
The Red Temple of Qasala was an impressive structure carved into the side of a sandstone cliff, and was one of the few monuments to escape major damage during the sandstorm of two hundred years ago. It was where the coronation of Qasala's rulers traditionally took place and housed the statues of the five founders of the city.

by kalnya


A Beginner's Guide to Skirmishes
I have looked upon the face of the coming days, and she is beautiful, but the path that leads me toward her is dark with ignorance and distrust. - The Oracle

Also by earthlingdreamz

by marcthegr8est1


The Problem with Magma Pets
I never learn...

by scarlet_dissenter


Sunny Side Up
The real travesty here is the ruined breakfast.

by amarettoball

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