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A Foster's Perspective

by dragondancer007


As some of my readers may remember, a few editions ago I did a piece on how to recognize when pets are up for adoption, and how to behave when applying for them. Due to its popularity, I decided to make a follow up piece, this time focusing on the fosters adopting out a pet instead of the adoptees. After conducting several surveys, I compiled the results and took the answers of three users who have experience in adopting out pets. The questions I asked and their responses can be seen below.

Note: To protect the anonymity of the users I interviewed, their usernames were disguised and are not the same as the ones viewed below.

1. What pet did you adopt out?

Umber751x: I have adopted out few 3L names. My most recent up for adoption pet was a V/WN Maraquan Draik I zapped.

TheHeroGirl: It was a rw Zombie Draik.

Oo_Gabi_oO: Well, last one was a vwn robot pteri, but I have also adopted out a vwn faerie xweetok, vwn woodland uni, vwn ghost krawk, vwn pirate lenny, vwn baby wocky and vwn chocolate usul.

2. What type of adoption was it?

Umber751x: I mostly try to aim for about 1-2 weeks for an adoption process. It gives me more time to advertise so more people get a chance but I never want people to spend a lot of time on an app, so a week or two also isn't "too long."

TheHeroGirl: It was a simple, semi-quick adoption. I had him UFA for a short period and received a handful of applications.

Oo_Gabi_oO: All of them were quick adoptions. I'd just advertise them and one week later I'd choose the owner. Mail applications only.

3. What were you most looking for in a potential owner?

Umber751x: Effort when looking at accounts and true interest in or love for the pet when reading the application.

TheHeroGirl: I wanted a new owner that would do something with him. My main goal was finding someone who had some sort of plan.

Oo_Gabi_oO: Happy pets, and at least something that shows me there's some effort behind. I won't believe someone is going to customize when none of their pets are customized and well, that stuff.

4. Which application was your favorite?

Umber751x: My favorite was one where the user put together a beautiful character and art page for the pet I was adopting out.

TheHeroGirl: My favorite application was from someone who had a customization that I loved. They had a small character built for him and a great design overall.

Oo_Gabi_oO: Honestly, I can't remember. I think it was the one for the Woodland Uni, because I saw the other user truly put a big effort for her.

5. What was your least favorite application?

Umber751x: I rarely dislike applications with some exception: If your application is only 1-4 lines long (I usually ask for neomail applications so this isn't uncommon), I usually can't get much out of it and it seems like you didn't really care. Neomails allow 1400 characters. Utilize at least 3/4 of that.

TheHeroGirl: I have no least favorite application; all show at least some effort.

Oo_Gabi_oO: My least favorite applications are the ones that basically only say "I'll take good care, will customize, train, draw and write for him/her. Hope you take me in consideration, best of luck." Sorry but that's not an application. Give specifics.

6. Why did you pick the owner you did?

Umber751x: I tend to pick people who look like they're active, which means a lot of my decision is based on accounts. There are two categories I take into consideration for this: 1) People who make characters/lookups/pet page (this can also include running helpful sites or guild pages and such that don't involve characters) and any of that, if it seems to be a real interest of theirs, is a HUGE plus. The other category I look for, and I tend to pay attention to this more on people who don't utilize their page space: are they just an active player in terms of collections (avatars, trophies, gallery, etc.) or battling or customizing or anything really that would be shown on their lookup? Basically, signs of an active player who would really appreciate the pet.

TheHeroGirl: It was my favorite app. Others were nice, but this individual had a set idea of what they wanted rather than using "I might..." or other phrases that led me to believe that they had no idea of what to do.

Oo_Gabi_oO: In every case because I was the most convinced they cared, and also probably because they had been working on their other pets.

7. Do you feel you let any personal bias influence your decisions?

Umber751x: Yes, see above. Those are is my main biases.

TheHeroGirl: No. I do not remember the individual at all.

Oo_Gabi_oO: It's never happened to me, but I'd trust a friend applying more to be honest. I mean I already know the user and how they treat their pets. Of course, I would only choose said friend if they take good care of their pets already.

8. Do you feel like whether a user planned to re-trade or keep the pet up for adoption influenced your decision?

Umber751x: It would influence it somewhat but that alone would never be a deciding factor. If it would be for a particular pet (such as a pet I prefer not be traded), that would be something I would have mentioned at the start anyway. Primarily, it depends how they go about their re-trader application and also on the quality of the other applicants. However, in my experience adopting out, I've only once been sent what I consider a "good" re-trader application... that person adopted my pet.

TheHeroGirl: No. The pet in question was UFA for re-traders, as well, but most did not have a realistic expectation for trading him. They overvalued.

Oo_Gabi_oO: It does. I always wanted my pets to go to forever homes, because a part of me is still attached to them. If I wanted to see the pet traded I'd trade by myself.

9. What did you least like seeing in potential adoptees?

Umber751x: Nothing particular, aside from a sloppy application.

TheHeroGirl: Anyone who failed to follow the rules or sent an app that essentially said they would do the bare minimum as an owner, but that they liked him.

Oo_Gabi_oO: Compliments every three words.

10. Do you have any advice for people planning to adopt out pets in the future?

Umber751x: Knowing what you're looking for in an owner ahead of time will help you when it comes to choosing a new owner. Sometimes you'll instantly identify the person who is perfect, but sometimes you have to carefully consider small details.

TheHeroGirl: Have the rules set and stay firm with them. Remain objective and do it your way.

Oo_Gabi_oO: Well, it's a nice thing to do but you'll never know what will happen to your pet after adopting out. Some pets I adopted out months ago are being traded, another ones in inactive accounts. If a pet is kind of special, be picky. I don't think that's bad. Also make sure you really want to adopt out the pet.

11. Do you have any advice for people planning to apply for pets in the future?

Umber751x: If you're doing a neomail application, those can be done really well or just kind of "okay." There is a certain art to it. If you have time, practice it. Try to get feedback from your friends if you think you haven't got it down. It might not be obvious what you should and should not write, since most people are used to mainly chatting over neomail.

TheHeroGirl: Follow the rules and makes yourself stand out in a positive way. Know what you want from the pet.

Oo_Gabi_oO: BE HONEST.

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