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Purveyor of Precious Toys: The Toy Shopkeeper

by _brainchild_


As Lupe Day approaches, the minds of Neopians across the globe turn to famous Lupes that have contributed to our world. In honor of this holiday, my Purple Lupe named Snazztacular and I decided to interview a famous Lupe: the shopkeeper of the Toy Store in Neopia Central.

Me: Good afternoon, ma'am. Snazz and I are here to write an article about your store for the Neopian Times. We would appreciate it if you could answer a few questions for us.

Shopkeeper: Certainly! I love publicity and opportunities to increase my sales.

Me: Thank you. Snazz and I know that you sell a wide variety of toys, but surely some are more popular than others. What are your best-sellers?

Shopkeeper: I manage to sell many goodie bags of different types. Most snowglobes are also well-liked. Faerie dolls are very high in demand, but I can't find enough of them. Apparently they're rare and cherished. I finally stocked one the other day, and the customers were fighting over it! I had to kick someone out of the store for unruly behavior that disturbed the other guests.

Snazz: That's no surprise. Restockers—

Me: Quiet, Snazz! (Turns to Shopkeeper) I see. Why do you think that these items sell so well?

Shopkeeper: Goodie bags are popular because people like to surprise themselves. Snowglobes and faerie dolls are well-liked because they are so beautiful. If you ever see the shining eyes and dazzling dress of a faerie doll, you'll understand.

Snazz: They're just out to make—

Me: Snazz! (Turns to Shopkeeper) I'll be sure to put that on my list of tasks to accomplish. Anyway, are there any toys that don't sell very well?

Shopkeeper: Anything that isn't a goodie bag, snowglobe, or faerie doll tends to just sit on the shelves, unwanted and neglected. I don't understand why because all of my toys are very well-made.

Snazz: There's no profit to be made!

Me: Snazz, hush!

Shopkeeper: Profit? Of course I'm making profit. I run a business.

Snazz: No, I mean that the customers—

Me: Snazz, enough! Here are a few Chocolate Lupe Treats to keep you quiet.

Snazz: My favorite! (Starts to munch on the treats)

Me: Anyway, you tell your customers that Neopets can become tired of old toys. What is your basis for this claim? Snazz hasn't played with too many toys, but I can attest that she's never asked for a new Petpet after all these years of owning a Purple Doglefox.

Shopkeeper: If you ever give your Neopet the same toy repeatedly, he or she will say, "Thanks for playing, but all the other pets have more toys than me." Your pet is hinting that he or she desires a new toy. If you have the Neopoints to spare, you should come to the Toy Shop and buy a new one. Your Neopet will be overjoyed. Regarding your comment about the Doglefox, he or she is a living, breathing pet, so Snazz should never tire of him or her. I don't know what gender the Doglefox is. Sorry.

Snazz: Paws is a boy! (The Doglefox sticks his head out of Snazz's satchel upon hearing his name.)

Shopkeeper: I see.

Me: Here is my next question. Have you planned any specials for Lupe Day because you're a Lupe?

Shopkeeper: No, I haven't thought about it. However, the day after Lupe Day just happens to be Half-Price Day, so all the shops will be offering deals. That should be enough to whet your appetite.

Me: I always look forward to Half-Price Day because I can get lots of great deals. Here's another question. Why don't you offer refunds?

Shopkeeper: None of the shops offer refunds. If your toy breaks, your Neopet played with it too much. Nothing lasts forever. I only sell quality toys. If you have a broken toy, you can buy a new one.

Snazz: Or you can go to Donny's Toy Repair Shop at the top of Terror Mountain, and he'll repair it for a small fee.

Shopkeeper: True, but who wants to travel that far? Not me.

Me: You're right. Some people might want to stay close to home. One last question. Out of all the items you could possibly sell, why did you decide to sell toys?

Shopkeeper: I love toys. When I was a child, I had every toy imaginable. Well, almost every one. I couldn't find those elusive faerie dolls. I remember sitting in my room for hours, creating make-believe scenarios with my toys. Now that I'm a working adult, I have decided to turn my passion into a source of income.

Me: That's a great story. What was your favorite toy as a child?

Shopkeeper: I enjoyed anything that featured a Lupe because I am a Lupe myself.

Me: That's understandable. Did you play with Usukis at all?

Shopkeeper: Not much. There weren't as many to collect, and I could never afford the rarer ones with my childhood allowance.

Me: I see. Thank you for sharing—

Shopkeeper: I'm terribly sorry, but my new stock came in. Just a moment.

Me: A goodie bag? I'd like to buy that. Here's your 2500 Neopoints, ma'am.

Shopkeeper: Thank you!

Me: Do you have any more?

Shopkeeper: No, I just sold them to other customers. Sorry.

Snazz: You do realize that she's going to throw that in her shop for a 2000 percent markup, right? That's what I was trying to tell you. People actually pay those prices.

Shopkeeper: I beg your pardon? You must be joking.

Me: Snazz, let's get out of here! (Snazz and I rush out the front door.)

    As you can tell, the Shopkeeper graciously answered our questions. While Snazz volunteered information which I didn't want to give, I found the interview to be very satisfying. The next time you are in Neopia Central, you should stop into the Toy Shop and buy your Neopet a new toy. He or she will be delighted. Three cheers for this famous Lupe in honor of Lupe Day!

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