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The 7 "Don’ts" of Daily Dare

by mazaii_3


Finally, Daily Dare is back. You waited that long and now you don’t want to miss a single moment, right? Of course it is! Let’s get to it!

1 . DON’T be afraid to send scores

That’s actually a really useful piece of information I recently got access to. Let’s imagine that you spent your entire day trying to beat a Daily dare score and accidently sent all 3 normally available scores (who doesn’t get too excited while playing from time to time?) Is everything lost? All your effort for nothing? No! You can still send more valid scores, you won’t just be getting neopoints for it.

2. DON’T rush, do some testing

As every good neopian knows, each day of Daily Dare you will be given the option to challenge either AAA or Abigail. You must defeat one of them in order to get your event prizes. The good news is that you don't have to choose your opponent right away. If you're in doubt about being able to beat AAA or his little sister Abigail , you can always play the selected game a few times before taking part into the Daily Dare. This is a really useful strategy because you can have a previous idea of your skill level in a determined game and what opponent to pick. You can even open a game, play it, try to get as many points as you can and only after having a score ready to be sent choose an adversary and beat it.

3. DON’T give up

Let's imagine you just woke up and ran towards your PC to find out what is the new Daily Dare challenge. That's what I usually do myself. Everything is alright until you find out that the game of day has a really high score. Or even worse: it's in fact an easy game, but you for any reason just aren't good at it. My tip to you is to not give up! You may not be able to get a big score after a few attempts, but what about a dozen of times trying? What about reading a complete guide explaining all the basic stuff about the game? You can also go talk to people in the forums! Sometimes they'll give a hint that will make an “impossible” game sounds like something doable! Believe me, I've been there myself! You don’t have to keep playing nonstop for hours, take breaks and come back a few hours later! Your performance will increase greatly, I assure!

4. DON’T get stressed out about the Team Challenges

The Team Challenges are quite fun and a way to meet new people in the site. They will be given every Friday and keep available until Sunday. You must challenge a neofriend and together achieve a higher score than the opponent you’ve chosen. Note that unlike the normal challenge, in the Team Challenge you’ve got three days to complete it. So, there’s no need to get desperate if you can’t do it in the first day. However, if you can complete the challenge in the day of the release, it’s even better since you’ll be getting an extra prize for doing it in the first day! Keep in mind: Completing the challenges is good, completing them on the release day is outstanding

5. DON’T play the Team Challenge before pairing up with someone

Another tip about the Team Challenge. The title is almost self-explanatory, but I can’t tell how important it is to fully understand the different kinds of challenges in the Daily Dare event. Whenever a Team Challenge is released, you can pick your opponent without second thoughts if you’re sure you can surpass his or her score. However, you MUST NOT send a score that would beat your opponent’s score before the neofriend you’ve sent the Team Challenge invitation accepts it. This is extremely important since you won’t be getting the extra prize if you send a higher score than your opponents. So far, the only Team Challenge prize was really good, an AAA stamp, unbuyable since the the release day. You don’t want to miss the next awesome prize, do you? Pay attention to this detail!

6. DON’T worry about the final trophies

One of the main reasons people are playing Daily Dare is to get another trophy for their collections. We all love these shiny piece metals, don’t we? That being said, the requirements for getting the maximum rank trophy (golden one) don’t demand you to complete all of AAA’s challenge on the day they were released, it requires you to defeat all AAA challenges, regardless of when you’ve done it (obviously, during the period Daily Dare event!). So, what I’m trying to say is that if you weren’t able to complete a challenge on the release day, you’ll still be eligible to get the gold trophy! However, that’s not an excuse for you to be lazy and do everything on the last minute. That way you will not be getting any bonus prizes and missing the main part of neopets: having a good time.

7. DON’T hurry about the NC Challenge

Site events are a good way to customize your pets appearance. That occurs because most of the events nowadays have an additional NC feature. This way you will be able to get exclusive clothing for your pets and also have access to extend your knowledge about the event as whole. Lulu is the character behind the NC part of Daily Dare. She’ll let you explore the castle and eventually open doors containing prizes inside if you manage to have a key (keys are available at the NC Mall). Each day a new door will be available to be opened. Something people might not know is that you can get access to doors from previous days. So, you can wait until the last day of Daily Dare and choose which NC prize pleases you the most.

That’s all for today, guys! Good luck playing!

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