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A Grey Petpet for All

by paperdoll66


One of the most reliable ways of selecting a petpet is to choose one that is the same color as your pet, but Grey petpets aren’t just for Grey pets. A lot of different factors go into finding the perfect petpet for your pet, and all combinations can work if the personalities fit together. Also, even though Grey petpets are best known for being gloomy, they each have an individual personality beyond that one common trait. Selecting a petpet can be just as difficult of a decision as finding the right pet, and the options seem almost infinite. This quiz will help you select the Grey petpet that fits your pet’s personality.

It is only meant to be a starting point. Currently, there are over seventy petpets that can be painted Grey at the PetPet Puddle, so there are a lot more petpets that can be covered in one quiz! Each one has their own unique personality, so there is a lot to consider.

1. Your pet’s team loses a crucial game in the Altador Cup and falls dramatically in the rankings. How do they react?

A. They are sad for days. They expect that their team will not improve and begin fretting about their eventual defeat.

B. Your pet tries not to let their disappointment show. They hold out some hope for them to bounce back before the end of the tournament but are resigned to whatever happens in the end.

C. Even though your pet would prefer it if their team won every game, supporting a winning team is not their main goal. They are going to enjoy the experience either way. They aren’t going to let one game bring them down.

D. Your pet starts looking for underhanded methods to help their team. They think they might have found a spell that looks promising.

2. Pick the word that would describe your pet the best:

A. Moody

B. Stoic

C. Bubbly

D. Mysterious

3. Which option is the most like planning a vacation with your pet?

A. You surprise them with a relaxing trip to Kiko Lake. Your pet needs to go somewhere calm and serene.

B. It takes some effort to get your pet to open up about what they would be interested in doing, but they always have amazing ideas.

C. The hardest part of planning your vacation is picking amongst your pet’s many suggestions, which all sound like a ton of fun.

D. Your pet’s first choice is always visiting the Haunted Woods. If you are lucky, you can talk them into stopping by Jhudora’s Bluff.

4. Pick the word that would describe your pet best:

A. Unhappy

B. Aloof

C. Energetic

D. Scary

5. Which battledome weapon would your pet pick as their favorite?

A. You will not be able to coax your sad and skittish pet into the battledome until it is possible to send them into battle with an inventory full of Thyoras Tears.

B. Your pet goes for the practical pick. They automatically choose the Scroll of Ultranova, because it packs a big punch for the price.

C. It is impossible to ask your pet to pick just one without letting them try all of them out first. They almost settle with a Rainbow Frost Cannon but are disappointed to find out it doesn’t shoot rainbows.

D. They dream of taking on their enemies with a Wand of the Dark Faerie.

6. Pick the word that would describe your pet best:

A. Melancholy

B. Unemotional

C. Enthusiastic

D. Eerie

7. What are some qualities that your pet is looking for in a petpet?

A. The cuter a petpet is the better. Your pet has a happy life and wants a petpet they can share their good fortune with.

B. They have been considering some of the robotic petpets. They appeal to your pet’s analytical side.

C. Your pet wants someone they can relate to when things get tough. They’re looking for support.

D. Your pet is looking for their partner in crime! Sometimes your pet is up to nothing good, and they would like a petpet that will go along for the ride.

If you answered mostly A, opposites might attract. At first glance, you might assume that your happy-go-lucky pet would make a poor match for a Grey petpet, but this could be an opportunity to spread some of their happiness to others. Your perky pet might look into the eyes of a Grey Gangee and be unable to resist bringing them home and trying to add a little cheer to their life. Even the happiest pet will feel a little brighter knowing that they could share their joy with someone else.

If you answered mostly B, your pet might find a kindred spirit with some of the robotic petpets that can be painted Grey. Many Grey petpets wear their hearts on their sleeves, but that isn’t true of all of them. You cannot tell that they are a Grey petpet just by looking at the Grey Millipod, Roburg 3T3, Avabot, and GX-4 Oscillabot. Your pet can relate to how these petpets bottle their emotions up inside and will know not to assume that what is showing on the outside reflects what they are really feeling.

If you answered mostly C, your pet can relate to a Grey petpet’s grey moods, even if they aren’t reflected in your pet’s color. They will have a lot in common, which is a good basis for a friendship. Since they are kindred spirits, they will be able to understand all of their petpet’s moods. Both your pet and their petpet will benefit from having the opportunity to provide support for someone that is so similar to them.

If you answered mostly D, a Grey petpet can make a wonderful companion to a pet that is interested in the darker side of Neopia. Grey petpets have a lot more to their personality than just being sad, and your pet’s schemes will help bring that out. A Grey Fellie would be a lookout for when one is needed, and your pet’s interest in magic might be the cure for their broken wings. Your pet is also one that might be up to the challenge of owning a Grey Meepit.

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