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The Parchment Treaty

by platdragon


      The Faerie Ruins plot had happened a while back.

      Platdragon (Sarah) and her pets were awakened at 5:30 A.M. NST on the morning of March 28th by someone pounding on the front door of their neohome at 82667 Island Crescent on Mystery Island. Bujutsu, a Stealthy Buzz, got to the front door first. GhostRider2015 (GR), a snow grundo, was right behind Bujutsu, as was Furaoe, a Dimensional Shoyru. Sryii, a Wraith Meerca, and Peftjaubast (Peft), a Pirate Draik, held back a bit in the living room.

      The person at the door was a Royal Messenger (a Pink Ixi dressed in a pink uniform) from Queen Fyora. He had a sealed message for Sarah and several of her pets. It was on pink royal parchment with a pink wax seal and was tied with a pink silk ribbon. Bujutsu removed the ribbon and carefully broke the seal. It was an invitation for Sarah and 3 of her pets to go immediately to Queen Fyora's castle in Faerieland.

      Sarah and 3 of her pets hurriedly dressed. She made sure that GR and Peft had plenty of food in the pantry some neopoints so they could do some activities while the neopets others were gone. They went outside with the messenger. Furaoe used his special abilities to travel dimensionally to just inside the Faerieland's castle courtyard. The surprised royal guards recognized the royal messenger and allowed the party to enter the castle.

      Queen Fyora was waiting in her personal chambers for them with several rolled parchments in her hand. Queen Fyora greeted them, "Hello, I have desperate need of a stealthy messenger Neopet, a Neopet with dimensional abilities, and a Wraith Neopet. Sarah, can you and your pets deliver these parchments to the Wraith King Aroyf in Aipoen?"

      Sarah looked at each of her Neopets and then said, "Yes, your majesty. We can do this for you. Just point us in the direction to go."

      Queen Fyora gave Bujutsi the parchments his uniquely enchanted message bag. The parchments were on royal parchment with a magical seal as well as an image of Queen Fyora on pink wax and were tied with a Royal Pink ribbon. She also gave Sarah a special pink ring that would let her speak and understand any wraith creatures that she encountered, just in case she got separated from Syrii.

      Furaoe utilized his special ability to take them across several dimensions and a bit back in time prior to the fall of Faerieland. The crossing of time and space was weird with lots of flashing pink and purple lightening that rotated as they travelled rapidly down a long tunnel. Upon arrival in Aiopen, Furaoe explained that almost everything in this Universe was based on science, not magic like in Neopia. He explained that we had entered a black hole, travelled down a worm hole, and came out a white hole in a unique dimension.

      When they arrived in Aiopen, they were greeted by a small wraith usul. He said they were expected and could they please follow him. The buildings were similar to Neopian ones, but made of energy. Several wraiths stopped and watched us go by.

      We went to the castle and met King Aroyf. He was waiting for them in the royal throne room. He had a wraith staff that was the opposite to the staff Queen Fyora utilized.

      King Aroyf asked to see any parchments we had. Bujutsu gave him the parchments from his messenger bag. The King opened the biggest one and then the other ones.

      He looked at Sryii and beckoned him to approach. Sryii knelt before the throne and said, "Hello King Aroyf, your humble cousin at your service". Sarah and the other neopets were astounded that Syrii was related to the King.

      King Aroyf inquired about Sryii's treatment in Neopia.

      Sryii replied that Sarah had adopted him from the Neopian pound. Also that she had treated him very well, as she did all of her Neopets, including the two she did not bring along. That everything was as suspected after the Fall of Faerieland due to the assaults during the Wraith War against The Faeries. That Queen Fyora wanted to make peace and to open trade between the Wraith Dimension and The Faerie Dimension. One of the parchments should be about negotiating battledomes for both dimensions. So that both dimensions would have new opponents and that Aipoen would have battledomes for the wraith pets to battle in.

      The King sat and read the parchments and nodded at some places as he read.

      King Aroyf leaned forward on his throne and told Syrii, “These parchments include that. As well as, allowing import and export of our goods and services. Wraith pets will be allowed to visit Neopia and Neopian pets to visit here too. We would also acquire a pound where owners here could adopt Neopets and Neopet owners could adopt Wraith pets. Do you think our populace is ready for this after the Faerieland Ruins war?”

      Syrii thought for a bit and then answered, “I think it could really work. Obviously Queen Fyora does too. The only problems I see are there is only one portal right now, so we would need a lot of Dimensional pets to accommodate this.”

      Furaoe, the Dimensional Shoyru, asked Bujutsu to please give King Aroyf the treaty that was recommended by him. Furaoe informed the King that he was an ambassador for the Dimensional world. The parchments he had would also allow all the same things Queen Fyora was proposing for the Wraiths for the Dimensional world. He ONLY needed the two ruler’s signatures on his parchments and his King was waiting for documents to sign. King Yfaro had suggested that the three rulers meet at Kreludian Mining Corporation or the Grundo Warehouse, as both had a high level of security in place.

      King Aroyf contemplated this for a bit. He then told Furaoe, as an ambassador, to go ahead and make the necessary arrangements for sometime in April for Neopian year 18.

      Furaoe suggested that he take Bujutsu and Sarah back to talk to Queen Fyora and that Syrii could return with King Aroyf for the signing of the parchments. This way Syrii could visit with his family and explain to the populace what Neopia was like.

      Furaoe ported the party into Queen Fyora’s throne room. One of the guards hurried off to get the Queen. The Queen entered with a smile on her face. She listened to what Furaoe had to say. She then said the arrangements would not be difficult to arrange for the Kreludian Mining Corporation.

      Sarah and Bujutsu were politely dismissed. The two of them returned their home. Later that evening, Furaoe returned with the news that the meeting of the 3 leaders would be on April 1st at 10 A.M. NST.

      Sarah was surprised that the leaders were meeting that quickly. Bujutsu said that it made sense as the benefits were so great for all 3 worlds.

      In the next day’s neomail, there was a pink invitation for the household to the signing as a reward for all their help and to the luncheon afterwards.

      The morning of April 1st, Sarah’s household was dressed in their Sunday best. Bujutsu’s stealthy uniform had been pressed. Furaoe had on his royal red ambassador’s uniform with lots of white lace.

      There was a wraith limousine waiting for them as they opened the front door. Syrii was driving it. He explained that King Aroyf wanted them as his guests. They arrived on Kreludor after Furaoe ported them to the moon’s surface.

      The Kreludar Mining Corporation’s interior has been modified and changed into a big hall with guest boxes where offices had been previously. They were escorted to a guest box so they could observe the historic event by royal guards.

      As they looked around they saw representatives from the Wraith and Dimensional worlds mingling with Neopets and their owners on the floor.

      A trumpet sounded. The leaders of the three worlds stood on the raised platform to sign the treaties on the parchments.

      The signing of the parchments went smoothly and was over quickly.

      An announcement was made over the loudspeakers that the 3 leaders would please like everyone’s attention.

      Queen Fyora, King Aroyf, and King Yfaro stood at the edge the platform and had to wait for the applause to end. Together the used their respective abilities so that everyone in Neopia could hear them say, “April Fools!!! We got you all with our prank. Please attend our April Fool’s Day party where you will be served Fyora’s pink lemonade, Dimensional red ice cream, and shockingly purple Wraith cake. Hope everyone has a great April Fool’s Day”.

      It was that evening at 9:10 P.M. Furaoe was tossing and turning in his sleep. He was talking so loudly about a big event that he woke the whole household up with the shouting he was doing.

      Sarah tried to wake him up but was unsuccessful in the attempts.

      A young Dark Faerie floated thru the wall and clapped her hands together 3 times to break the spell. She said very loudly, “April Fool’s Furaoe!!”

      Sarah and her pets were befuddled by this.

      The Dark Faerie explained that Furaoe had enjoyed popping out of unusual hiding places and scaring this Dark Faerie. So this Dark Faerie had visited Jhudora and this sleeping spell with a nightmare was created to put a stop to Furaoe’s behavior. The Dark Faerie told them that when Furaoe drank his favorite red drink for breakfast this morning, it contained the spell.

      Furaoe looked very sheepish and said quietly, “I am sorry. I was having fun at your expense. I have learned my lesson.”

      The End.

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