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Lylin_Fire, The Fierce, Red Wocky

by kittens4life6


      I had always wanted a special Neopet, but this was not what I wanted. A picky, rude, ungrateful pet that will refuse to eat or drink anything but bottled water. This all happened about a year ago, when I was putting water away in case there was a shortage.

      "Can you play with me?" asked Lylin_Fire, for the millionth time.

      "Not now, go play with the other Neopets," I said, putting away more water. It was exhausting.

      "FaolanTheFirst is not whining, and he is being a good pet and helping me put away this water."

      "But that's boring!" she said, "why do we need all this water?"

      "Because, if there is a water shortage, we need something to drink."

      "Ughhh..." she said, and finally went off to play with her toys. What an ungrateful, spoiled Neopet I had. Meanwhile, FaolanTheFirst quietly helped me with the water bottles. He had always been a very good Neopet, never complaining, and always helping me do the chores. Lylin_Fire, on the other hand, was very lazy and played with her toys all day long. That red Wocky ought to learn a lesson, someday. I even tried sending her to school, but she threw a tantrum and got kicked out after the first week because of her "outrageous behavior". FaolanTheFirst, on the other hand, had not been exactly thrilled to go to school, but had not complained, either. FaolanTheFirst had always been a good pet ever since I had gotten him. He was not spoiled, thanks to Lylin_Fire always demanding toys and games. FaolanTheFirst had always eaten fruits and vegetables, but Lylin_Fire had never eaten so much as a carrot. Before Lylin_Fire, it was just me and FaolanTheFirst. We had gone to many places without Lylin, but when I got her, we couldn't even leave the house because of her laziness.

      After a while, Lylin_Fire came back. She picked up a bottle and drank from it. When she looked up, her fur was bright red and her eyes were full of newly-gained power. Then, she started screeching.

      "More! More! I must have more water!"

      She jumped into the pile of bottles and picked another one up. She drank that one too, not even leaving a drop.

      "Give me more!" she screeched.

      I quickly realized that she was going to go more crazy than she already was, so I tossed her a bottle, and then ran for the house.

      About five minutes later, I heard some pounding on the door. I saw Lylin through the window. I ran out the back exit and hurried to the store.

      "Quick!" I said to the cashier. "I need bottles of water!"

      He handed me a few and I threw all the Neopoints I had into his hand.

      "Thank you!" I hollered, as I sprinted out the door.

          After that day, Lylin_Fire Always demanded water. She would wake up every day, not even touching her breakfast of muffins, Kau Kau farm milk, and bread, and holler for water. She wouldn't even take regular water, either. She only drank bottled water.

      But there was a problem.

      Bottled water was very expensive, and Lylin demanded many bottles a day. I soon ran out of Neopoints, emptying my bank account and my shop till. I had to close my shop and sell all the items in there, and my dream of having my own shop was over. We soon had to sell the house, and everything in it. We became homeless, having to visit the Soup Kitchen and the Money Tree, hoping to find food for me and Faolan, and water bottles for Lylin. She was always demanding more, more, and more water. Something had happened to her. She wasn't quite the same anymore.

      One day, I asked Lylin why she liked the water so much.

      "It tastes good," was all she said.

      The next day, I made a plan to save up Neopoints. I need 100 for a doctor. Every day, I saved up 5 Neopoints. After a while, I was ready to call a doctor.

      "So, what's wrong with her?" the doctor asked.

      "She wants water," I said, and explained the rest to him.

      After I was done, he gave me a bottle of medicine. I read the label, and it said "Healing Potion X".

      "But this is a healing potion," I said.

      "It should heal her, not completely, from her need for the water."

      "How will I give it to her?"

      "You will find a way."

      The next day, I came up with a plan. I found a big tub, and filled it with water from the water bottles that Lylin loved. Then, I poured the potion in. I called Lylin over, and I showed her the tup. Of course, she went crazy. I left her to enjoy her water.

      Later, when I came back, I found her asleep. She looked more peaceful, and her fur had its pale red color back.

      When she woke up, her eyes still looked fierce, not like before, though. She was not her old self again, but not quite the raging, demanding Lylin either.

      "Hello?" She said.

      "Lylin? Is that you?"

      "I'm... I'm thirsty," she said. But she said it in a light, not demanding tone. She was cured.

      "Let me get you some water," I said, standing up. "Let's go to the Money Tree."

      I remembered the first day that she became like this: "She picked up a bottle and drank from it. When she looked up, her eyes were full of newly-gained power. Then, she started screeching."

      She was so calm, now, that day seemed very long ago. She was almost back to her old self. I didn't exactly want her to go back, though. I liked her better this way.

      But, then, the next day, she turned back to the monster, demanding water. The potion from the doctor had worn off.

      "Give me water! Give me water! Give me it now! I demand water, I need water, I crave water!"

      FaolanTheFirst looked at me with a look that said: "here we go again..."

      I didn't have enough money to buy more potions, much less call the doctor. I was stuck with Lylin like this forever. She would always be demanding more water, more water, water, and only bottles of water. I didn't know what to do.

      We went to far away places to try to find a medicine for Lylin_Fire to cure her of her cravings, but we found none. We kept giving her water, but she always demanded more. We tried slushies, punch, NeoCola, and many more things that she might like, but she turned down each and every one of them. She only wanted water, and nothing else.

      But water was very expensive, so we had to work for hours just to get a bottle. She was always just as demanding the next morning. I couldn't find any reason to go on, except that I loved Lylin_Fire, and wanted her to be happy.

      We never got out of this poverty, mainly because I would never put Lylin and Faolan up for adoption, I love them both far too much.

      Please, if you like my story, send me a Neomail, or please, send me bottles of water!

      The End.

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