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Ten Items That ALMOST Exist

by zehlua


This is a list of items that are an integral part of Neopian canon, but are not available to the general public! Whether they appear in the background of a picture or the imagination of a reader, these items deserve another chance in the spotlight. Will our lovely team of staff members eventually give us access to these nearly-forgotten wonders, or will they be forever lost in the archives of background art? Let's find out!

10. Raspberry Beret

In the description of Raspberry Sorbet, there lies the briefly told legend of a whimsical hat that can enhance one’s frozen treat eating experience. Sadly, the aforementioned Raspberry Beret is nowhere to be found on the site... yet. For now, we can only imagine what it looks like.

This beret would complete the trio of the Raspberry Plushie and Raspberry Patch Background. How awesome is that?

9. Snazzy Star Wardrobe

Out of all the furniture pieces in this Hide and Seek scene, the purple and yellow star-patterned wardrobe on the far wall is certainly the most eye-catching. Brimming with classy early-era Neopets charm, this vintage piece would greatly enhance the environment of any modern neohome. While it incorporates a familiar star motif, the rectangular design of the wardrobe says, “I’m ready to party, but I’m also practical and functional.” Nostalgic yet timeless, the Snazzy Star Wardrobe is a definite must-have item for your neopet's bedroom!

(The white set of drawers with the flower knobs and the colourful oval picture of the karate kacheek are close runner-ups.)

8. Red Pombrero

Possibly the silliest hat in Neopia, the shopkeeper's “Pombrero," as I call it, remains an exclusive NPC item. In fact, almost all of the items pictured in the Roo Island Souvenir Shop banner are not yet available for purchase (which saddens many Roo Island fans, me included!) With the increasing popularity of the Roo Island Yooyuball team, locals are demanding more items to show off their Ragin' Roo pride.

Ideally, the Pombrero would come in four fashionable colours: standard red, cheerful yellow, grassy green, and blumaroo blue. Though it may seem as though it’s just for show, this hat is capable of keeping both sun and rain off of the neopet who wears it. Fancy that!

(After we tackle the Pombrero issue, we can move into Roo Island Lollipop and Mushroom Cottage Play Set territory!)

7. Island Palm Tree Cake

The only logical explanation for this scrumptious item's absence is its tendency to get eaten by hungry jetsams! Otherwise, I’m sure that Mystery Island residents would love to have this special tropical cake added to their recipe repertoire.

Imagine a coconut cake with buttercream icing and marzipan trees... mmmmm!

6. Pineapple Cocofroth

A softer, creamier relative of the Blue Cocofizz, the Pineapple Cocofroth resembles a tropical ice cream float. Its pineapple sherbet, coconut milk, and tongue-colouring blue composition make for the perfect Gadgadsbogen treat. Let’s share this effervescent island delight with our island kougra friends, who inspired this Pango-Pango approved recipe!

5. Goth Korbat Outfit

That jagged shadow mascara! Those edgy steel earrings! The delicate black lace on her wings! It is a crime against Neopian fashion to deprive our gothic korbat friends of this dark and marvelous outfit! We simply must have it for this upcoming Halloween season (and possibly every other season after that!)

Maybe, just maybe, if we all behave ourselves, we'll be granted this awesome gothic ensemble this next Korbat Day. Fingers (and wings) crossed!

4. Checkered Winter Blumaroo Outfit

Yet another fabulous species-specific ensemble! With fun-loving harlequin diamonds, fluffy fur trim, and puffy pompoms, this outfit is well-suited to almost any blumaroo. The colours used in these garments are attractive as well; a dark minty green reminds us of Happy Valley pine trees, and the creamy white trim is like the whipped topping that adorns a Caramel Hot Chocolate.

Surprise your bouncy blumaroo buddies this Christmas with a brand-new coat and hat! It’s elegant, it’s seasonal, and it’ll be all the rage on Roo Island and Terror Mountain!

3. Peach and Purple Rose Tree

At number three, we see the forest for the trees! Check out the gorgeous colours on this elusive arboreal specimen… passionate purple roses add zing and pizzazz to the soft, peach-pink leaves of this breathtaking spring tree. I'd love to ask that faerie draik where he buys his seeds... I need one of those beauties in my NeoGarden, PRONTO!

2. Seashell Wallpaper

While plain wallpapers are enjoyably simple and easy to colour-coordinate, there are those of us who would appreciate more patterned home decor. This baby blue seashell wallpaper would be ideal for bathrooms, as well as ocean-themed nurseries. (Just make sure you don’t get tooth paste all over it!)

1. Cyodrake Cake

This red velvet cake sports a festive Meridellian design upon the surface of its deftly-whipped cream cheese frosting (what a mouthful!) Cyodrakes and neopets alike will enjoy this sweet treat year-round, but mostly during medieval holidays and Altador Cup victory celebrations. I know it would be a big hit at Meridellian birthdays, too!

I think King Skarl would strongly approve of another cake variety at his banquet table. (Or any new addition to it, really, but that’s beside the point!)

If I had to choose only one of these items to be released, I would pick the Cyodrake Cake, hands-down. Neopia is sorely lacking in red velvet cake, and although I will always root for Roo Island in the Altador Cup, a celebration cake like that one might tempt me to cheer for Meridell as well. Not to mention, “Cyodrake Cake” has an excellent rhythm and rhyme to it. Perhaps my ogrin, Cash the Bard, will write a jaunty ode to this deserving dessert.

My, look at the time! I’m almost late for music class with my pets!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this lovingly-written countdown of items that don’t quite exist, but sorely should. I hope to see you in the next article, in which I discuss more accessible wearables and neohome items. Until then, stay awesome, Neopia!

Zehlua, signing out~

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