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Eau De Neopia: Neopia's Top 10 Perfumes

by princess__neo277


Regardless of whether you’re from Faerie Land or Tyrannia, everyone loves perfume. But how is a Neopian to know the best from the worst perfumes out there? And what kind of perfumes there are available here in Neopia? Have you ever wanted to try something a bit more daring than but not sure if you can pull off that bottle of Sloth Spring Scented Perfume? Well, we have compiled the top 10 perfumes available in Neopia for you to digest. So sit back and prepare to be educated.

10. Chocolate Perfume

Available from The Grooming Parlour for 229 NPS

Notes: sugar and cocoa

This perfume comes in a chocolate themed bottle with an atomizer nozzle to help you spray the perfect amount. The superior scent of this pleasant perfume will leave you smelling of Milk Chocolate Korbats all day, and maybe all night depending on how much you use. We recommend using this as and when you please as everyone loves the delightful smell of chocolate! Though it would be a good idea to stay a few feet away from hungry Grarrls… just in case.

9. Cooler Than You Perfume

Available from The Grooming Parlour from 945 NPS

Notes: Ice, Snow and Water

This perfume is a Terror Mountain favourite, with its cool, wintery scent and glacier themed bottle. This “polar-ific” perfume needs to be kept in a cool environment to prevent the smell from going sour which is why we recommend not using this on trips to Mystery Island or Moltara as the smell will quickly turn very unpleasant. This perfume is one of Taelia’s favourites.

8. Eau De Esophagor

Available from The Shop Wizard for an estimated 10,000 NPS

Notes: Ectoplasm, Bile and Mud

This perfume is really only socially acceptable in The Haunted Woods, mainly because of its haunted themed smell. Of course, you can walk around in Faerie Land wearing this perfume but don’t expect to fit in! This is also perfect for Halloween themed parties. Some Neopians have reported to hear the echoed words “Esophagor huuungryyyy” when spraying this pungent perfume.

7. Lost Desert Perfume

Available from The Grooming Parlour for 5,672 NPS

Notes: Sand, kohl and ummagines

This sandy, sabulous scent is manufactured in The Lost Desert and made from fresh desert sands, ummagines and a variety of other desert fruits which gives it its bright, fluorescent colour. The scent on this perfume is designed to be able to withstand warm temperatures and is very strong, so you only need to spray a little and the bottle is shaped like a pyramid, how eye-catching.

6. Sloth Spring Scented Perfume

Available from The Shop Wizard for an estimate 90,000 NPS

Notes: Spring, Happiness, and Galactic Water

Every Neopian can pull off this discreet essence of spring and flowers. The galactic water in this concoction gives it its fresh smell and helps the perfume to last longer in outer space, perfect for those who spend a lot of time in Kreludor or the Space Station – it was made for Sr. Sloth after all. The back of the bottle reads “with this blend of happiness and spring you’ll feel prepared to take over Neopia with one spray!”.

5. Faerie Queen Perfume

Available from The Shop Wizard for an estimated 9,500 NPS

Notes: Faerie Dust, Everlasting Apple and floral

The bottle on this perfume is made from carved crystal with a pinch of Glittery Faerie Dust for enhancement. This beautiful bottle of perfume is made with Faerie Fog and an array of other sought after ingredients found in Faerie Land. With this celestial scent you can smell like Queen Fyora herself whenever you please with just one spray of this exquisite essence.

4. Kau Perfume

Available from The Grooming Parlour for 437 NPS

Notes: Milk and grass

This alluring aura will leave you smelling like the fresh grass on Kau Kau Farm. It’s a common misconception that this perfume is exclusive to Kaus however this is not the case. Whether you’re an Aisha or a Skeith this perfume will leave you smelling simply delightful.

3. Yooyus and Lace Perfume

Available from The Shop Wizard for an estimated 15,000 NPS

Notes: Altador air and figs

This posh perfume is perfect for all occasions, and is a signature scent for The Altador Cup. If you really put your nose into focus then you may have noticed that Ciona Broan, right defender for Team Faerie Land wears this perfume – perhaps this is used in such a way to woo over the Yooyus, they do really love this scent after all. Or perhaps she just likes to smell simply fabulous.

2. Shenkuu Perfume

Available from The Shop Wizard for an estimated 94,500 NPS

Notes: Floral and tea

Established in Shenkuu in year 12 this ornate odour has a distinct smell of Cherry Blossom and Green Tea. Nothing says “graceful, exquisite and refined” more than a squirt or two of this fancy fragrance. Prepare to feel as regal as Princess Lunara. The beautiful petals on this captivating bottle are the finishing touch to such an exquisite smell, and the luxurious liquid inside is made to match to make the design most eye-catching. How captivating.

1. Glyme Perfume

Available from The Grooming Parlour for 12,974 NPS

Notes: Slime, Sweet Flowering Plants and a hint of muck

This perfume is simply top drawer. You would expect to wear a perfume as exquisite as this to an extremely fancy occasion such as The Annual Chocolate Ball or to spectate a game of Gourmet Club Bowls. This perfume is made from the slime that Gylmes leave behind when mobilising which has a distinct smell of sweet plants – which is probably because of the Glymes large appetite for sweet flowering plants. Not so off putting after all. The daring bottle of this scent is designed to look like a little Glyme and whilst it makes the perfume inside look a rather bold shade of green, it’s actually of an innocent purple colour. Why is this the best perfume in Neopia you ask? Well, the ingredients in this concoction are of the best quality, and are quite difficult to come by and the smell is simply exquisite. You simply cannot beat the quality of Glyme Perfume.

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