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How to Customize your Wraith!

by chavo_guerrero


Wraith Neopets. They've found their way into all of our hearts, and are currently the topic of nearly every conversation. There are so many different species of Wraith 'pet available in Neopia, and obtaining one of these delightful characters can make your family complete.

But that's just the start of living with a Wraith Neopet. While they all look amazing, it can sometimes be more than a little difficult to customize their smokey dark features into an outfit that you like.

Well, struggle no more! This handy guide is here to give you some tips on how to create that perfect outfit for your beloved Wraith 'pet. If you already own a Wraith and are having a tough time finding a look that compliments them, then this is the guide for you. If you're thinking about getting a Wraith but haven't decided on a character yet, then this guide is for you, too!

Currently, there are rather fewer Wraith items in Neopia than we might like, and while they are certainly beautiful accessories, they're hardly unique enough if you'd like to stand out from the crowd. Here we have Surrounded by Wraiths, Wraith Ink Frame, Wraith Staff and the Wraith Wings.

I have seen many lovely outfits made using these items, and the very few paintbrush clothes avaliable, but for a little originality, why not try some of these tips.

The Dark Wraith Witch

This dark and elegant Wraith Krawk is a nice idea for a magic character. Is she a wicked witch with full use of the dark artes, or is she simply a misunderstood kindly witch? The Wraith color is truly complimented by darker items, creating a grim and fantastical atmosphere to your customization. Why not try and create a magic user of your own? Maybe you could make a ligher version and use the light to make the Wraith coloring stand out even more.

This wonderfully complex character is wearing the Dark Magic Dress, Dark Faerie Magic Cloud Garland, Dark Faerie Magic Wig, Dark Faerie Magic Staff, Dark Mystical Cape, Deep Dark Shrubbery and the Mauve Magic Background.

The Pretty Wraith Girl

Now this is cure outfit! Who's to say that your Wraith Neopet needs to be a dark character at all? This pretty Acara is perfectly displaying just how sweet and lovable a Wraith can be. The matching orange colors contrast sharply with the darkness of her paint and make for a really eye-catching outfit. How cute can an outfit be for a Wraith 'pet? Well, very. Why not try using some other colors together and see if you can make a prettier looking girl? I bet you can!

This pretty lady is wearing the Dyeworks Orange: Beautiful Valentine Fireworks, Pretty Orange Filigree Mask, Beaded Orange Chiffon Dress, Intricate Border Ink Frame and the Dyeworks Orange: Amongst the Clouds Background.

The Fearsome Wraith Warrior

How about a stronger character? This handsome Zafara warrior is the epitome of style and elegance. Sometimes, ordinary clothes can look a little out of place on a Wraith 'pet, but with a little patience it's possible to find an outfit that is very pleasing to the eye. This warrior character is both dangerous and fashionable. With a myriad of swords to choose from you could try making your own warrior. See how many different styles you can find.

This midnight assassin is wearing the Opulent Zafara Shirt, Opulent Zafara Trousers, Opulent Zafara Jacket, Opulent Zafara Wig, Opulent Zafara Cloak, Dual Wield Daggers, Spooky Shenkuu Sunset Background, Stormy Ombre Paper Garland and the Strange Blue Mist.

The Clever Wraith Scholar

Or perhaps you'd prefer your Wraith to be a little bit more of a gentleman. This Kougra is showing us that even Wraith 'pets can have all sorts of interests. Here we see a book lover in his natural environment, surrounded by paper! The glasses give him a delightfully smart look, while still allowing the Wraiths beautiful natural eye markings to show through. What other hobbies do you think your Wraith might enjoy? Gardening, or cooking?

Our clever Kougra is wearing the Muted Library Background, Impressive Book Arch, Stack of Tax Return Forms, Burgundy Velvet Jacket and Shirt, Caroler Trousers, Gothic Kougra Wig and the Specialty Shop Spectacles.

The Artistic Wraith Drawing

Are you an artist? Do you enjoy drawing your 'pets? Then perhaps this customization is the one for you! Here we have an adorable Wraith Jubjub that looks just like he's in a drawing. Even his features look scribbled on! And to emphasize how much you like to draw, what could be better than this lovely cartoon looking Wraith? With an outfit like this your 'pet will really stand out! Facepaints are a great way to change to look of your 'pet, but they're not all you can use. Why not try a few of the masks Neopia has to offer?

This cute little masterpiece is wearing the Crayon Path Background, Giant Crayon, Jubjub Clown Facepaint and the Colourful Crayon Frame.

Whatever you decide to do with your Wraith Neopet, don't be confined to thinking that a Wraith needs Wraith accessories. Sometimes, these can look amazing, but don't forget all the different things you could do too!

Hopefully, some of these outfits will help you to be able to think outside of the box when it comes to dressing up your Wraith Neopet. There are so many different items available to try that the possibilities are almost endless! Why not try and come up with some different ideas yourself?

Consider if your 'pet is going to be male or female, or if they're scary or kind hearted. Do they like to be in dark places? What would an underwater Wraith look like? Can you find a pretty flowery outfit to show off this spring?

Wraiths are a wonderful color, and a fantastic Neopet. Give them the customizations they deserve and help them to stand out from the crowd.

Thanks for reading, and have fun dressing up your Neopets!

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