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Wraithland’s Wraith Quests

by pikachu315111


A new and unique world has just been revealed, accessible only be randomly appearing portals: Wraithland! By now I’m sure we all have visited this strange land where the Wraiths live in a kind of paradoxical chaotic harmony with its Neopets civilians; seeing all the lands, daily attractions, shops, games, and hints of an upcoming event. If you hadn’t noticed these hints I won’t spoil it for you, but know that in Wraithland there are no Faeries. Anything a Faerie would do in Neopia is instead done by a Wraith, and that includes giving out quests! And after a coordinated effort on the Wraithland Neoboard, I have figured out what Wraith Quest does what and I’ll now share it with all of you:

WRAITH QUEST SUMMARY: Wraith Quests are no different from Faerie Quests in how they work: A Wraith will ask for an item and they’ll reward you for getting them the item. Like all but one of the Faerie Quests, all but one of the Wraith Quests rewards your Neopet with stat increases. However there are three notable differences between Wraith Quests from Faerie Quests. First, basic Wraith Quests ask for item type that no basic Faerie Quest does. Second, the Wraith Quest that mirrors the Fountain Faerie Quest gives you access to a location similar yet different to the Rainbow Fountain (more will be explained when we discuss that Wraith Quest). Finally, lore wise, instead of the classical elements the Faeries base themselves on, Wraiths devote themselves to a negative emotion which they feed and draw power from. Now that you know this, we can go over the Wraith Quests:


Wraith: Minion

Negative Emotion: Sloth

Item Type Requested: Gift

Reward: Increased Level

Description: The most simple and plentiful of the Wraiths, they’re also the least powerful and lazy. Minions are the very basic form of the chaotic energy all Wraiths are made from. They would rather stay in one spot and slowly absorb energy around them until they can morph into a stronger variety of Wraith. And the type of energy it and all Wraiths get the most power from is the chaotic energy that is formed from emotions. But there’s no need to fear one if they appear to you, the Minions in Wraithland only want one thing from passersby: a gift. Gifts are small packages of emotion which Minions like to drain off. As thanks, the Minion will use whatever energy they don’t absorb to increase one your Neopet’s Level, a representation of how they’re steadily leveling up.


"Heeeeey... Do you have a gift to spare?... I would like this kind of gift..."

"Uuuuugh... Do you have my gift?... Take your time, I’m not going anywhere..."

"Aaaaah... I sense you have my gift... May I please have it?...

"Mmmmm... It’s resonating with emotions... here, have some and grow strong with me...

Wraith: Brute

Negative Emotion: Anger

Item Type Requested: Furniture

Reward: Increased Strength

Description: Brutes are bundles of energy shaped into a muscular beast. Brutes are always in a grumpy mood, and that’s on a good day. They’re on the constant lookout for something to smash to let off some steam, entertain themselves, or just because it’s there. Their favorite thing to smash is furniture as they can also drain the emotion that was put into making it while showing off their might. Whatever energy they don’t use they’ll give to your Neopet so you too can smash as they can.


"YOU! Fetch me some furniture to smash! Like a chair, or a table, wait, I know, a..."


"THAT’S IT! THAT’S THE FURNITURE I WANT! Give it to me to smash NOW!"

"RAWR! HAHA! THAT FELT GOOD! Here is some strength so you can smash too!"

Wraith: Fury

Negative Emotion: Anxiety

Item Type Requested: Candy

Reward: Increased Movement

Description: Nervous and twitchy, Furys are fast and energetic to their own detriment. They can burn off energy faster than they can replenish it which has made them paranoid to spend any energy. Before they perform any task they seek out sugary candy to devour. Though Wraiths don’t get much if any energy from food, the very thought it does gives the Fury the extra energy it seeks. Actually, it gives them too much energy, so they give your Neopet the extra energy to make them faster.


"Psst, you over there. I need some quick energy. Get me a piece of..."

"Where’s the candy? Why don’t you have the candy? What are you planning?..."

"Looks like my candy. Smells like my candy. But is it my candy?"


Wraith: Zealot

Negative Emotion: Obsession

Item Type Requested: Collectable (Stamp, Coin, Sea Shell, etc.)

Reward: Increased Defense

Description: An odd sort of Wraith, the Zealots are extremely loyal to their cause giving them outstanding endurance. However this comes with a cost as they’re also very meticulous and perfectionists. This has made them pick up hobbies such a collecting to focus their mind when they aren’t on duty. Collecting does not use up that much energy so they have extra to give to your Neopet so they too can have durability to focus themselves on something.


"Hehehehehe... My collection is missing something. My collection is missing..."

"La lala lala... Still waiting for what my collection is missing. My collection can’t be missing anything..."

"Oohooh ooh! That there! That’s what my collection is missing! Give it to me so my collection won’t be missing anything!"

"Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke... My collection is no longer missing anything! Have this so you aren’t missing any focus."

Wraith: Destroyer

Negative Emotion: Spite

Item Type Requested: Weapon

Reward: Increased Hit Points

Description: When a Destroyer doesn’t like something it focuses all its time and energy on it, usually until it’s been destroyed. It doesn’t take much to get on a Destroyer’s bad side, even an odd glance is enough to get their ire (I’m sure that very remark probably got a few wanting to pulverize me). Luckily Wraithland’s Destroyers rarely target sentient beings, and even when they do they know not to take it too far and accept apologies, begrudgingly. Still they like to have weapons for when they can let loose and they even have a twisted sense of humor as they increase your Neopet’s HP. "So the fun doesn’t end early" as one Destroyer said with a sinister smile.


"Grrr... I have just been wronged! I require a weapon, this one should do nicely..."

"Where is my weapon? Must I add you to my list of those who have wronged me?"

"Finally I can exact my vengeance! Hand me my weapon now!"

"YES, all those who wronged me shall fear! I’ll give you some health, just in case we meet again on opposite sides..."

Wraith: Conqueror

Negative Emotion: Greed

Item Type Requested: Non-clothing Wearable (Backgrounds, Trinkets, etc.)

Reward: Increased Strength, Defense, OR Movement

Description: Conquerors are the smartest of the Wraiths, often plotting and planning every step they (and sometimes their enemies) take. Their goal is to gain as much as they can no matter what it is; which explains their fascination with wearables that depict various kinds of objects, places, and characters. They have no interest in clothes; instead wanting to focus on the "bigger picture". They’ve taught themselves to manipulate energy in multiple ways and can increase one of your Neopet’s stats they think it needs as a reward... and maybe to set up future plans?


"Hmm... I require this item... for reasons..."

"I am still here, and you don’t have my item. Go fix that."

"Indeed, that is the item which I seek. Hand it over with no more delay or questions."

"Yes, good, you’re pretty useful. I think you could use this, it’ll make you more useful next time..."


Wraith: Commander

Negative Emotion: Pride

Item Type Requested: Uncommon to rare items

Reward: Increasd Hit Points, Strength, AND Defense

Description: Commanders are leaders and organizers, able to coordinate the otherwise uncoordinated Wraiths. They resonate with a charismatic energy which draws in other Wraiths who they then give instructions and orders. Every project in Wraithland is directed by a Commander; it’s believed Wraithland possibly would have never have been built without them. Amongst their responsibilities is quartermaster and so are constantly gathering supplies for future projects. Another of their responsibilities is drill instructor and will train those under its command or has completed one of its quests.


"Come to me, I have need of your help! If we are to persevere we’ll need the following..."

"Why have you come back without the item? There’s no time to dilly dally!"

"That is it, the item which will set us one step forward to the future! Give it here!"

"And we’re one step closer. Now let me prepare you for the future!"

Wraith: Annihilator

Negative Emotion: Dread

Item Type Requested: Rare to super rare items

Reward: Large increase to Levels

Description: The most powerful Wraith next to their king, an Annihilator can’t be matched in strength or speed. They strike as hard as a Brute and fast as a Fury, combining it with the persistence of a Destroyer. The Annihilator is only sent in when no other Wraith can get a job done, and the Annihilator won’t stop until it gets the job done. The only time an Annihilator will ask for anything is when they’re on a job and needs an item to do their task. They can be impatient but rewards one of your Neopets with a big level increase so they too can get what they need done.


"I’m on a task and have no time to talk. Immediately fetch me a..."


"That is the item, give it to me. I have no time to waste."

"I can complete my task now. I’ll increase your capabilities so you can complete your tasks easier, too."

Wraith: Tormentor

Negative Emotion: Envy

Item Type Requested: Super rare items

Reward: One use of the Spectra Void.

Description: The enforcers of the Wraiths, Tormentors make sure no Wraithland citizen gets out of line. Their jealous nature makes them extremely observant letting them know what goes on around Wraithland. As the enforcers they have tremendous power and can overwhelm anyone they suspect of wrongdoing. They’re solely responsible for guarding Wraithland’s most popular landmark, the Spectra Void. Similar to Faerieland’s Rainbow Fountain, bathing in its chaotic energy can change one of your Neopets’ Colour. It’s been reported that it can paint Colours not available at the Rainbow Fountain such as 8-bit, Ice, and Robot but can’t do some which are like Alien, Chocolate, and Jelly. If you’re lucky maybe a Tormentor will give you a quest so you can find out for yourself.


"I know what you want, but first you need to do something for me. I’m in need of this item..."

"What are you waiting for? You’re making me suspicious of you..."

"As I predicted. Hand me what I want to get what you want."

"I now grant you use of the Spectra Void. Make all who look upon you jealous of your new Colour."

Wraith: Shadow

Negative Emotion: Apathy

Item Type Requested: Instrument

Reward: Has another Wraith give you its reward.

Description: Shadows are the Wraith’s closest thing to a Petpet. While not as weak as Minions, they are more primitive in their behavior; completely selfish and not caring of others. One of their favorite things to do is create lots of loud noises, asking anyone they find to get them instruments to do so. However they don’t care to give out their own rewards, instead annoying another Wraith to give theirs. While usually a basic Wraith, if you’re lucky they’ll sometimes find a Tormentor.


"Heeheehee, me wants to make LOTS of noise! Get this instrument that makes loud noise..."

"You come back quiet, ME DON’T LIKE QUIET! Come back with instrument so me can make noise!"

"Oooooh, is that instrument? Give so me can start making lots of noise!"

"HAHAHA! LOTS OF NOISE! LOUD NOISE! What, you want reward? HMPH! Me annoy other Wraith to give you reward..."

Wraith: Phantom

Negative Emotion: Fear

Item Type Requested: School (supplies)

Reward: Increases two random stats.

Description: Formless and lurking in the darkness, Phantoms are Wraiths who are able to take the form of your worst fears. Though it can be used as a tool of intimidation, the Phantoms in Wraithland use it to try and help those face their fears. In order to better understand how to use fears to help those overcome them, they ask for school supplies so they can absorb the leftover energy of intelligent Neopians who had used it. For helping increase their knowledge the Phantoms will then practice on your Neopet, scaring them to activate their adrenaline which increases two of their stats.


"Do not fear, yet. I’m here to understand. Get me the following supply so I can learn..."

"You and I do not learn anything until I get my supply... You aren’t scared, are you?"

"You weren’t scared off and have come with my supply. Give it to me so we can learn."

"I believe I understand now. Now let me help you face your fear, let your mind and body react naturally... BOO!"

Wraith: King Oblivion

Negative Emotion: Melancholy

Item Type Requested: Rare to super rare items

Reward: Large increase to Levels, Hit Points, AND Strength

Description: The leader of the Wraiths, King Oblivion makes sure everything within Wraithland is flowing without stir. Though he can shake the ground with every step he takes, he prefers to brood on his throne as his negative emotion is the one Wraith’s value the most, one of extreme sadness. He does not even get up from his throne when he needs something, instead creating a portal directly in front of a lucky Neopian who he decides to bestow a quest upon. Those who complete his quests are rewarded well, the king able to turn the portal he contacted them through into energy to increase their stats. What he does with the items he gathers is unknown, but rumors of a war with the Faeries is often on every Wraith’s mind.


"You who I speak with through this portal, if you choose to accept, I’m in need of something. You will be rewarded, if that is what you seek."

"Hm? You do not possess the item I asked for yet? Or are you here to reject my quest? I suggest you think carefully of your decision so you don’t have regrets."

"I sense the item I seek. Would you give it to me, or is it for yourself? Will you give it to me or taunt me with it?"

"Know you are thanked though it is not shown, for I know what you want is not adulation but increased power. As agreed, you may have what is yours."

There, now don’t you feel better knowing which Wraith Quest does what? I’m sure many of you have a Wraith Quest waiting for you right now, afraid to do them not knowing what will happen. But there’s no need to fear, the Wraith Quests aren’t only (mostly) safe but also have great rewards waiting for those who complete them! Who knows, maybe the more of them that are done the more we’ll hear about the Wraith’s struggles against the Faeries...

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