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Illusen’s Thoughts On Jhudora’s Bluff Rewards

by pikachu315111


Happy Illusen Day! The day is dedicated to Neopia’s favorite quest giving Earth Faerie; her loyal followers trek to Meridell to do one of her quests while Jhudora’s minions stay home since Jhudora is kind of busy with a sudden Petpet infestation (which is no way was sent by Illusen, what makes you think that?). A while ago I interviewed Jhudora on her day to review the Illusen Glade rewards. With it being Illusion Day I thought it would be only fair to have Illusen do the same with Jhudora Bluff rewards! I asked Illusen and she was quick to agree, seemingly eager in wanting to talk about Jhudora’s rewards.

"I’m going to reveal exactly how

dangerous Jhudora’s rewards are!"

ITEM: Poisonous Lollypop

TYPE: Candy

DESCRIPTION: Beware of this venomous looking lollypop....


"Already starting with problems, I can’t see why anyone would do Jhudora’s quest after their first reward! She gives you a food item which will give your Neopet a disease once they eat it! It has "poisonous" in its name and "venomous" in its description, does that not alarm anyone? It doesn’t even look that appetizing with that horrifying face on it. Of course Jhudora is a weaver of lies by promising grandeur, and I only go on for the sake of those who unfortunately listen."

ITEM: Noxious Nectar

TYPE: Battle Magic

DESCRIPTION: This noxious potion will make most any pet turn his head in disgust. Just make sure you dont open it too close to yourself... Limited Use.


"Foul smelling and weak. Had the description not warned you of the smell you’ll probably have hurt yourself too. Oddly, in addition to Dark damage it also does Earth damage. I’d say that’s an insult directed at me yet being it does Dark damage that obviously isn’t the case. I suppose it could be referencing Jhudora’s preference for vibrant toxic green colors which I swear she chose just to contrast with my preference for natural earthly green tones."

ITEM: Jhudoras Brush

TYPE: Grooming

DESCRIPTION: Use this brush to make your pets coat super shiny like Jhudoras!


"I don’t trust this brush, it’s too innocent for something Jhudora to give out; especially after how dangerous the previous two were. It looks fine; it does look like a brush that Jhudora would hand out. The description too doesn’t make it sound like anything harmful, though I kind of have to giggle at it. "Make your pets coat super shiny like Jhudoras"? So Jhudora, are you telling me you have a fur coat just like some Neopets? *giggle* Still, even if this was the only brush I had I still wouldn’t use it. Besides, it never hurts to go natural once in a while *gives a kind smile and playfully twists her hair*"

ITEM: Purple Blob Potion

TYPE: Battle Magic

DESCRIPTION: This potion can be used in the Battledome and has an explosive effect!! Limited Use.


"Back to obvious danger. Jhudora’s next potion isn’t anymore stronger than her previous but does Fire damage instead of Earth. As the description hints it’s very volatile; even those handling it must be very careful lest they have it explode on themselves! DON’T OPEN THE BOTTLE WHATEVER YOU DO! The swirling blob may look harmless, well not really, but still once opened the blob reacts violently to the air and explodes! There are better weapons, please don’t use this for you and your opponent’s safety; I doubt Jhudora makes her weapons with the Battledome’s safety rules in mind."

ITEM: Jhudora T-Shirt

TYPE: Clothes

DESCRIPTION: Your Neopet can express its love for Jhudora with this great t-shirt. One size fits all!


"*sigh* Jhudora can be such a narcissist sometimes. I’m not sure if Jhudora is being sincere about wanting her questers to love her or not but she certainly doesn’t return the sentiment. Though someone must share my concerns about Jhudora, I’ve heard she had put in several requests to make it wearable but to no avail."

ITEM: Gnome Shroom

TYPE: Spooky Food

DESCRIPTION: This shroom is said to be magical and at the right time of day turn into a gnome for a little bit, but no one has proved it true yet.


"The first of Jhudora’s own breeds of mushrooms, and it’s an odd one. It’s a food item yet it supposedly turns into a gnome during a certain time of the day? Jhudora has been asked about it yet she talks circles around it; probably wanting to keep the mystery so there’s always those interested in getting one thus they do her quests. Personally I don’t think it matters. If it does turn into a gnome it must only be for a split second and that doesn’t make for a very good gnome. Just goes to show how tricky Jhudora is; she’s either got a lot of Neopians hanging on a lie or she’s telling the truth but the truth means nothing in the end."

ITEM: Caustic Potion

TYPE: Battle Magic

DESCRIPTION: This potion looks really gross... I wonder what it will do in the Battledome... Limited Use.


"Another potion, as weak as the others, but the odd thing about this is that it ONLY does Earth damage. Oh, and it also heals a small bit of HP, though how I don’t know. Are you supposed to drink it? First off, EWW. Second, how does it do damage to your opponent then? Or are you suppose to throw it at the opponent and before you do either take a small drink or smell it? Still disgusting, but makes a bit more sense, I think. As with my closing thought for Jhudora’s previous potion, stay away from this potion and use something better.

ITEM: Dark Faerie Magic

TYPE: Book

DESCRIPTION: This tome contains many spells that the ancient dark faeries used to use.


"Please, PLEASE whatever you do, do not cast any spell you may see in this book. Actually don’t even open this book! Anything, ANYTHING involving Dark Faerie spells do not end well, and worst these are ANCIENT Dark Faerie spells, spells which have long been forgotten and for a good reason! They’re dangerous, chaotic, and many times uncontrollable. I don’t know how Jhudora is even allowed to give these out; I’m surprised there are no reports of anyone having gotten hurt or worse from casting a spell within it. Though knowing Jhudora she probably would have found a way to hide the incidents to keep herself out of trouble. Either way, please, whatever you do, DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH THIS BOOK! If you do go to your local quest giving non-Dark Faerie to properly dispose of it."

ITEM:Malice Potion

TYPE: Magic Item

DESCRIPTION: This questionable looking potion can actually do both good and evil. Do you dare to find out what it will do to your pet?


"Jhudora gives out the strangest potions, and by that I mean the worst. Don’t believe what the description tells you, Jhudora has an interesting twist of what "truth" is. The "evil" this potion does severely outweighs the "good" that it does. If you must know, it can either heal you a bit or can give your Neopet a disease! Not only are there stronger healing potions with no negative effects, Marina and her Healing Springs in Faerieland can heal one of your Neopets for free every thirty minutes. The Healing Spring can even cure diseases on occasions! What I’m saying is that there’s no need for this potion and there’s no reason to ever use it."

ITEM: Purple Spotted Shroom

TYPE: Mystic Mushroom

DESCRIPTION: Hmmmm... I wonder what this strange looking shroom does. Maybe you should try it and find out!


"This reward isn’t that bad under certain circumstances, and that worries me. If your Neopet is highly trained and costs a lot to take a course in the Training Schools these can be useful though still risky. Jhudora’s second mushroom breed can do nothing, heal your Neopet a bit, or increase their Strength and max HP. They cost a lot of NP, but not so much that highly trained Neopets with the NP may consider the risk to increase their Strength and HP with these. But that’s when we come to the problem that this item was still made by Jhudora so who knows what else it’s doing to your Neopet. Nothing has been reported, but as I’ve said Jhudora is the master of hiding evidence against her."

ITEM: Wind Up Rat


DESCRIPTION: This adorable little clockwork rat can have the ability to scare many a person when it runs around the room!


"This is when Jhudora starts asking for only very expensive items and the reward she gives for it is a toy. Why am I not surprised? *Sigh* It’s not even a nice looking toy, it’s disgusting and cheaply made. She’s just mocking her questers and I don’t understand why some would remain loyal to her after this. I can only think of one reason why which we’ll get to, but I don’t think its worth how much you’ll spend to get it."

ITEM: Toxic Shroom

TYPE: Mystic Mushroom

DESCRIPTION: This shroom looks a bit dangerous. Do you think it will help or hurt your pet?


"It hurts. Jhudora’s items never help and even those that do I’m sure there’s a catch to. Again, Jhudora is asking for expensive items and rewards her questers by mocking them! Unlike her previous mushroom which you can argue had some use, as far as I can tell this mushroom is just a food item. It doesn’t even count for the Gourmet Club! Not that any would eat a mushroom that looks like it and has "toxic" in its name; at least I hope they wouldn’t."

ITEM: Dark Shroom

TYPE: Mystic Mushroom

DESCRIPTION: This facinating little shroom can do both good and bad. You can only eat it once so be careful...


"*Puts her head into her hands* Didn’t we just go over a mushroom that’s just a food item that doesn’t count for the Gourmet Club? Not only does she give 3 unusable items in a row after asking for expensive items, two of them are mushrooms which came after one that had a possible use. Wait, is that a spelling error in the description? "facinating"? Jhudora, you wouldn’t mean "fascinating", would you? *Starts giggling* Okay, that brightened up my mood a bit."

ITEM: Jhudoras Potion

TYPE: Battle Magic

DESCRIPTION: Jhudora has stored some of her power in this little bottle. Do you dare to use it?!? Limited Use.


"I guess Jhudora realized she had to keep her promise of grandeur at some point, but even then these last few rewards aren’t that grand except for the very last. Jhudora’s final potion does what you would think a potion from Jhudora would do: a lot of Dark damage. She even threw in some extra Physical damage making it a once per battle Sword of Skardsen. But that’s where the problem comes in, why use this once per battle potion when you can use a Sword of Skardsen with unlimited uses? And if you want a damaging once per battle weapon there are more powerful ones to choose from. It also looks a bit unwieldy; you may accidentally splash yourself with how big it is."

ITEM: Bartamus

TYPE: Petpet

DESCRIPTION: This grumpy looking fellow can be a fierce companion if he takes a liking to you.


"Uggh, these Petpets. Now while I can sort of see their appeal to some Neopets, I myself have had a bad history with them *grumbles something about Jhudora Day*. Having never owned one I can’t say how difficult it is to take care of, but if they’re anything like their creator that their wings resemble I’d imagine they can be a handful to say the least. Definitely a Petpet for specific tastes."

ITEM: Dark Faerie Collar

TYPE: Defense Magic

DESCRIPTION: This collar is one of Jhudoras personal necklaces. She wears it often for protection and the power of it in the Battledome.


"A weapon that tries to do so much but ends up falling short for being situational. To take full advantage of it your opponent shouldn’t have Dark defense and use weapons that do both Light and Dark damage. The collar does a decent amount of Dark damage, blocks against some Light damage, and reflects back some of your opponent’s own Dark damage. It’s not bad, but it underperforms on everything it tries to do that it’s just better to use a strong shield and weapon like those in the Hidden Tower. It also looks a tad bit tacky; maybe if it was a more earthy green it would come out looking better."

ITEM: Portable Cloud

TYPE: Battle Magic

DESCRIPTION: This clever weapon just looks like a harmless little green cloud, but in the Battledome it reveals its secrets!


"Another multi-function weapon, but this one is far more nastier. Its sickly green color should clue you in that it’s not water vapor this cloud is made of, but acid. Using this burns your opponent with Air and Light damage, block their Earth and Physical damage, and give them the disease "Watery Eyes". It’s a very cruel weapon, I wouldn’t use it on my worst enemy but my worst enemy seems to disagree as she’s the one handing them out."

ITEM: Wand of the Dark Faerie

TYPE: Battle Magic

DESCRIPTION: This is the magical wand of the Dark Faerie. Only creatures of evil may command the wand.


"What all this was for. It does tons of Dark damage plus some Physical damage, reflects a large amount of your opponent’s Light damage back at them, and heals you a fourth of your HP when you’re down to that much left. It’s very powerful, I’d say almost too powerful. This weapon shows that Jhudora doesn’t understand what constraint is and is perfectly willing to throw things into chaos, probably for her own amusement. I always feel that every reward Jhudora gives out has some ulterior motive, but not this one. It does exactly what it’s meant to do: attract Neopians to do her quests. And to those who complete them all: a weapon to cause chaos and imbalance with. Many Dark Faeries only dream to do what Jhudora has achieved over and over again."

"If I hadn’t made it clear already, most if not all of Jhudora’s rewards are dangerous and shouldn’t be used. Even ones which I gave a positive opinion on have an aura of malice about them which makes me afraid they hide a dark secret that only Jhudora knows about. Though I have plenty of my own reasons to start up my own 50 Level Faerie Quests, you could say one was to create items to counteract Jhudora’s. For example, if you put my Illusen Staff against Jhudora’s Wand of the Dark Faerie you’ll discover my staff has the advantage. *wink* Even so, I would encourage everyone to be cautious of Jhudora and you can help by doing my quests.1

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