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What Jhudora Really Does on Illusen Day

by ahh_choo


Now of course, on Illusen Day, our favorite Earth faerie has a line out the door to visit with her, to go on quests for her, and to generally celebrate her and all that she has done for Neopia! But… what exactly does her rival, her most hated enemy, the dark faerie Jhudora do on Illusen Day? Well, I decided to pay her a visit and see what she had planned for the day. At first, she was quite taken aback by my questions and felt as though I was prying (I was a bit worried for a moment there that this wasn’t going to end well for me… she seemed quite willing to turn me into a Barbat) but eventually she warmed up (as much as a dark faerie can) and gave me all the details. As it turns out, Jhudora does just about the same thing each year, and this is what she told me her Illusen Day schedule looked like:

12AM-11AM: “During this time I’m sleeping. I do need my beauty rest after all. Ordinarily I would get up slightly earlier to begin taking quests but I have found that I have considerably fewer Neopians willing to do my bidding on this day… ” She frowns. “So, it’s really not worth getting up any earlier. Besides, it’s much better sleep through as much of this awful event as possible.”

11AM-12PM: “I use my floating dark purple cloud and go hover around Meridell. I do not descend, because I do not generally have the energy for an interaction with her at this early hour, but I do make sure that she does not forget my presence. Some years, I will also make a stop by the Darigan Citadel to speak to Lord Darigan, as he is not particularly fond of this day either.”

12PM-1PM: “I go to lunch. Often times, before I leave, I will visit this little cafe near Neopia Central that serves cakes shaped like Illusen’s face. I like to buy 3 or 4 of them and smash them to pieces on the ground. Quite fun, you should try it if you ever have the time!”

1PM-2PM: “I return to my bluff and send the few loyal Neopians who are there on their quests for the day. Often, these quests are much easier than usual because I am so very pleased with the Neopians that are so truly loyal that they still choose me over her today. I also tend to award these faithful little dears particularly well…”

2PM-3PM: “I take my cloud out to Meridell again. Cannot have her forgetting my presence! Sometimes if the day has put me in a particularly foul mood I might make efforts to subtly sabotage the Illusen Day celebrations. Nothing major, for I don’t want Fyora coming down to my bluff to chew me out for anything, but maybe turn a few green streamers purple, kill a few bouquets of flowers, or set fire to a few banners… the little things really.

3PM-4PM: “While I’m in the area I generally like to trip or sidetrack a few of the little pests that are out running around on quests for Illusen, in hopes of slowing them down and preventing them from getting back to her on time…” Another evil smirk. “She’s got far more questers than she really needs on this day anyways, can’t allow her little projects to progress too quickly….”

4PM-5PM: “During this time I have some… personal business that I attend to. Really, nothing particularly interesting… but it truly is none of your business.” In my attempts to get the full scoop, I continued asking for more details about what she does during this time after I had gotten the rest of the schedule from her… I strategy I would really not recommend in retrospect. Eventually she turned my nose back to the way it was originally, but only because I sat in her doorway crying for twenty minutes at the end of the interview.

5PM-6PM: “Dinner time. I prefer to dine alone at my bluff, and I generally like to treat myself to something special in celebration of making it through another dull and uneventful Illusen Day. This year I have planned to have a Heavenly Roast Turkey for dinner and Jhudora’s Favorite Pie for dessert. And yes, if you had been wondering, it really is my favorite pie.”

6PM-7PM: “After dinner, I tend to do a bit of evil cackling. It has to fit in somewhere, and I find that it really helps the food digest. I’ll do maybe 15 minutes of cackling at my bluff, then hop on my cloud and cackle all around Neopia. For Illusen Day in particular I like to hover just over her house for five minutes or so and cackle. Usually, this is enough to get her to stop from speaking to all of her adoring little pals to at least peer out and glare at me.” She smiles, as though reminiscing on some fond memory, although I really can’t fathom what that fond memory might be here.

7PM-8PM: “On Illusen Day, for whatever reason, Queen Fyora always seems to feel the need to meet up with me. So, during this time is when I go to the palace and speak to Fyora. Generally, it’s just about pointless nonsense to do with when the last time I was in the Darigan Citadel was, and why I spend so much time provoking Meridell… terribly dull.”

8PM-12PM: “I return to my bluff for the night and I work on my little um… project. I do this every night around this time, but on Illusen Day I am particularly devoted to making sure this project eventually gets finished.” There is an evil glint in her eye as she explains this, an a cruel smirk on her mouth. So I ask her, “Oh, what project is it then?” and she replies “Oh you know, to um… help sick Jubjubs. My usual type of work of course.”

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