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Four Legged Friends (FLF) Wearables: Spring Edition

by piinkskullz


By piinkskullz (A) and 987654321_hj (H)

A: Hello Neopia! We are Amanda and Hayley! Being fans of Eyries and Gnorbus, we understand how frustrating customization can be sometimes. We also understand how important certain details are like foregrounds, garlands and trinkets. Do you want to add an extra burst of colour? How about fill a little extra space above or in front of your pet?

H: We understand that there are hundreds of amazing wearables out there, but we have chosen ten beautiful ones (both NC and NP) for you to choose from when you're trying to come up with a fancy Spring customization.

A: 1. Lovely Heart Arbour (NC)

This beautiful foreground item has neutral colouring, animation and can play the role of both a foreground and a garland. You can use contacts or even an outfit to bring out the colouring in the arbour, or focus on the colouring in the arbour by using a simple background.

H: 2. Peaceful Watermill (NC)

This background-item is great for filling up emptier backgrounds or adding more detail to simpler backgrounds. It adds a nice spring touch with it's neutral colour scheme and will not take away too much focus from the pet.

A: 3. Parted Branches Garland (NC)

This neutral foreground item is excellent for darker pets or nighttime scenes. It is a garland and although it covers the lower-half of the customization, it is a very easy item to work with. Yes, you heard me - it is VERY easy to layer! Did you want to put a gate in front of your pet? Perhaps a fence? Maybe even some flowers? This garland is extremely adaptable to almost any customization you desire!

H: 4. Shrubbery (NP)

* Autumn Shrubbery, Dark Green Shrubbery & Deep Dark Shrubbery also available

This foreground item is very accessible, especially for those who do not have a lot of neopoints. A good part about this one is that it is offered in FOUR* colours! This makes it very adaptable to different customizations. It is often used as a layering foreground, as well. It is great to use the shrubbery if you are looking to fill up the base of your customization, or add some extra detail to simpler customizations.

A: 5. Peaceful Tree Garland (NC)

This is one of my most favourite items. It is calmly animated and the colours are very neutral – it can add detail to almost any customization. One of my favourite things about this item is that it is available in other colours thanks to Dyeworks potions. If you are interested in this item, you can find it in pink, purple and yellow! Garlands are a great way to add a little bit of extra colour to a customization, or can be used to highlight certain features on a pet (eyes, for example).

H: It’s excellent for layering too! For example, Deep Dark Shrubbery and the Peaceful Tree Garland go together quite well! *grins*

A: True! One tip for this one, you may want to find a foreground item that isn’t too busy since the garland is already animated – but do as you wish!

H: 6. Earth Faerie Frame (NP)

This frame is not animated, but it is very detailed! The colours are very neutral, and allows for your pet to be standing beside a happy faerie beside a calm river. Luckily, since this is a frame, it takes care of both the garland and foreground zones. Not a fan of the faerie? You may want to check out the ‘Welcome to Tyrannia Frame’ which is the same size and style, just different colours. Also perfect for a Spring customization!

A; 7. Heart of the Forest (NC)

This is a very unique type of tree – it’s full of love! Heart of the forest only occupies the left side of your customization, so there are opportunities for layering. These types of items are handy for a background that has a busier, well, background. For example, I tend to use my Heart of the Forest with the ‘Garden Alcove Background (NC)’ or the ‘Hidden Garden Door Background (NC).’ Examples of backgrounds with busier right-hand sides could include ‘Stunning Moon View Background (NC)’ or ‘Stately Darigan Castle Background (NC).’ Get creative! This is a great Spring item!

H: 8. Gormball Field Flowers Foreground (NP)

Red is often seen in clothing, but not so commonly seen within backgrounds or foregrounds. This could be an item that helps your background POP! It’s a very accessible item for those watching out for price, and you definitely get what you pay for. It is quite large and fills up the bottom of the customization without hiding too much of the pet!

A: 9. Cyodrake Temple Garden (NC)

This is a gorgeous foreground that takes up space in front and on the sides of your pet. It is a fairly neutral colour except for the flowers which could be used to accentuate a pets’ eyes or markings! It is not animated, but that does not matter because you can easily layer it with a garland to bring out even more detail within your customization.

H: *whispers* Pssst, perhaps even pair it with one we mentioned within this article?! Like the parted branches garland or peaceful tree garland! Heart of the forest works with it as well!

A: *nod* Nothing says “Spring” like trees or flowers!

H: Now, for the final item, to keep it short and sweet:

10. Orange Poppies Foreground

It is a very underrated colour, it makes the customization pop and is very price-friendly! Plus, it is easy to layer and to be honest, every pet looks happy standing in a field of flowers!

A: Unless they have allergies!?

H: Oh, right, well, we’ll deal with that later!

A: That’s all folks! We hope we have helped you out – thanks for reading, take care!

H: See you during the next edition of FLF Wearables, brought to you by Amanda and Hayley!

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